Liu Yi was very helpless, how could he bump into such a girl.

But she was right, she’s his employer. To follow her is to earn the money; that’s the absolute truth.

Seeing Wei Yi sitting on the tombstone, Liu Yi could not help but ask.

“Aren’t you disrespecting the people who are dead?”

“Dead is dead, so what?”

Wei Yi curled her lips, and said, “These mortals, when they are alive they are so pitiful, thus there’s nothing to respect when they die.”

“This thinking….is not good….”

Liu Yi said, “Dead is a big thing. Moreover, toward the human, we shouldn’t disrespect them. We are all initially a mortal, are you not?”

“Me? I was born to be remarkable.”

Wei Yi pursed her lips, and said, “When this lady was born, the world change its color, seven colored magic clouds covered the whole sky! Even my master said I might be a celestial fairy that descended to the world.”

Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘If you’re a fairy that descended to the world, the cowherd (From the folktale Cowherd and Weaving maid) will be scared away by you.’

‘What kind of fairy is this? Although the face is quite attractive and also come from a wealthy family, so narcissist and so arrogant….’


“Moreover, I was born rich, so, I don’t understand what life is for a mortal. Don’t equate me with your kind of people, this lady is a gifted genius, and very different from a mediocre nobody like you.

Wei Yi said as she snorted twice.

“If you are a genius, why is it that you only able to summon such a toy?”

Liu Yi looked at the kitten on Wei Yi’s shoulder and can’t help but ask.

“Meow, meow!”

As if hearing Liu Yi has just called the cat a toy, the cat suddenly raised the beard, growled, and stared at Liu Yi.

“Watch your words!”

Wei Yi suddenly, tenderly shouted, “This is this lady’s level six civet! Not an ordinary civet!”

“Level six….the rank is quite high!”

Even Lin Tong, who lie on Liu Yi’s shoulder, could not help but exclaimed loudly.

“What? What is so good about this level six?”

Liu Yi quickly asked Lin Tong through his spiritual world.

“The cultivation technique for summoning is a cultivation method to summon a spirit animal, which was divided into nine level. Level one is the lowest while nine is the highest level. Those from the level seven and up are the legendary levels, so, it’s basically very rare. Therefore, this girl’s level six civet….is remarkable. It seems….her summoning talent is very high, that’s why she can summon such a level six civet….It’s just that, this level six civet is still in its infancy. When it mature, it will be very powerful.”

“Even if she’s talented, she can’t just look down on others.”

Liu Yi was somewhat indignant.

“Forget it….calm your heart and accompany her….”

Lin Tong was actually secretly pleased by this, she thought.

‘Just like this!’

‘The more arrogant she is, the better!”

‘So, you won’t be fickle, humph humph!’

‘Recently, your luck in love is truly too much!’

‘It’s good for you to bump into this girl, so as to kill your arrogance!”

“You, you’re actually a disciple of such a big sect, judging from your ability to use mysterious icy qi!”

Wei Yi looked at Liu Yi, and said, “Such a heavy taste fellow….unexpectedly, can enter a major sect, and learn such a profound heart sutra….ai, heaven is sometimes quite unfair.”

Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, is indeed an advance level heart sutra.

Liu Yi’s heart suddenly felt a bit doubt.

“God is very fair.”

Liu Yi stiffly said, “When he gave an arrogant person like you an open door, He didn’t forget the people like me and opened the window for us.”

“Doesn’t want to admit defeat.”

Wei Yi said with disdain, “If I didn’t call back Tuantuan just a moment ago, you’d be miserable!”

“Even if you didn’t stop your civet, I wouldn’t necessarily be miserable.”

Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘If you didn’t call back your civet, I would release my desolate palm.’

‘I don’t believe my great brilliant sun palm won’t be able to handle your little civet!’

‘Fox sister had said to me that, the spirit animal is tied to it’s owner star level.’

‘Even if the civet is a level six, but this girl is only a two star cultivator.’

‘My great brilliant sun palm is a high level technique, it wouldn’t necessarily lose to her civet!’

“Your mouth is really hard! It’s boring me!”

Wei Yi was very uncomfortable. Usually, in her school, there would always be a group of fellow disciple gather around her, falling over themselves to fawn on her.

She has to admit, she enjoyed this feeling of being treated like a princess.

‘Today, how could I bump into such a fellow.’ She thought.

‘M, he is certainly not a man.’

“How could you know my mouth is hard? Have you tried?”

Liu Yi bluntly retorted.

“You! So dirty!”

“Am I? Why don’t you show me?”

“You, you, you….”

Wei Yi was speechless with anger.

“If you do that again, I deduct your salary!”

“Bah, you’ve issued the mission, and I’ve completed the mission. So, that money is mine. You want to deduct? how?”

Liu Yi was not threatened at all.

“You, you, you….”

“Me, me, me? What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re a disgusting person!”

Wei Yi shouted.

“Thank you for the compliment, I am flattered.”

“Aaa! I see you’re the evil ghost in this cemetery!”

“If I’m that malicious ghost who especially likes to eat girls, I will not look for you.”


