Just when Liu Yi was about to kiss Wei Yi, there came a voice from the distance.

“Martial sister! Martial sister, where are you!”

Wei Yi was startled, and the haze in her brain became clear again.

But that ten steps to milk a man, who was in front of her just a moment ago, without knowing where, had disappeared from this cemetery.

At that moment, although Wei Yi was somewhat lucky, she actually felt a bit regret.

She could not understand, what exactly the attraction of that….ten steps to milk a man, so as to make her captivated with him….

She is God’s favored individual! How could she turn into some kind of sex crazed individual!

Besides, she became sex crazed without knowing whether that ten steps to milk a man, handsome or not….


‘What am I thinking!’ She thought.

‘Wei Yi, Wei Yi, you’re bewitched by a drug!’

This little girl shook her head trying to keep herself sober.

“Martial sister!”

”Younger martial sister!”

And soon, two men’s figure slowly flew down from the sky and landed on Wei Yi’s side.

These two men, one is handsome and tall while the other is slightly pudgy, but none of their body didn’t disclose formidable aura.

The tall one, seeing Wei Yi sat on the ground, hastily pulled her up and couldn’t help but asked with concern.

“I, I am fine….”

Seeing her martial brothers, Wei Yi sobered up a bit.

Since her martial brothers have come, even if that evil Ghost were to wake up again, she didn’t need to be afraid.

Her martial brothers, are the real experts!

“Chen Yu, I already told you, don’t confuse younger martial sister with your joke. You see, you almost killed younger martial sister.”

The elder martial brother said and turned his head to glare the stocky fellow on his side.


Zhang Chenyu sheepishly scratched his head and said, “I did not expect, younger martial sister would actually come here….”

“Humph, second martial brother, this is all your fault!”

Wei Yi pursed her mouth and unhappily said, “That evil Ghost has injured Tuantuan!”

With that, she picked up the injured civet and hugged her dearly.

“Come, younger martial sister, give her this dose of healing panacea, the injury will be quickly healed!”

At this time, Zhang Chengyu didn’t dare to be stingy, and quickly took out his own healing panacea and gave a dose to his younger martial sister.

“Humph, that’s more like it!”

Wei Yi grabbed the panacea and gave it to her civet’s mouth.

“This evil Ghost….was killed by you?”

The eldest martial brother looked at the half body of the dead evil Ghost on the ground, and could not help but ask in surprise.

“Of…of course, this lady is the one who killed him!”

Wei Yi’s mind was slightly panicked, but she still said that.

If her eldest martial brother knew about the matter of ten steps to milk a man, that would be a disaster….

The body of ten steps to milk a man has strong demonic energy….

If her eldest martial brother knew about this….ten steps to milk a man will surely be dead!

“Wow, younger martial sister is so brave!”

Zhang Chenyu the pudgy, grinningly shouted, “This is a four star evil Ghost! When me and eldest martial brother surveyed here for few days, he seemed to feel our breath and didn’t show himself. Unexpectedly, he appeared tonight when the two of us didn’t come! However, he still failed to get out of our Linglong school’s grasp and was killed by our brave younger martial sister!”

“Well, that’s for sure!”

Wei Yi suppressed her guilty conscience.

“I’m Linglong School’s most talented disciple! Sooner or later, I will exceed eldest martial brother!”

“Hehe….Eldest martial brother looks forward to that day.”

Not only that eldest martial brother did not show any anger; he even said that with a smile.

He looked at her martial sister’s eyes and showed a trace of indulging a spoiled child.

When he tried to say something, the body of that evil Ghost suddenly erupted an intermittent burst of Yin qi.

His half body unexpectedly crawled up and then madly rushed toward Wei Yi.

“Humph, a dying hit!”

That eldest martial brother gently raised his hand toward that evil ghost and said.

“Come out, Bai Yihu.”

While he spoke, a huge white tiger head, suddenly emerged from the ground.

This tiger head alone was more than three meter high.

He opened his big mouth, as if opening a big door, and directly swallowed that evil Ghost, and then disappeared.

“Little evil Ghost dare to come out to cause trouble.”

That eldest martial brother put his hand behind his back, and softly said, “I Li Xiangjun of Linglong School, deprive your chance for reincarnation.”

“Huhu….he finally completely killed!”

Wei Yi shook her little fist, and said, “Consider this as the revenge from my Tuantuan!”

“Slaying Demons and Killing Devils, are our obligations.”

Li Xiangjun smiled and said, “Next time you encounter demon or devil, younger martial sister should be without mercy and kill on the spot. If your ability is insufficient, just crush the Jade talisman that eldest martial brother gave you, and I will immediately come in a hurry.”

“A? That jade talisman can do that?!”

Wei Yi looked at the jade talisman that was hanging on her chest.

She didn’t expect this birthday gift from his eldest martial brother, is also an artifact that can be used as an emergency beacon.

“Of course! If you would just crush the jade talisman, you wouldn’t be in a dangerous situation a moment ago!”

Zhang Chenyu said from the side.

“Go to hell! You give-advice-in-hindsight second martial brother!

Wei Yi rolled her eyes at her martial brother.

