Chapter 113: Episode 113

It was just as he said.

She was incapable.

She did her best to fulfill her role as the general of Central Institute, but nothing changed.

The more time passed, the darker Korea’s future got.

Kim Ji Yoo, who was slumped over with her hand on her forehead, slowly opened her eyes.

Although she was miserable and in pain, she still had responsibilities as the hunter general.

She wasn’t in a position where she could just give up.

‘I can’t just give up because things are hard.’

It was true that she was in the wrong.

‘I’m lacking in a lot of ways.’

‘But that doesn’t mean I can give up.’

Ji Yoo Kim got up with widened eyes and walked in order to head back to the assembly.


He finished his meal.

“That was amazing,” Min Sung said as he put his spoon down.

Gary Gold smiled and bowed.

“Thank you.”

At that moment, the American hunter master, Ethan, entered the tent.

In response to Ethan’s signal, Gary Gold whispered to him that Min Sung was satisfied.

Ethan nodded and ordered him to clean up the table.

Gary Gold cleaned up and left the tent.

“I’m glad you enjoyed the meal,” Ethan said with a smile.

Min Sung wiped his mouth with a tissue and threw it on the ground.

“Clean it up.”

In response to Min Sung pointing at the tissue, Ethan was astonished.

He did his best to hide his emotions with a forced smile and nodded.

He then picked up the tissue and put it in the garbage.

“Go to the first floor and wait for me there.”

In response to Min Sung’s order, Ethan waited before opening his lips.

“Can you tell me what you know about the tower?”

“That’d be too tiring.”

Min Sung left the tent.

Ethan watched Min Sung leave as his face flushed with anger.

He almost slammed down on the table with his fist but held it in.

He had never been treated like that in his life.

Ethan stared in Min Sung’s direction with bloodshot eyes.


Just as Min Sung commanded, Ethan and the other world hunters waited on the 1st floor of the Black Tower.

While the hunters waited for Min Sung, the American hunters whispered to each other.

“I feel much stronger after eating that item.”

“I really want to check how strong we’ve gotten.”

“I’m surprised. How could one item make such a change?’

“It gives me shivers that they even made such a thing.”

“What kind of people were living over there?”

The hunters of other countries looked over at the American hunters.

As soon as the American hunters noticed, they checked their equipment as if nothing happened.

The topic of conversation then changed to “Min Sung Kang”.

“Korea’s Min Sung Kang is only helping us in case of an emergency. That Korean hunter. How strong is he?”

“Do you think he’s as strong as a Chinese hunter?”

“Maybe if he cleared the tower on his own.”

“I’m starting to realize how strong China must be.”

“Damn it… I feel like they’re getting stronger and stronger.”

“Those lowly bastards…”

The topic changed from Min Sung Kang to China.

The hunters felt anxious about how powerful China was.

At that moment, Ji Yoo Kim’s Central Institute joined them on the 1st floor.

Since the hunters were going to raid the tower with Min Sung Kang’s help, they could no longer look down on Ji Yoo Kim.

However, they were still outcasting her.

It was evident how the hunters entered the tower without telling Korea about it.

On top of that, Min Sung Kang didn’t seem to be covering for Central Institute.

After all, Ji Yoo Kim or the Central Institute didn’t receive special treatment in the tower raid.

But Ji Yoo Kim and the Central Institue hunters simply focused on checking their equipment as if they didn’t care.


Min Sung arrived on the 1st floor of Black Tower.

All of those who had been waiting for Min Sung looked over at him.

“That man must be Korea’s Min Sung Kang.”

“Next to him is a Korean… and is that an entity?”

“I heard he eats kills.”

“That’s crazy. Shit.”

“What a unique entity. A skeleton? I’ve never seen one before.”

“I didn’t know such an entity existed.”

There were noises of mumbling among the commanders, but it soon quieted down.

After that, Ethan gave orders on what to do next.

The memories of the devils were fresh in all of the hunters’ memories.

For that reason, once they began walking in, only the sounds of footsteps rang through the tower.

Despite Min Sung being there, Ji Yoo Kim didn’t approach him and maintained her position.

