Chapter 109: Episode 109

“Really? Do you mean that, Master?”



Bowl was excited as if his parents offered to take him to the amusement park and ran over to Min Sung while dancing from side to side.

Ho Sung Lee gulped and stared at Min Sung.

He was hoping something would be given to him as well.



Min Sung looked at him in a different way from how he looked at Bowl.

‘… Damn it.’


They left the Black Tower and stepped on land.

Ho Sung Lee was swimming with all his might to keep up with Min Sung just like last time.

In the meantime, Min Sung sat on a rock and looked at the Black Tower.

So far, its lights were on up until the 8th floor.

But even above that floor, there were many more floors.

He didn’t know when he would clear all of those floors, but since he could get new items in exchange for killing devils, it was like killing two birds with one stone.

Unlike in the Demonic Realm, he could just continue to go up the stairs as if it was a game.

And he was planning to help Bowl grow.

If he could make Bowl into an undead, it was possible that he didn’t have to do anything on the floors to come.

After all, the devils didn’t keep on coming like in the Demonic Realm.

Of course, it was likely that more devils of higher levels could be found on the upper floors, but as long as he stepped up as needed, there wasn’t much of a problem.

While he waited for Ho Sung Lee, Min Sung felt many people staring at him.

Among the gazes were suspicions surrounding the investigation team’s disappearance, and on top of that, they were just curious.

They were staring at him as if he was a monster.

Min Sung looked back at them with a gaze that was a combination of unhappiness and annoyance.

A huge Aura came from within Min Sung’s body.

Hunters, who instinctively sensed the danger from the strong Aura, quickly looked away.

As the hunters went away one by one, Min Sung looked at Ho Sung Lee, who was swimming on the shore.

At that moment, Ji Yoo Kim approached Min Sung.

“There’s an investigation team that chased after you and Ho Sung. They’re missing at the moment, and the American hunter who spoke with Ho Sung was found dead. So the American side is suspicious of you, Min Sung.”

Min Sung didn’t answer and just stared at Ho Sung Lee, who was slowly approaching.

Ji Yoo Kim stared at Min Sung.

“Min Sung, America will definitely do something. They won’t just sit back. They will do anything to keep their rank.”


“It doesn’t hurt to be careful. Who knows what they’re capable of?”

“Ji Yoo Kim.”

Min Sung called her name and looked around at her.

In response to Min Sung’s gaze, she was a little nervous, but she looked back at him anyway.

Min Sung slowly opened his lips.

“The power of a miscellaneous hunter.”

He sighed and continued,

“It seems like you were quite adored for that power, but you’re completely incapable.”

In response to Min Sung’s cold words, Ji Yoo Kim’s face grew pale.

“Get a hold of yourself, Ji Yoo.”

“… What do you mean by that?”

“You’re trying to use justice as an excuse to obtain power for Korea.”

“That’s not true,” Ji Yoo Kim immediately refuted.

“If that’s not the case, don’t mess around. You just look pathetic.”


Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung with widened eyes.

“The only reason why I left you alone is because you’re a Miscellaneous hunter and a part of the Central Institute. You’re incapable, but you still have power over the organization, and you do your job as the only person fit for the role. That’s why I left you alone.”

Min Sung stared at Ji Yoo Kim with cold eyes and continued,

“Don’t even think about saying nonsense about being a weak country and relying on anyone. You’re not just pathetic now, but you’re tiring me out.”

Ji Yoo Kim couldn’t speak anymore.

In order to hide her shaken expression, she turned away.

It appeared that she was blaming herself for her lack of power.

And Min Sung saw that as Ji Yoo Kim’s pathetic nature.

At that moment, Ho Sung Lee squeezed out water from his clothes and stood in front of Min Sung.

“Huff! Huff! Sir! Huff! Huff! Let’s go.”

As Ho Sung Lee panted and dried his face off, he sensed a heavy feeling between him, Min Sung and Ji Yoo Kim.

Min Sung got up from the rock and began walking, and Ho Sung Lee simply followed with a confused look on his face.


While driving, Ho Sung Lee continued to mind Min Sung.

It almost seemed like Ji Yoo Kim was crying.

It was surprising that a capable woman of the Central Institute was crying, and he wondered what happened.

Bowl crawled out of Min Sung’s pocket and sat on top of his lap.

“Ugh… Ugh…”

Bowl made sounds as if he was in pain.

Ho Sung Lee glanced at Bowl and asked,

“Bowl, what’s wrong with you?”

Even Min Sung looked down at Bowl on his lap.

“Ugh, I hate the sunlight… Ugh…”

Bowl squirmed on top of Min Sung’s thighs as if he was uncomfortable.

“He’s miserable because he got too much sunlight. I think he was holding it in until now.”

“You mean Bowl?”

“Yeah. While I eat, look for a defense item store. Look into protecting him from the sunlight and make him something that he can wear. As soon as possible.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ho Sung Lee minded him but then built up his courage.

“But Sir. The general of Central Institute doesn’t look so good. Did something happen?”

Ho Sung Lee used all his courage to ask the question.

“I just told her she’s incapable, that’s all.”

Ho Sung Lee dripped in cold sweat.

‘Is that what happened?’

An insult using facts.

It was very Min Sung Kang to say that to her face.

He was an impressive character.

How could he say such a thing to such a beautiful woman?

Ho Sung Lee couldn’t understand it.

He really lives in his own world.

In some ways, he was jealous.

‘Maybe he’s living his best life…’

“Let’s eat.”

“Where would you like to go?”

“The most expensive beef place in Korea,” Min Sung replied while looking out the window.

“Sure. Ho Sung Lee’s Hochelin Guide! Off we go!”

“Just shut up and keep driving.”

“… Yes, Sir.”


Bowl started acting cute in front of Min Sung as if he was no longer in pain.

He acted like a typical pet.

It was a relief that he felt better, but Min Sung still thought that he had to make him a shield.

Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee arrived in Korea through the Warp Gate. And then they arrived at the beef restaurant with the most expensive prices in Korea.

Since he already tried pork, it was time to eat beef.

And while he was at it, he wanted to try the best kind in order to relieve some stress.

If it was expensive, it was bound to be of top-notch quality.

His heart fluttered with excitement.

The place that Ho Sung Lee reserved was a store that looked like a high-class traditional house.

[Hwarang Ribs]

Just like the front sign, the place looked vibrant and fancy.

As soon as they entered, a dressed-up manager led them to their room.


Ho Sung Lee gave a 90-degree bow.

Min Sung didn’t even look at him and entered the room before opening the menu.

Hwarang Raw Ribs (Korean beef) 94,000 won

Hwarang Raw Ribs, marinated (Korean beef) 96,000 won

Hwarang Rib Eye (Korean beef) 95,000 won

Korean Special Sirloin (Korean beef) 67,000 won

Min Sung ordered two orders of the rib eye and one order of the raw ribs.

The manager smiled warmly. The manager took back the menus and left the room.

While Min Sung wiped his hands with a wet towel.


The door opened, and an employee set up the table with the basics.

The basic side dishes were simple.

The first thing he saw was the watery kimchi.

He tried it with a spoon, and it had a refreshing flavor.

The next side dish was the grilled deodeok roots.

It was marinated well, and the scent was very pleasant to the nostrils.

As he enjoyed the grilled deodeok roots, the brazier’s flame came in.

At the same time, another employee brought in the raw ribs.

The meat showed off perfect cuts as well as a sensational marbling texture.