Chapter 128: Chapter 128

They arrived at the assembly.

The world hunters were deep in sorrow as if they were mourning.

But then again, since their death was inevitable, it made sense.

Min Sung didn’t care for the world hunters’ feelings and drank water while looking at the tower.

“Ho Sung. Where’s my lunch?”

Ho Sung Lee showed a confident smile.

“I’ve already set up your lunch with the best food I could find.”

Min Sung nodded and started walking.

“Let’s go.”


The Warp Gate located in New York.

7 Chinese people appeared there.

They were all dressed naturally in refined clothing, and on their left chest was a badge.

The badge signified that they were Samchunkyo hunters, meaning they would take over the positions of the world hunters.

Once they got out of the gate room, they sat down in the waiting room. Since the cars were on their way, they had to wait for a little while.

Despite there being many of them, all 7 of them were silent.

All they did was look through their documents or go on their tablets or phone.

In the midst of the silence, one of the hunters opened his mouth.

“I heard Min Sung Kang went up the tower by himself. Do you think he’s strong?”

“Don’t have interest in him if it doesn’t have to do with the duty you’ve been given.”

“We have to deal with him anyway. Why do we have to drag it on for so long?”

“Anyway, why don’t we see the commanders anyway?”

“They’re probably waiting at the assembly.”

“Snicker! Those bastards. I’m going to teach them a lesson when I get there. I can’t believe they’re only sending one limousine.”

After a comment or two, an employee notified them of the car’s arrival.

The 7 Samchunkyo hunters leisurely left the Warp Gate building.



Min Sung breathed out deeply.

Underneath Min Sung’s feet were countless devils.

But the devils were still alive.

He put enough damage on them so that Ho Sung Lee and Bowl could finish them off.

“Eat it up.”

In response to Min Sung’s command, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl pounced on the devils.

“… Agh! I failed.”

“Don’t touch mine, you skeleton!”

Ho Sung Lee and Bowl bickered back and forth about who would claim the devils.

At that moment.

A devil that regained its stamina spotted Ho Sung Lee and Bowl, and Min Sung who saw that knitted his brows.

He began walking.

And then.


Min Sung’s Orichalcum Sword clashed against the devil’s fingernail.

Gold light shined as the devil’s hand flew off before Ho Sung Lee and Bowl’s eyes.

“Pay attention!”

Min Sung sounded angry.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

At that moment, another devil began wriggling back up.

Ho Sung Lee and Bowl simultaneously attacked the devil.

Despite the devil almost being dead, they were so powerful that they were coming back to life.

“What are you, doctors? Are you here to save devils?”

Ho Sung Lee and Bowl did everything they could to kill the devils, but there were so many of them that they were starting to lose their energy.

Min Sung, who was watching by, clicked his tongue.

“Stop and step back.”

In response, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl did as they were told.

At that same time, Min Sung clicked his tongue as he waved his Orichalcum Sword into the air.

The powerful Aura shot at the devils on the ground.


The devils were annihilated.


The 7 Samchunkyo hunters arrived at the assembly.

The world hunters watched as the Samchunkyo hunters got out of the car.

They were watching with eyes of ridicule.

The world hunters snickered as they glanced over at the 7 hunters because that was all they could do.

The same went for the commanders.

“You’re here.”

The American hunter master, Ethan, led the commanders and greeted the 7 Samchunkyo hunters.

One of the Samchunkyo hunters kicked Ethan in the leg.


Ethan’s knee cracked as he plopped down onto the ground.

The hunters looked at Ethan and the Samchunkyo hunters with shocked eyes.

“How dare you only send one car? You should’ve come and picked us up yourself.”

“… Ugh.”

“Ha… Look at this guy. Answer me.”

The Samchunkyo hunters had violent tempers.

“… I-I’m sorry, Sir.”

Ethan bowed his head down low and mumbled his apology.

As soon as the Samchunkyo hunters’ eyes moved elsewhere, the healer ran over and treated Ethan’s broken leg.

The world hunters watched on before looking away with sad eyes.

After the Black Tower appeared and China took over the world, the world hunters fell apart.

When you fall from a high place, the damage was much greater.

