Chapter 123: Chapter 123

Since it was a course meal, there were many other vibrant dishes besides the crab.

Mackerel, oysters, shrimp, vegetables, eggs, etc.

“Sir, would you like a drink?”

Ho Sung Lee picked up the bottle as if he had been waiting. Ho Sung Lee must have really enjoyed soju.

Min Sung picked up his glass.

Glug, glug-

The sound of the soju pouring into their glasses was pleasant to hear.

People said that the emotions of many people were contained in soju.

Alcohol was just as important as the food.

It gave people the power to withstand hard times, and it was the best celebratory drink on good occasions.

Also, it was capable of comforting Min Sung during his complicated thought process.

That was the power of Korean soju.

They clinked glasses and chugged.


The soju went down their throats smoothly.


Lee Ho Sung approved.

“Shut up.”

“… Yes, Sir.”

He didn’t like to be bothered when he was focusing on food.

It was all about the food.

Min Sung tasted the soju and then picked up a piece of the raw crab.

Once the raw fish popped out of the shell, it plopped down due to gravity.

The white meat looked delicious.

Min Sung sucked the meat through the shell.

The fresh flavor of the ocean was spreading within his mouth.

Following the cold food, Min Sung immediately dipped the fried crab in soy sauce and chewed it well.


Following the sound of the fried crab breaking, the juices of the crab meat and the fried shell spread throughout his mouth.

This made him realize that fried foods were indeed the truth.

His mouth continued to crave crab.

His stomach made sounds demanding that he eat more food.


Min Sung looked through the main course.

First, he picked up a crab leg.

There was already a cut through the middle to make it easier.

The meat came out just from a slight tug.


Om nom-

‘This is what the main course should taste like!’

It was so delicious he couldn’t believe it.

The abundant meat provided a rich flavor, and the savory scent of the crab graced the inside of his nose.

Although he just took a bite of the crab, he salivated for more.

His instincts made the meal progress naturally.

‘This crab is dangerous.’

Min Sung sped up in eating the crabs.

One, two, three, four!

He ended up clearing the crab at a very fast pace.

Ho Sung Lee was also focused on eating the crab meat, but he was actually looking at something else.

“Sir, shall we try the rice now?”

His eyes were pointed toward the crab shell.

It was delicious to just eat the insides on its own, but what made the flavors maximized in the best way possible was the crab shell rice.

The word that supposedly made even the 20-year-olds excited.

Crab shell rice.

Min Sung nodded.


Ho Sung Lee immediately pressed the bell.


“An order of the crab shell rice and a spicy fish stew, please.”


The server took the shells and proceeded into the kitchen.

While the rice was being prepared, Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee finished off the crab.

‘There’s actually a lot.’

When he first saw it, he wanted to order more later, but the portion was actually very large.

As a result, they felt full after finishing the crab they ordered.

“Whenever I eat with you, I become very focused on the meal.”

“Alcohol is good and all, but it sometimes gets in the way. That’s why it’s good to focus on the meal first.”

“You sound like a true appreciator of food.”

After waiting for the crab shell rice and spicy fish stew.

The traditional crab shell rice and spicy fish stew came out.

An Aura could be sensed from the crab shell rice, which was steaming from the heat.

Min Sung picked up his spoon and gave it a taste.

As soon as it entered his mouth, the temperature of the rice, as well as the scent of the crab meat, could be felt.

Min Sung enjoyed the heat of the delicious fried rice and inhaled the whole thing.

Just like that, they spent the day enjoying the flavors of the crab.


As soon as Min Sung returned home, he checked on Bowl’s clothes.

He had ordered a total of 50 outfits.

They were all top-quality suits that would protect him from the sun, including a magical outfit with an additional option.

“What’s this?”

Min Sung pointed at a large outfit included in the bundle.

“Oh, I got this one from the house. Apparently, this is a matching couple outfit for you.”

Min Sung tried on the outfit.

It was a jacket along with a necktie that looked like they were from the middle ages.

He looked in the mirror to admire the high-quality suit.

In no time, Bowl put on his matching suit and stood next to Min Sung in the mirror.

Seeing Bowl snicker at it, Min Sung also laughed along.

“It suits you.”

Min Sung’s personal chef, Woong Jang, and his granddaughter, Sia Jang, appeared.

Woong Jang saw Min Sung and Bowl’s matching outfits and smiled.