“Look at you, you have no chest and no buttocks. You don’t look like a girl at all.”

“Ten steps to milk a man, I want to fight with you!”

“I can be called ten steps to milk a man, but if it’s you, it will be ten steps to starve everyone.”


Wei Yi was going insane.

Just when she was completely crazy, a formidable evil qi, suddenly burst into the sky.

The two people pale at the same time and quickly turned toward the origin of that evil qi.

“Quickly hide!”

Liu Yi felt bad for her, so he said that to Wei Yi.

“I know….you don’t need to remind me!”

Wei Yi, although was a bit perturbed, she was still as arrogant as before. She gave Liu Yi a harsh glare, but still hid behind him.

Liu Yi then crouched behind a tombstone. Fortunately, the two people are quite slender, otherwise, the tombstone wouldn’t be able to block them.

A distant tombstone has suddenly come loose.

Then, black smoke came out of that grave and hovered above the tombstone.

The sky became darker and the moon was locked behind the clouds.

“Such a thick evil qi….”

Lin Tong could not help but worrily said, “He seems not easy to deal with….Li Yi, you have to be careful….”

“M….I know….”

Liu Yi nodded and continued to observe that black smoke.

Soon, that black smoke gathered together, and a dark figure slowly appeared.

It was a man dressed in a black robe with skinny stature. When he extended his hands from the sleeve cuff, they’re similar to bones.

When that figure suddenly turned around, both Liu Yi and Wei Yi simultaneously sucked a cold air.


‘Such a scary face….’

That thin figure’s face was frightening, filled with rotten meat and bones. While his eyes emitted a faint green glow.

Liu Yi thought he was looking at a ghost on the TV show.

That guy stood on top of the tombstone, outstretched both of his withered hands, and aimed it at the dark clouds in the sky.

The clouds cracked a little gap, revealing the moon.

That fellow then directly absorb the essence of the moon.

A thread of white ray, flew down from the moon, and inhaled by him.

Although Wei Yi boasted her extraordinary talent, she is, after all, still a girl.

From behind Liu Yi, she pulled his arm as her body slightly trembled.

Liu Yi’s heart was also beating hard.

This was the first time he saw such a display.

That fellow opposite of him….

Put a heavy pressure on him.

The whole fur of that civet that was lying on Wei Yi’s shoulder stood up, seemingly knowing that it faced with a great threat.

“Four star….”

After watching for a long time, Lin Tong came to a terrible conclusion.

“This fellow is a four star level….both of you are not his match….”

Liu Yi’s eyes blinked a few times, and then looked back at Wei Yi.

He made a gesture that pointed the guy was absorbing the moon’s essence, and then put up four fingers.

Wei Yi is not a fool. She immediately understood, and her face suddenly became somewhat pale.

This situation has exceeded her expectation.

“We, we should run….”

Wei Yi gestured to Liu Yi using her mouth to say that.

Liu Yi nodded and gestured that now is not the time to leave. They should wait until that fellow return to the grave again.

The two people continued to hide behind the tombstone, waiting for that terrifying four star evil ghost to go back to the graves.

At this time, in this initially silent and deserted cemetery, suddenly came a humming sound.

“The boundless world is my love….Wildflower bloom at the foot of the mountain as the rain comes down….What is the most rhythmic of those drops of rains….that is the song of dropping rain….what is the most joyful of song….let’s….drink wine….”

Liu Yi and Wei Yi was shocked and quickly turned to look.

They saw a swaying drunkard, with hand holding a bottle of liquor, came over staggeringly.

“Dad….Son, Son come to your grave….Son was too busy during the day, accompanying people to drink….Son comes late, dad, don’t be angry….Son got you, a good wine….Let, let us drink two cups….”

That drunkard belched as he squinted his eyes, looking for his father’s grave.

The ghost also noticed that drunkard. Immediately, his body became light and jumped out from that tombstone.

“We need to use this opportunity to run away!”

Wei Yi pulled Liu Yi’s hand, ready to leave at any moment.


Liu Yi pushed Wei Yi’s hand, and said, “I want to save him.”

“You’re crazy!”

Wei Yi looked at that monster-like figure and then looked at Liu Yi, “That is a four star evil ghost….you can’t defeat him!”

“Even if I can’t, I still have to try.”

Liu Yi said through gritted teeth.

“That is a drunkard, it’s not worth getting killed for him!”

“Although he is a drunkard, he is a dutiful son. Moreover, our fairy Wei Yi, please don’t look down on ordinary people’s lives.”

Liu Yi said, stood from behind the tombstone, and ran toward the direction of that evil ghost.

“Ai, ai! I truly have bad luck today! How could I encounter such an idiot, such a fool person!”

Wei Yi repeatedly stomped her feet, gritted her teeth, and followed him.

Lin Tong, who lie on Liu Yi’s shoulder, looked back at the pursuing Wei Yi, and floated a smile on the corner of her lips, thinking.

‘Humph, humph, now you know Liu Yi is a fool?’

‘This lady, from the beginning, already knew that!’