Just the fact that they were from China meant that no one stood a chance, and that fact made the world hunters die away.

“Prepare to brief us on the Black Tower and Min Sung Kang.”


Min Sung threw the towel that he used to clean his Orichalcum Sword. He threw it on the ground then stopped.

When Min Sung stopped, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl watched on nervously.

“This is good enough.”

In response, Ho Sung Lee caught on to what Min Sung wanted and took something out of the item window.

What Ho Sung Lee took out of the item window was a Bulgogi lunch box.

“Sir, are you ready for lunch?”


Ho Sung Lee laid out a picnic blanket on which Min Sung sat down.

Ho Sung Lee opened the lunch box and handed him chopsticks.

“I can’t believe you defeated so many devils that not even the world hunters can handle. You’ll clear the tower at this rate. But then again, there are many floors.”

Ho Sung Lee spoke with a gaze of respect.

Min Sung was about to taste his lunch when he suddenly stopped.

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung strangely.

“… What’s wrong?”

“Ho Sung.”

Min Sung called Ho Sung Lee’s name.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I just remembered something.”

“What is it?”

Bowl, who was inside his pocket, must have been curious because he poked his head out to watch.

“I have a good idea.”

“What is it?”

Ho Sung Lee asked Min Sung with anxious eyes, and Min Sung explained.

“There was no reason to eat lunches like this. I can eat warm food while I clear the floors.”

“What do you mean…?”

“Let’s cook.”

“… Pardon?”

“Let’s make our own lunch.”

“Like what?”


“So… you want to buy the ingredients and cook inside this tower?”


“Who’s going to cook?”


“I don’t know how though.”

“The teacher at cooking class said you have talent. Call Woong and get his recipes. Get something that you can make.”


Ho Sung Lee was about to say something, but he gave up.

Min Sung had already decided that he would make food inside the tower, and he knew that it was impossible to change his mind.

“Okay. I’ll go to the market to get some ingredients and get the recipe and burner as well.”

“We don’t need a burner. Bowl can cook the food with his magic.”

Ho Sung Lee nodded.

“Oh yeah. Okay. Then I’ll be right back. Should I bring Bowl with me? It’s dangerous alone.”

Min Sung nodded.

“Hey, Bowl. Let’s go.”

Bowl showed an annoyed face, but he accepted his fate and crawled out of his pocket.


“What an impressive human. Now he’s even going to make food in the Black Tower.”

Ho Sung Lee was shaking his head when—

“Stop it!”

—he screamed with vessels popping out of his forehead.

Bowl was riding round and round around him on his shadow board.

He then summoned devils.

Three undead devils.

Although they were low-level devils, the fact that he could control three devils was a huge accomplishment.

The three devils followed Bowl as he rode on his shadow board.

Ho Sung Lee watched Bowl and the devils he summoned with a frown.

“Seriously. Hey, send them back. Why are you wasting your magic when there aren’t any monsters? Besides, they’re scary.”

In response to Ho Sung Lee’s annoyance, Bowl snickered and ignored him.

Ho Sung Lee watched on in jealousy as Bowl went around with his pet devils before he tilted his head.

“Anyway, why aren’t we seeing any monsters?”

They were already on the 4th floor, but there were no monsters in sight.

“Maybe it’s because he just killed them.”

At that moment, a monster popped up.

“Hey, Bowl! A monster!”

Ho Sung Lee screamed.

Bowl got off his shadow board as if he had already known.

The monster was the King Blood Bear.

It was a monster that resembled an obese human.

All over the monster’s body were veins that made him look absolutely disgusting.

And just as he looked, he predicted that he would be powerful as well.

Ho Sung Lee took out his Death Knight Sword from his item window with a nervous look on his face.

“Hey, Bowl. Go up to him first and use your magic like last time…”


Bowl’s eyes flashed with a bright light.

At that moment.


One of the devils ran toward the monster.


The devil’s long fingernails cut through the King Blood Bear’s body.

As a result, its blood and bones flew everywhere, and the devils instinctively opened its skill and got ready to eat it up.

However, they were unable to easily consume the skin or bones.

The reason was that when the monster became a corpse it dropped its items everywhere.

The devils dumbly wondered why they couldn’t eat it and looked around.