All she did was briefly glance back at Min Sung.


The robed man looked at the Black Tower from the empty assembly.

At that moment, his phone rang.

The robed man answered it while still looking at the tower.

How’s the situation?

The voice of a man in a wheelchair could be heard through the phone.

“It’s going as planned.”

Call me when it’s finished. There are lots of things to take care of including entering China.


Hang in there for a little longer. We’re almost there.


The robed man hung up the phone.

His eyes were still on the tower.

“… Min Sung Kang,” the robed man muttered to himself.

The robed man’s eyes, which hadn’t shaken even once, showed a slight tremor like candlelight.


“Why do you think they’re fighting all of a sudden? Even if you’re with us, something could still happen out of the blue.”

Behind the world hunters, Ho Sung Lee and Min Sung walked together.

Min Sung expressed his lack of interest while Ho Sung Lee continued talking.

“Don’t you think there might be some kind of secret? Those with vested rights are always out to protect what’s theirs.”

“How strong is China?”

Min Sung suddenly asked.


Ho Sung Lee gave it a thought and opened his mouth.

“There isn’t much that’s known about them. Most of them are rumors, but what’s for certain is that those world hunters can’t even show their business cards in front of the Chinese…”

Min Sung nodded.

That was all.

Then there was silence, and then noises could be heard ahead.

A monster appeared on the 1st floor.


The hunters were shocked.

They didn’t expect to see any monsters until the 8th floor since the lights were on up until then, but a monster appeared against their expectations.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

The hunters, who saw the monster, approached the monster with their weapons.

The snake with 9 heads was quite the spectacle.

Despite that fact, the monster in front of the hunters named Hydra was at a level of an average monster from the labyrinth.

But of course, the hunters were nervous.

“I also met a monster on my way back to you with your lunch, but this is weird. We cleared this area. Why is there still a monster here? And this is just the 1st floor.”

Ho Sung Lee asked Min Sung with a confused look on his face

“I don’t know.”

Min Sung looked at the hunters without much interest.

At that moment.

Bowl poked Ho Sung Lee on the leg.

“Kills! Kills!”

Bowl stressed that he needed to eat kills and pointed toward the hunters.

Ho Sung Lee remembered and ran toward the hunters with Bowl.

Min Sung watched by with his arms crossed.

It’ll take some time to go up the tower again but raising these rascals was necessary.

So he had no choice but to endure the boredom.

Min Sung watched his surroundings with a bored look in his eyes.


‘Wow… this is crazy.’

Ho Sung Lee gulped.

He was already surprised that he was watching the hunters right in front of his eyes, but what he was more surprised about was that he and Bowl would reap all the rewards of the monster kills.

What would you call that?

He wasn’t sure if this was too good to be true.

“We’re making enough damage! Keep going!”

“Healers, focus on damaging the monsters with poison!”

The hunters around them continued to give orders.

The hunters attacked the Hydra with magic and arrows.

While the vibrant effects and attacks took place, the American hunters especially shined with their performance.

Since the Hydra’s skin was too strong, there was a lot of damage that didn’t go through, but the American hunters were making significant damage on the Hydra’s skin, making it bleed more and more.

There was a huge difference.

What was more surprising was that the American master, Ethan, had a particularly outstanding performance.


Ethan managed to cut off one of the 9 heads of the Hydra.

While the other hunters watched with gazes of surprise and amazement, he hit the Hydra even harder.

As soon as a fatal hit was made, the Hydra’s attacking ability decreased dramatically.

In the meantime, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl widened their eyes and calculated when to reap the kills.

Only one of the two could get it.

For that reason, there was a lot of tension between Ho Sung Lee and Bowl.

“Hey, Bowl. Let me have it this time.”

“No,” Bowl refused while looking at the Hydra.

“Your level is high enough as it is. Why are you so greedy?”

“We’re two different beings.”

Ho Sung Lee looked at Bowl with absurdity.

“Hey, I’m a person. You should talk to me like that. You’re just a Lich doll.”

“Okay, son of a bitch. I’ll have this one”

Bowl cast his dark magic.

The strong Hydra was nearing its death due to the attacks by the hunters.