Chapter 121: Chapter 121

A top resort located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Min Sung laid on the beach with sunglasses on and enjoyed his leisure.

The women who passed by either smiled or blushed at Min Sung.

Min Sung was good-looking, and his masculine body made for a charming view on the beach.

Even the countless scars on his body made the women’s hearts flutter.

However, Min Sung had no interest in those women.

His attention was focused elsewhere.


Bowl glided over on his magic board while holding a coconut.

Min Sung slowly got up.

As soon as he did, his eight-pack could clearly be seen.

One woman saw that and tripped.

Min Sung stared at the woman as if he thought she was weird and accepted Bowl’s coconut.

“Hehe. I stood in line forever.”

Bowl looked as if he wanted a compliment.

“Good work,” Min Sung remarked as he looked down at the coconut beverage.

It was basically a coconut with a straw put into it.

‘I wonder how coconuts taste.’

Min Sung gave it a try.

As soon as he tasted it, Min Sung knitted his brows.

“What’s wrong?”

Bowl looked up at Min Sung and asked,

“It’s gross.”

Min Sung threw the coconut away and laid back down.

“Buy an orange juice.”

“Yes, Master!”

Bowl got back on his magic board and took off to buy the beverage.

While he sunbathed and enjoyed the view of the ocean, Bowl came back with an orange juice.

The orange juice that was in a big glass sparkled under the sunlight.

Min Sung drank the orange juice as he looked onto the scenery.

As he enjoyed both his orange juice and his relaxation time, a thought suddenly came to mind.

And in order to put his thought into action, he needed his ‘rascal’.

Min Sung took out his phone and called Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee answered not long afterward.

Yes, Sir.

“Did you do what I asked?”

Yes, I’m wrapping it up now.

“Then hurry up and meet me here.”

Where are you?

“The beach in front of X Hotel in Honolulu.”


“I’ll let you take the Warp Gate. So hurry up.”

Oh! Okay. Then I’ll wrap it up soon and go over right away.

Ho Sung Lee sounded ecstatic that he could take the Warp Gate.

Min Sung hung up the phone.

When he got back to enjoying the relaxing views, he remembered the world hunters.

He began reading internet articles on his phone.

Most of the main news had to do with world hunters.

An article reported that the world hunters returned to the assembly after heading out to the Black Tower.

Over 40 hunters died at the Black Tower.

Min Sung didn’t realize this earlier, but the entire world was focused on the horrifying deaths of the world hunters.

Even the fact that so many people were at tourist spots implied just how afraid they were, and how hard they were trying to enjoy life while they were still alive.

However, since Min Sung was at a whole different level from normal people, he just laughed at the world hunters and then threw his phone down.

The phone fell upon the sandcastle that Bowl was building.

As a result, the sandcastle came tumbling down.

Bowl looked up at Min Sung in tears, but Min Sung simply enjoyed it.


The atmosphere at the assembly was clear.

Runaway troops.

There was nothing more and nothing less.

They attempted to clear the 9th floor, but the result was devastating.

It wasn’t difficult to go against one devil, but when 3 appeared all at once, they hit a wall.

There was a huge difference between 1 devil and 3 devils.

Unless China or Min Sung Kang stepped up, there was no way they could get through this difficulty.

The consumption of the item was nothing more than a meaningless surprise party, and even the Oceania commander, who bought the Devil’s Sword with 1 trillion won, was unable to do much to help.

The hunters simply looked afar with looks of despair and hopelessness on their faces.

And within the tent, the commanders were also tense.

There was no progress in their meeting.

And most importantly, all of the commanders thought the same way, but none of them said anything.

They all knew that they had to stop America from monopolizing Min Sung Kang.

A quiet war broke out.


The Warp Gate was just as he expected.

But when Min Sung Kang used the Warp Gate, he seemed just fine.

“Ugh… I feel sick.”

Ho Sung Lee got out of the Warp Gate and almost threw up.

‘Pick up Bowl’s clothes, get a helicopter, buy a building with a landing pad.’

He was too busy to properly eat, which was a relief at this point.

“Damn it, I thought this would be convenient. But it doesn’t feel so great.”

Ho Sung Lee rented a car and headed toward where Min Sung was.

