Chapter 107: Episode 107

Gold light shined in all directions, and once Ho Sung Lee and Bowl saw that, they froze.

“I-I can’t move…”

Ho Sung Lee mumbled in surprise.

Words wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

The monster escaped the restraint. The monster crawled over to Ho Sung Lee and then stretched out his nails.

After getting struck, Ho Sung Lee had no choice but to just watch.


The monster’s hand went right through Ho Sung Lee’s upper body.


His stiff body began to loosen up.

Ho Sung Lee looked down at the monster’s arm through his stomach with a blank look on his face

In response, the human faces of the monster smiled.

The smiling face of a bloody monster.

He looked like a demon, but that wasn’t the scariest part.

‘Am I going to die…?’

The pain followed shortly afterward.


Ho Sung Lee’s stiff face slowly turned around.


He tried to have some hope, but it didn’t change anything.

Great pain overcame his brain.


As soon as the monster pulled out his hand from Ho Sung Lee’s stomach, blood poured out.

His vision turned hazy

His sight shook.


Ho Sung Lee coughed up a lot of blood and plopped onto the floor.

His body temperature began rapidly declining.

His head went to a huge shock.

If he wasn’t’ a hunter, he would have passed out right there.

As a high-level hunter, he had high stamina which meant he died at a slower speed, so he was in so much pain that he couldn’t scream.

He could feel himself dying away.

Bowl looked at Ho Sung Lee in surprise and wondered what to do.

Past memories passed through Ho Sung Lee’s head at high speed.

The times when he became a hunter and created a clan at a young age. And his memories after meeting Min Sung Kang passed through his head quickly but clearly.

‘Ah… I’ve never even been on a proper date…’

His eyes slowly closed and lost focus.

“Wake up, you son of a bitch!”

Bowl screamed out of sadness that he couldn’t use magic to revive him.

However, Ho Sung Lee could barely hear Bowl’s calling.

He was already half gone.

The monster stared down at Ho Sung Lee and licked his lips.

At that moment, Bowl used all his powers to spill out his magic.

A dark sword went right through the monster’s body.



The monster flipped his head back while his waist belt out of shape and let out a loud scream.

Gold light shined in all four directions once more which made Bowl’s body freeze up again.

And the monster looked at his feed in front of him.

He opened his mouth in front of Ho Sung Lee’s dying body.

He showed his sharp teeth.

Bowl, who was frozen in place, had no choice but to watch.


The monster bit onto Ho Sung Lee’s neck.

And then.


The monster’s teeth penetrated into Ho Sung Lee’s flesh.


The blood exploded from his neck.


It was like a fountain of blood.

Ho Sung Lee completely lost his strength and fell onto the ground.

The monster, covered in blood, laughed.

And then he looked at Bowl with an evil look on his face.

When the monster began to crawl toward Bowl.


The sound of flesh and bone cracking could be heard.

The monster stopped and looked at where the sound was coming from.

Ho Sung Lee, who was on the verge of death, began convulsing all over.

Ho Sung Lee’s blood vessels swelled up and turned red.

On top of that, even his hair turned red.

Bowl started trembling out of shock.

Ho Sung Lee, whom he thought was dead, was coming back to life.

Ho Sung Lee’s muscles swelled up and allowed him to get up like a zombie, and the hole in his stomach quickly repatched itself.

His eyes were filled with blood, and his mouth drooled excessively.

Even the drool dropped onto the floor and created smoke.

Due to the swollen muscles, he was now twice his original size, and the heat of his Aura radiated from his entire body.


Ho Sung Lee screamed like a beast.

The monster was taken aback and collected his magic in order to attack before he fully returned.

In order to buy more time, Bowl cast his dark magic on him.

While the monster was within Bowl’s grasp, Ho Sung Lee ran toward the monster at high speed.

Ho Sung’s weapon possessed a white energy.

The Death Knight Sword.

That sword turned red and lava dripped from it.


The Death Knight Sword in Ho Sung’s hands sliced the monster from his right shoulder to his side.


Along with the sound of flesh cutting, fireworks went off from the monster’s wound.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The monster flew into the air and plopped back onto the ground.

Ho Sung Lee ran over to him once more and stabbed the Death Knight Sword into his body.


[Hell Fire Activated]


A huge explosion went off.

Smoke and sparks of fire flew in all four directions.

Once the smoke disappeared, Bowl saw the aftermath of the battle.

The Monster was in pieces, and fragments of it dispersed.

And in that spot was an item.

“Wow… You’re so strong, son of a bitch.”

Bowl was genuinely impressed.

Ho Sung Lee, who was entirely red with big muscles, looked back at Bowl.

Although he defeated the monster, Ho Sung Lee’s eyes were still red like that of a devil.


Bowl shook in fear.


Ho Sung Lee screamed like a monster and ran toward Bowl with the Death Knight Sword.

“Agh! He’s crazy!”

Bowl fled on his shadow board.

And Ho Sung Lee chased from behind him.

Right before Ho Sung Lee lowered the Death Knight Sword upon Bowl.


He closed his eyes and fell right on his face

Bowl looked back at Ho Sung Lee with a startled look in his eyes.


Blink, blink.

Ho Sung Lee blinked over and over.

He saw a mural on the ceiling.

‘Didn’t I die?’

Ho Sung Lee slowly got up.

His body felt better than he expected.

Through the rips in his clothing, he saw his abdomen.

And on his abdomen was a large scar caused by the wound from the monster.

However, from what he remembered, his abdomen got ripped apart by the monster.

So how did it heal so quickly and only leave a scar?

Ho Sung Lee thought about it and then looked beside him.

He saw Bowl against the wall with his guard up.

“Hey, Bowl. What happened? Why am I alive?”

Bowl looked at Ho Sung Lee with fear in his eyes.

“Son of a bitch. Are you good now?”

“What do you mean?”

Bowl explained everything that happened before Ho Sung Lee came to his senses.

Ho Sung Lee flared his nostrils and dropped his jaw in response.

“What? I did that? And I tried to attack you?”

Ho Sung Lee spoke as if he didn’t remember any of it, and Bowl just shook his head.

“Oh… so that’s what a Berserker does.”

“Then son of a bitch. Did you get rabies? You become a crazy dog?”

“Stop the nonsense, you skull bowl.”

Ho Sung Lee finally realized what had happened.

And then something suddenly crossed his mind.

“Wait! What time is it?”

Ho Sung Lee desperately checked the time.

It was way past the agreed upon time.

“Hey! You should’ve gone to him first!”

Bowl looked at Ho Sung Lee and sighed.

“You put the lunch in your item window!”


Ho Sung Lee gulped.

“I-I see… A-anyway, let’s get going.”

Ho Sung Lee sprung up from the ground.

Despite having almost died, Ho Sung Lee was simply afraid that he wouldn’t be able to deliver the lunch to Min Sung Kang in time.


Min Sung Kang was sleeping.

How could anyone sleep in the Black Tower?

He was a human that no one could understand.


In response, Min Sung slowly opened his eyes.

Min Sung got up and gestured for Bowl to hand him the lunch in his hands.

Bowl skipped over and gave it to him.

“I think you’re late,” Min Sung remarked.

While Ho Sung Lee watched on while sweating, Bowl explained everything about what happened.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

Ho Sung Lee bowed.

Min Sung ignored him and took out the lunch from the plastic bag.

The contents of the lunch box were nicely aligned.

And the lunch they rushed to bring back was impressive.

Actually, the lunch was near perfection.