Chapter 102: Episode 102

Ji Yoo Kim leaned over to Ho Sung Lee in the driver’s seat.

“Ho Sung.”


“Tell me about the tower. I know this man won’t tell me anything no matter how hard I try.”

In response, Ho Sung looked over at Min Sung.

“I’m not sure if I can tell you…”

Ho Sung Lee trailed off.

“Is it okay?”

Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung and then turned her eyes back on Ho Sung Lee.

“It must be okay. Tell me.”

Ji Yoo Kim pressed him.

Ho Sung Lee minded him once more and then started his story about the tower.

As the story went on, Ji Yoo Kim’s smile grew stiffer.

The top hunters from all around the world were annihilated except for those of China.

By one devil at that.

But Min Sung defeated that devil.

By himself.

In one go.

How strong was he?

Kim Ji Yoo looked back at Min Sung.

When she ran into him and realized he woke up, she smiled because of a sense of relief.

A dreadful tower came about in the world, but the fact that a man like Min Sung Kim existed gave her a sense of relief.

It was as if she was acknowledging him without realizing it.

There was no hunter that could replace him, and he was the man who would save the world.

“How much longer? Are we far?”

Min Sung asked while opening his eyes.

“We’ll be there soon. Just wait 5 minutes. I’ll speed up.”

Ho Sung stepped on the accelerator.

The car sped down the empty road of New York, Manhattan.


“Is that true?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He was shocked by his subordinate’s report.

The two crazy men that went into the tower came out alive.

With the 3rd floor’s light on at that.

And the general of the Korean Central Institute followed them out.

This was no simple matter.

When he tried contacting Ji Yoo Kim, her phone was turned off.

“Who are these people…?”

American hunter master, Ethan, tapped on the table with his fingers.


Min Sung took the Warp Gate to the restaurant that Ho Sung Lee recommended.

As soon as Min Sung sat down, Ji Yoo Kim sat across from Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee.

He picked up the menu and decided on the dish.

He was contemplating on what to eat ever since the car ride and the Warp Gate.

Min Sung rang the bell.

“A raw fish Bibimbap please.”

The stone bowl Bibimbap looked delicious as well, but the hot bowl would only make the raw fish cook.

Because of that, it prevented the person from enjoying the taste of raw fish.

So he ordered the one without the stone bowl.

“Same here.”

A part-timer took their orders and walked away

Ji Yoo Kim poured water for Min Sung and set up his spoon and chopsticks.

“I was really surprised. I was shocked that you slept for so long, and I’m even more shocked that you cleared the 2nd floor of the tower,” she said with a smile.

“And I feel proud that you’re a hunter from our country.”

“Stop with the flattery and get to the point.”

In response, Ji Yoo Kim smiled as if she saw that response coming.

“The truth is… I was scared. Although the top hunters from all around the world gathered, we felt hopeless after our first attempt. I really thought that was it for humanity.”

Kim Ji Yoo swallowed her dry saliva.

“How many floors are there in that tower? Also… how strong are the monsters? I already know you’re very strong, and I’ll probably get a better look at it as time goes on, but I don’t have much information…”

Min Sung smirked in response.

Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung with a questionable look in her eyes.

At that moment, their food came out.

Two bowls of the raw fish Bibimbap came out on to their table.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Just because,” Min Sung replied while picking up his spoon.

“Tell me. I’m curious.”

“It’s just funny seeing you kick up a fuss over nothing.”

Kim Ji Yoo looked shocked.

“Over nothing?”

“Well, to me anyway. I’m going to eat now, so don’t bother me.”

Min Sung began his meal.


The bowl of the raw fish Bibimbap was of gold color.

The color of the bowl made the food look that much more delicious.

Min Sung picked up his spoon and mixed in hot pepper paste into the raw fish Bibimbap.

The raw fish, vegetables, and rice slowly turned red.

This was his first time eating Bibimbap upon his return.

Min Sung scooped up a big spoon and put it to his mouth.


Min Sung was overcome with a sweet and spicy taste.

The proportion of the hot pepper paste with the rest of the food was unbelievable.

It was a masterpiece.

On top of that, the fresh flavor of the raw fish made the meal that much more enjoyable.

The rice and vegetables gave the dish a soft texture.

This was the key trait of Bibimbap.

It was an explosion of flavor.

Bibimbap was a famous Korean food for a reason.

The traditional flavors of Korea danced around in his tastebuds.

When his mouth felt a little dry, he cleared it with some beansprout soup and Kimchi!

It was an unreal flavor.