After spending so much time at the assembly near the Black Tower, he felt happy just seeing the nice weather.

“Come to think of it, the Black Tower was horrible in many ways.”

Ho Sung Lee thought of the Black Tower and then shook his head to stop.

“But why did he call me to Honolulu?”

He had a bad feeling about it.

There was no particular reason for him to call him to Honolulu.

If it was urgent, he could have just said it over the phone, so the fact that he called him over to Honolulu meant that there was something he needed to do here.


Ho Sung Lee sighed out of nervousness.

He wished that it was a simple order such as looking for a restaurant to eat at.


“… Pardon?”

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung on the sunbed with a look of surprise.

“Bring me some shellfish.”

Ho Sung Lee hoped that he heard him wrong.

‘Bring him shellfish from the ocean?’

‘Is he in his right mind?’

He wanted to tell him to buy it, but he couldn’t bring himself to say that.

If he had said that, he 100% would have been beaten alive in front of all the tourists that were watching.

Ho Sung Lee looked behind him toward the ocean.

The ocean was laid out beneath the hot sun.

‘I have to go in there and find a shellfish…? Is this why he called me here…?’


All he could do was sigh.

If he was alone, he would have cussed him out, but he had no choice but to say it in his mind this time.


“Are you going or not?”

“Of course, I am. But I need goggles… It’s not like I’m a professional diver…”

“You can go look for one if you want to live in the ocean forever.”

Ho Sung Lee dragged his feet toward the ocean with a hopeless look on his face.


The tower raid was put to a halt.

They confirmed that they were unable to clear the Black Tower with their current force.

Ji Yoo Kim decided to look for Min Sung Kang.

She also made up her mind.

As to how she would behave.

Once she acknowledged the truth, the reality became clear.

It was Min Sung Kang who had to stand at the center of the world for the good of mankind’s future.

Since she made a decision, she had to act.

She had to act before the other commanders did.

At the moment, it was a battle of wits.

No other commander had yet to leave the assembly.

But they were for sure thinking of how they could get Min Sung Kang to help.

It was only her who didn’t participate in the meeting.

While the others had their meeting, Ji Yoo Kim called the headquarters and ordered them to find Min Sung Kang’s whereabouts.

A moment later, she found out that he was in Honolulu, Hawaii.


“Huff! Huff…! Should I get more?”

Ho Sung Lee asked with a pale look on his face.

“This is good enough,” Min Sung remarked while looking down at the shellfish Ho Sung Lee brought.

It took a while, but he gathered quite a bit.

“How are you going to eat these anyway?”

“Like this.”

“A short light could be seen within Min Sung’s eyes.

And then a weird phenomenon took place.

He had seen this once before, but he never imagined he would use it in such a way.


More than 20 shellfish flew into the air.

They then started smoking as they cooked in the air.

‘…I can’t believe he’s using his powers to cook the shellfish.’

‘What would you call it?’

‘Shellfish cooking magic?’

‘I don’t know.’

He was just downright confused.

Ho Sung Lee blankly stared at the cooking shellfish in the air as if he was seeing something that shouldn’t have been seen.

The shellfish began to open while floating in the air.


Min Sung took a cooked shellfish and gave it a taste.

‘Isn’t it hot?’

‘Ugh… Why am I angry?’

‘That skill wasn’t given to him so that he could use it for something like this.’

‘What a waste of magic.’

“Sir, is it okay that you’re using that kind of skill just to cook shellfish?”

Ho Sung Lee built up the courage to ask.

“Who cares?”

Min Sung threw the shell on the ground and began eating his second shellfish.

Ho Sung Lee gulped.

“May I try one as well?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” Min Sung cynically replied.

Ho Sung Lee reached to grab a shellfish when he flinched.

“Are my fingers going to get sliced off? An Aura is surrounding it.”

“Oh, really?”

Min Sung asked as if he didn’t know.

Ho Sung Lee got goosebumps all over his body.

“… I won’t eat it then.”

He was curious to taste shellfish cooked with magic, but he almost lost his fingers because of it.

Ho Sung Lee watched Min Sung enjoy his shellfish and then began asking him questions that he wondered ever since they were at the tower.