And although Sia Jang was scared of Min Sung, she bowed to him in greeting.

However, the way she looked at Ho Sung Lee was just like a glare.

“I’m going to go for a walk.”

As soon as Min Sung walked toward the garden, Bowl followed behind him.

Sia Jang finally let out a sigh.

She then glared at Ho Sung Lee again.

“Mister, why did you just leave like that?”

Sia Jang asked in anger.

“Because I’m a hunter. I went to protect the world from monsters.”

Sia Jang’s eyes softened up.

“You said there’s a tower now. I heard it’s really dangerous.”

She looked slightly scared.

Ho Sung Lee looked at her and laughed softly.

“It’s a crazy place. Scarier than ghosts. The place is crawling with monsters and devils. You’d probably faint if you went in there.”

In response, Sia Jang’s face grew pale.

“I-It’s that dangerous?”

“Of course. I’m not kidding. Even grown men pee their pants in there.”

After seeing Sia Jang’s serious face, Ho Sung Lee laughed again.

“What do you think? Aren’t I impressive?”

In response, Sia Jang scoffed.

“I heard you’re a famous hunter. So how powerful is the owner of this house that both you and my grandfather are scared of him?”

Jang Sia asked with her head tilted.

In response, Ho Sung Lee plopped down on the sofa and crossed his legs.

“He’s like a God.”

Jang Sia opened her eyes wide out of curiosity.


Ho Sung Lee nodded.

“That’s how strong he is. Without him, this world would come to an end. Not even the world hunters can look him in the eye.”

Sia Jang gulped.

“… I didn’t know.”

She glanced over toward where Min Sung went and dropped her jaw.

The charm of his power made Sia Jang’s heart flutter.

A handsome face.

Tall height.

A muscular body of great proportions.

He was scary and cold-hearted.

Ho Sung Lee grimaced at Sia Jang’s face of admiration.

He then smirked.

“But he’s just strong. His personality is whack. He doesn’t have emotions either. He’s a total psychopath. I bet he’d kill women if he was in a bad mood.”

Sia Jang looked at Ho Sung Lee in shock.

“I’m only with him because I’m a hunter too. Not many people would be able to handle him.”

Woong Jang coughed.

“Ho Sung, that’s enough…”

“Grandpa Woong, you’ve got to admit. That bastard talks back at you as if he’s older than you. What a total jerk.”

“H-Ho Sung.”

“Hey, Sia. You don’t know, do you? That hunter is sterile. He doesn’t even look at women. Maybe he’s gay. That’s why I’m a little anxious these days…”

Ho Sung Lee continued before seeing the expressions on Sia Jang and Woong Jang’s faces.

He turned around and saw Min Sung staring at him with cold eyes.

Ho Sung Lee gulped.

“S-Sir. When did you get here? Uh… let me explain… Um… So…”

Min Sung grabbed Ho Sung Lee by the hair and dragged him out to the garden.

Woong Jang and Sia Jang watched with pale faces as Ho Sung Lee got dragged out.


If he didn’t understand his excuse that he only said that because he liked Sia Jang, he would have ended up dead.

But since what he said was a known truth, all he did was beat him to a pulp.

Min Sung Kang beat him up while also treating him with an expensive potion.

This was the first time he got beat by Min Sung Kang in a while, so he felt more scared than usual.

It was so painful that he wanted to die.

‘That psychopathic bastard.’

‘I should keep these things to myself from now on.’

Ho Sung Lee got into the driver’s seat with a swollen face while Min Sung sat in the back seat.

Just as Min Sung ordered, they signed with a building that had a helicopter pad.

Grand World Tower.

It was the fifth-highest building in the world.

The luxury building had a roof that could be used as a helicopter pad, which only Min Sung could use.

“We’re here, Sir.”

Ho Sung Lee stopped the car in front of the Grand World Tower and continued,

“I’ll park and meet you up there. Please wait for me in the lobby.”

Min Sung got out of the car and entered the building.

Ho Sung Lee headed to the underground parking while putting an icepack to his face.


It was a modern yet refined interior that spread out in front of Min Sung’s eyes.

It was spacious and the view was nice, and it was a good place to spend his daily life.

After checking the penthouse, he took the elevator to the roof.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Min Sung saw the roof in front of him.

And in the middle of the roof was a helicopter.