‘He didn’t say this before I come here, what’s the use in saying it now after it’s all over!’ She thought.

‘It was truly dangerous just a moment ago!’

‘If not for the ten steps to milk a man….I might be dead by now.’

Thinking about this, Wei Yi pulled out her phone, and looked for something.

“The evil ghost has been eliminated, me and Chenyu have to go back.

Li Xiangjun slowly said, “Younger martial sister, you should be more careful in experiencing this mundane world. If there’s anything, remember that you must crush that jade talisman, I will soon come.”

“M, I know. Eldest martial brother, you’re very long-winded!”

“Hehe, we take our leave then.”

The two experts said and then flew together into the air.

While Wei Yi hugged her civet, and slowly left the cemetery.

When they were gone, a black shadow slowly fell from the sky and landed in the cemetery.

If Liu Yi saw this woman, he would certainly be amazed and exclaimed, “Fuck me, such a beautiful woman!”

This woman is about 17-18 years old, with delicate features. Her eyes are the most beautiful, large and bright, as if they were able to speak.

She walked twice around this cemetery, and her beautiful brows frowned as if she was baffled about something.

She finally stood in the center of the cemetery, her pair of hands move in a strange pattern as if she was about to cast a spell.

In front of her body, immediately emerged a flame.

The red flame turned into a fuzzy image.

The images of Liu Yi, Wei Yi, as well as that evil Ghost appeared there.

These images completely reproduce the previous experiences of Liu Yi and them.

The last image showed how the tiger swallowed that evil Ghost; the woman deeply furrowed her brows.

When she was still alarmed, a figure of a woman suddenly fell from under the moonlight.

This female is also beautiful, but compared to the previous woman, she has a more obsequious attitude.

Moreover, the pair of meatballs on her chest are amazing. Those are even bigger than Wang Lele’s!

“Wenren Qian, what did the Leader say about your matter?”

That woman put a hand on her waist and coaxingly asked.

“The Leader want to remember it, so he let me ask you.”

That Wenren Qian still stood there, still not saying anything, but she shook her head.

“What wrong? Why did you shake your head?”

The opposite obsequious woman did not feel good about it.

Wenren Qian shook her head, showed the image of that evil Ghost, and then scattered it with a pinch of her palm.

“What! You mean our Ghost servant that we raised has been killed!?”

That woman suddenly angry and hysterically cried, “Hateful! This was our most promising Ghost servant…. Wenren Qian, how do you explain this! Although we are all the Law Protector, I Jiang Qini didn’t like you since the beginning! Don’t think that just because The Leader is your foster father, you can act undisciplined and out of control in our Great God Religion! Wen Renqian, you slut, how do you want to explain the matter this time!”

Wenren Qian didn’t speak, just frowning her brows, nor she looked at Jiang Qini; she seemed to be thinking about something.

“Hateful! You actually dare not to pay attention to me Jiang Qini!”

Jiang Qini said, stretched out her hand and, from her breast, pulled out a skeleton head.

But her breasts size hasn’t changed. They were still amazingly great.

Wenren Qian noticed the thick Yin qi on that skull and immediately turned her head; Her eyes turned bright

Thick raging flame, suddenly burst out of Wen Renqian’s body.

The flame gradually took the shape of a huge flame sword; The sword was pointed to the opposite Jiang Qini.

These two Law Protector of the Great God Religion, seemingly about to start a fight.

At this time, a giant flame, suddenly burned on their side.

That flame formed a fuzzy face, looking at the two women, and loudly snapped.

“What are you doing?”


Wenren Qian and Jiang Qini turned to see the face on the fire, quickly knelt down, and bowed.

“Jiang Qini, why are you making a move against Law Protector Wenren?”

That face scolded.

“Reporting to Leader!”

Jian Qini quickly said, “Under Wenren Qian’s supervision, we unexpectedly lost our most promising Ghost servant! Subordinate, subordinate merely asking her to explain about it!”

“Explanation? Do you need to attack her just for an explanation?”

The face in the flame sprayed out flame from the mouth, and scolded, “Jiang Qini, we are all people of the Great God, and we are all working for the Great God; We should stick together! You actually showed you fangs toward your fellow brothers and sisters! This Leader, is too disappointed with you!”

“Leader, subordinate admit her mistake!”

Hearing the Leader’s words, Jiang Qini immediately panicked and hastily apologized.

“Humph, Jiang Qini, don’t think that this Leader didn’t know what you’re thinking. But at the present, the Twelve Zodiac plan is around the corner, so this Leader will give you another chance. Hopefully, you won’t let this Leader down again!”

“Yes, Leader, this subordinate ask to be excused….”

Jiang Qini was dejected and took a malicious glance at Wenren Qian, and then turned into a heap of black wind filled with dust, to disappear from this cemetery.

Wenren Qian still half-kneeled on the ground without saying anything.

“This Leader’s obedient daughter, don’t lower yourself to the same level as that Jiang Qini. She is just jealous of you.”

The face on the flame turned around to look at Wenren Qian and said amiably.

“They are all jealous of you. Jealous of your unique gift. Jealous that you are the reincarnation of the Great God.”