One bite. Two bites.

He couldn’t stop eating.

‘Yeah, this is how Bibimbap should be.’

The bowl emptied in no time and Min Sung ended up taking his very last bite.

The sweet taste remained in his mouth even after finishing his meal.

He wanted to eat more, but Min Sung believed that one should stop eating a good Bibimbap while one still wanted more.

Just like that, he emptied his bowl and nodded.

It was nothing grand, but the raw fish Bibimbap satisfied his cravings.

Ho Sung Lee’s recommendation hit the spot once again.


They headed back to the Warp Gate after the meal.

Ji Yoo Kim was strangely silent.

It seemed as though she was deep in thought.

Min Sung also looked out the window and enjoyed the scenery.

In response to the silence, the driver looked back at them through the mirror.

After a moment of silence.

Kim Ji Yoo looked at Min Sung and opened her mouth.

“You always just look out the window.”


“Is there a reason for that?”

Min Sung continued to look out the window as he let out a deep sigh.

“It comforts me.”

She tilted her head out of confusion, and Min Sung continued,

“I won’t let this world disappear.”

Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung in surprise and then smiled awkwardly.

“I didn’t expect you to say that.”


“But then again, I feel like there’s no one who wants to protect this world more than you, Min Sung.”

The car arrived at the Warp Gate building.

Min Sung immediately got out and walked toward the building.

Ji Yoo Kim watched this while smiling sadly.

“He’s… a very consistent man.”


Ho Sung Lee drove them back to the assembly.

As soon as the car entered the assembly, the Hunters bustled with noise.

Some of them ran into the tent.

A moment later, the commanders came out of the tent and walked toward Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, and Ji Yoo Kim.

Min Sung knitted his brows and stared at the commanders walking his way.

“They’re going to ask what happened at the tower, who you are, and things like that,” Ji Yoo Kim explained in anxiousness.

“I think you should talk it out…”


Min Sung cut her off and got out of the car.

He closed the door and stared at the commanders approaching in a provocative way.

There were 7 of them in total.

They all had badges signifying their commander statuses.

Ho Sung Lee and Ji Yoo Kim also got out of the car.

Ji Yoo Kim stood next to Min Sung, and Ho Sung Lee stood in front of Min Sung.

“What on earth did you do in that tower?”

The American hunter master, Ethan, asked Min Sung.

That question was also targeted toward Ji Yoo Kim.

“I killed them,” Min Sung shortly replied.

In response to the interpreter’s interpretation, Ethan’s eyes grew wide.

“How dare you trick us with your nonsense?”

After noticing Ethan’s enraged face, Ji Yoo Kim stepped up.

“Calm down, Ethan. He’s telling the truth.”

In response, Ethan and the other commanders looked confused.

The big shock caused a moment of silence.

And then…


Ethan laughed loudly.

“So are you saying these two men entered the tower on their own and turned on the lights on the 3rd floor? Is that what you’re saying, General Kim?”

“That’s correct,” Ji Yoo Kim calmly replied.

“Despite hundreds of worldly hunters going in, the fight didn’t even begin. But these two hunters cleared 2 floors? You expect us to believe that?”

“Whether you believe it or not, that’s the truth.”

Countless hunters began crowding around Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, and Ji Yoo Kim.

“What are you trying to do, General Kim? Why are you lying to us?”

Ji Yoo Kim sighed.

“I’m not lying. This hunter beside me is a Korean hunter, and he’s powerful enough to clear the tower.”

Hundreds of hunters focused on Min Sung.

“Hmph. Then shall we test it out?”

In response to Ethan’s ridicule, Ji Yoo Kim looked back at Min Sung.

Min Sung, who was staring blatantly at Ethan, slowly walked toward him.

He then stood right in front of him and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Go ahead,” Min Sung said in a low voice.

“But… your life will depend on that test.”

In response to Min Sung’s response, Ethan’s face crinkled up.

It looked as though they were about to fight.

Ji Yoo Kim ran over.

“There’s no need to do this,” she continued while looking at Ethan.

“Ethan, if you want to check, dispatch an investigative team and check the tower yourself.”

Ethan stared at Min Sung and then called upon his subordinate.

“If we do that…”


Min Sung cut off Ethan.

“Keep going.”

As soon as Min Sung glared at Ethan, Ji Yoo Kim showed a troubled look on her face.

“Min Sung…”

“Shut up.”

Min Sung got even closer to Ethan’s face.

“Test me. But bet your life on it.”

Min Sung’s devilish power began to wrap around Ethan’s body.