Chapter 112: Episode 112


Once Gary Gold arrived at the assembly, he looked around with both awe and shock.

It was a spectacle.

It was the way the hunters were gathered at the assembly as well as the view of the Black Tower.

An ocean that was a little far off from the Statue of Liberty.

Rough thunder and lightning surrounded the tower along with a darkness that made anyone scared just by looking at it.

While Gary Gold stared on at the tower, one hunter approached him.

“Gary Gold?”

A hunter with curly hair checked his identity.

“Oh, yes. I’m Gary Gold.”

“You have to start cooking right away. Is that okay?”

“That’s fine.”

“Right this way.”

Gary Gold looked back at the sight once more and then followed the hunter.

A table and cooking appliances were set up outside.

It was minimal, but it was enough to prepare one meal.

“But who am I cooking for?”

Gary Gold asked the hunter.

“A Korean hunter,” he replied.

Gary Gold knitted his brows.

‘A Korean hunter?’

He couldn’t help but frown.

He couldn’t believe that the reason why he was forced to be at the dangerous assembly was because of an Asian hunter.

He felt that it was strange.

‘Since when were Korean hunters famous?’

Gary Gold was unaware of this information.

‘Why do I have to prepare food for a Korean hunter of all people?’

“What kind of hunters does Korea have that I have to do all this for one of them?”

In response, the hunter showed a cold gaze.

It was so cold that his throat went dry.

Gary Gold shut his mouth and proceeded to prepare the meal.

Gary Gold was known for his bad temper, but when he was around hunters, he was nothing but herbivore among carnivores.

If he made one mistake, it was possible to lose all of the honor and reputation he worked for.

After all, in the hunters’ world, death was just an ordinary occurrence.


Even if that was the case, he had to endure having his pride hurt.

So Gary Gold put his thoughts aside and decided to solely focus on his cooking.


“Sir, the cook is working on your food. He said to come when you’re ready.”

Min Sung opened his eyes.

He was asleep for a moment.

He wondered where the time went and got out of his car.

He followed Ho Sung Lee into the tent and sat at a long table.

‘I’m still tired.’

Now that he was relieved of his tension, his body’s natural rhythm began to return.

He stretched his neck and closed his eyes.

He grew tired again.


The Michelin Star chef, Gary Gold, was guided by an American hunter to the tent for the delivery of his first dish.

When he entered the tent with the cart, he saw a man dozing off by himself.

‘… Is he sleeping?’

Gary Gold looked behind him.

No hunters followed him in.

He pushed his cart and approached the man.

And as he placed the dish on the table, he glanced at his face.

‘He’s good-looking.’

He was handsome enough to claim that he was a famous celebrity.

At that moment, the man opened his eyes.

Gary Gold and Min Sung met eyes.

That was when he felt a strange sensation.

He couldn’t say it was fear, but it wasn’t awe either.

If he had to describe it with one word…

‘… Yeah.’


It was more like fascination.

He sensed what he felt when he saw the tower when he looked at Min Sung.

When he froze still in response to his presence, Min Sung’s gaze woke Gary Gold back up.

Gary Gold then came to his senses.

“I-I’m sorry.”

He apologized without meaning to.

He felt guilty that he made a person feel unpleasant before serving him a meal.

Min Sung ignored it and quietly grabbed his fork and knife.

Gary Gold remembered to act like the professional chef he was.

“I brought you a beverage, a dish, as well as a salad. I prepared it as a course meal, but I made it so that you can experience the flavors as best as possible. While you enjoy the dish, I’ll immediately prepare the next one.”

Min Sung nodded.


“This is an important meal. Don’t make any mistakes.”

That’s what he heard over and over again during preparation.

‘The way I see it, that Korean hunter inside the tent might be a legendary one with great power.’

He couldn’t think of another reason why all of the world hunters were scared of his one man.

However, Korea was too small a country.

On top of that, he sensed a posture that he never saw before.

Even though he didn’t do anything in particular, his presence overpowered him.

‘The hunter world is a mysterious one.’

‘I should just focus on cooking.’

Gary Gold went back to focusing on his cooking.


The salad was fresh and delicious.

The balsamic vinegar wasn’t excessive, and the ratio was to perfection.

That salad put his meal off to a great start.

The first appetizer was scallops.

A dish that represented the Michelin Three-Star chef’s career perfectly.

The plating was almost a piece of art.

The scallop dish contained bacon and eggs.

‘I wonder how it tastes.’

Min Sung carefully gave it a taste.

The soft butter scent kept the hot temperature of the oil in his mouth.

The bacon was smooth, and the eggs were soft.

His senses were pleased in an instant, and it made him realize just how talented the chef really was.

Seeing from the plating, flavor, and scent, it was no wonder the cook was a Michelin Three-Star chef.

The scallops tasted simply luxurious.

It was a brilliant dish that made him overwhelmed with awe.

Once he finished his amazing meal, Gary Gold appeared with the main course.

The previous plate was removed and replaced with the fancy main course.

“This is Beef Wellington. I used top-quality beef for it, and since it doesn’t contain much muscle, you’ll be able to enjoy its softness. The main sauce ingredient is the mushrooms.”

Min Sung nodded and lifted up his fork and knife.

As soon as he cut into the meat, steam came out, and the ham covered in pastry surrounded by mushrooms all revealed themselves.

It was a masterpiece that managed to keep its blood from dripping while still maintaining its juiciness.

His heart was shaken up by the fact that the meat inside was colored perfect pink.

This was definitely a Beef Wellington made by a top chef.

After Min Sung sliced it up with a knife, he began to put the pieces in his mouth.

Om nom, om nom!

The soft bread and the luxurious mushroom base.

It was weak, but the scent of mustard tickled his nose.

Thanks to the ham, the moisture was maintained.

And it went perfectly with the sweet yet salty mushroom filling!

Min Sung gasped with a pale face in response.

He was surprised that a beef and mushroom combination could be so mindblowing.

It was not only high-quality, but it was phenomenal.

“I’m impressed.”

Min Sung praised the dish without realizing it.

Gary Gold smiled and nodded at Min Sung’s compliment.

Min Sung continued his meal of the entrancing flavors and scents.


Ji Yoo Kim was sitting at a café terrace near the assembly.

She was staring into space without any focus.

She was like this for a few hours already.


She received a message.

When she checked her phone, it was the news of them leaving for the Black Tower.

And in the frontlines would be the world hunters.

Min Sung Kang stepped up for any emergencies, and it was also agreed upon that Min Sung Kang would take all the experience points and items.

‘I can’t believe the world hunters will be at the front, not Min Sung Kang…’

This was dangerous.

Why did they make such a decision?

Did Min Sung Kang decide on this?


Min Sung Kang wasn’t the type.

She was certain that the world hunters must have proposed the raid first.

There was the condition of Min Sung Kang being there for emergencies, but it was still likely that people would get hurt and killed.

‘Why did they decide to do this?’

‘It’d be safer for them to support him from the back.’

Ji Yoo Kim sighed and then laughed.

She wanted to go back to the assembly and do something as well, but her legs wouldn’t cooperate.

Min Sung Kang’s cold evaluation of her was still pushing her down hard.