Chapter 130: Chapter 130

Wang Wei felt uncomfortable.

If it wasn’t for Heukrangdae, he would have sliced that guy’s head off his neck.

Wang Wei mumbled curse words as he rolled beads within his hand.

He then looked around.

He saw world hunters around him.

They were either inspecting their equipment, taking a break, or chatting.

As soon as they met eyes with Wang Wei, the world hunters flinched and avoided his gaze.

‘Those scumbags…’

Wang Wei looked at them and scoffed.

‘What a sight.’

He had heard that hunters would even sell their souls to become stronger, but to think they ended up like that just for an item…

It was pathetic.

Meanwhile, he saw a car coming toward the assembly.

It was the car that he stole earlier.

That meant Ho Sung Lee and Bowl were in there.

Wang Wei’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the car.

Wang Wei looked around him.

Once he confirmed that Heukrangdae wasn’t around, he immediately dove into the water.


Ho Sung Lee let out a yawn as he got out of the car.

Since he didn’t get proper sleep, he was quite sleepy, but as soon as he saw the thunder and lightning around the Black Tower, he realized he had to go back to Min Sung as soon as possible.

Ho Sung Lee took Bowl with him and proceeded so that they could get on the board.

He continued to walk while looking around.

It didn’t seem like anything particular was happening at the assembly.

The world hunters looked like dogs trapped at a slaughterhouse.

Ho Sung Lee shook his head as he got on the board.

While the board took off, he opened his item window and checked his ingredients.

He checked if he bought everything and if the recipes were in there as well.

The preparation was complete.

The only problem was cooking in the Black Tower.

After checking his ingredients, Ho Sung Lee took out a cigarette.

A moment later, as Branch A was approaching, Ho Sung Lee tapped Bowl awake.

“Hey, we have to go now.”

Bowl got up and jumped off the board.

Ho Sung Lee also threw away his cigarette and jumped into the water.


“I’m so tired. Aren’t you, Bowl?”

Ho Sung Lee hung his head low and spoke.

Bowl didn’t respond and hung onto Ho Sung Lee’s belt.

“You’re heavy. Get off, you bastard.”

Ho Sung Lee flicked Bowl on the head.



But his head was so hard that Ho Sung Lee’s finger swelled up.


Ho Sung Lee bent forward like a shrimp and grabbed his finger in pain.

It felt like his finger broke.

He watched his swollen finger and groaned, but he then heard footsteps behind him.

It was one of the 7 Samchunkyo hunters, Wang Wei, who was approaching with a perverted smile on his face.

Ho Sung Lee’s eyes grew wide.

“What are you…!?”

Ho Sung Lee stepped back in panic.

Wang Wei laughed as he took a look around.

“I don’t think Heukrangdae made it this far. Even if they catch on that I’m not at the assembly and come to the Black Tower, by that point…”

Wang Wei pointed at the ground.

“Your head will already be on the ground.”

Ho Sung Lee, who blinked and stared at Wang Wei in shock, licked his lips in frustration.

“F*ck. Why are you doing this to me? It’s not like I started a fight with you. I just went to get the car you stole.”

Wang Wei stuck out his finger.

“First, I’m interested in that Korean hunter, Min Sung Kang. I heard he cleared up until the 9th floor all by himself. So I’m curious to see his skills.”

Ho Sung Lee nodded.

“What’s your second point?”

“I don’t like you.”

Ho Sung Lee looked at Wang Wei and sighed deeply.

“Can you just forgive me just this once?”

“I want to kill you,” Wang Wei responded with a smile.

“Then I’ll bring that hunter you said you’re interested in. How’s that?”

“I’m sure he’s upstairs. I’m going to kill you and then go up there myself. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Wang Wei smiled as he asked.

Ho Sung Lee sighed deeply.

‘That bastard’s out of his mind.’

They were currently on the 1st floor of the tower.

It was impossible for him to run away from a Samchunkyo hunter all the way to Min Sung, who was on the 9th floor.

So in order to survive, he had to either fight and win or wait until the Heukrangdae guys showed up.

Would he be able to stick it out?


Saliva passed down his throat.

At that moment, Wang Wei took out his sword from his item window with a smile.

He was smiling.

He almost looked like a serial killer, who was obsessed with murder.

Ho Sung Lee looked down at Bowl.

He was somewhat confident.

Bowl was able to call upon three devils.

Not even countless world hunters could take on three devils.

And even if he was a Samchunkyo hunter, there was just one of him.

‘It’s not impossible.’

“Hey, Bowl. Are you ready? You have enough magic power, right?”

Bowl lit his hands with black fire and lifted them up.

Soon after, Bowl’s hands were filled with a blue Aura.

Ho Sung Lee stared at Wang Wei.

‘No need to be afraid.’

Bowl summoned the devils.


Three undead devils flew over through the air and appeared suddenly.


As soon as Bowl called upon three devils, Wang Wei whistled as if he was fascinated.

“Not bad. What does that skeleton do exactly anyway?”

In response to Wang Wei’s snickering, Ho Sung Lee felt his face stiffen.

‘That bastard… knows about the devils, but he’s not scared.’

Ho Sung Lee was taken aback.

‘Has he fought them before? No, that’s impossible. This is the first time the tower appeared. He’s just bluffing. But…’

Ho Sung Lee looked at Bowl.

“That bastard’s strong. Order the devils to attack and use your magic attack on him.”

In response, Bowl lit up his eyes to an even brighter flame.

At the same time, the three devils charged toward Wang Wei.

The devils were moving so quickly that Ho Sung Lee couldn’t even see them, but Wang Wei responded instantly.

… That was not all.


It sounded as if the air was being ripped apart.

And not long after, a sight that he had never heard or seen appeared.

Wang Wei’s Aura spread out from within him and spun into a tornado.

Wang Wei’s eyes sparkled with white light, and the devils got caught up on his Aura tornado, causing their bodies to be ripped apart.


The strongest monster, the devil.

Those three devils rolled on the ground like crushed cans.

The undead devils that Bowl summoned were dead before they could even scream.

Ho Sung Lee stared at Wang Wei in shock and then looked down at Bowl.

Bowl was watching the undead devils die with his jaw dropped.

Step, step!

Wang Wei walked over with his sword over his shoulder.

In response, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl instinctively stepped back.

“You didn’t challenge me because you had those three devils, did you?”

Wang Wei smirked as if he didn’t’ want to believe this reality.

“Really? That’s it?”

Wang Wei asked in anger.

“How did you guys get up all the way to the 9th floor?”

He laughed and waved his sword around.


The sound of something getting ripped to shreds could be heard.

At the same time, a dark sword flew toward Ho Sung Lee and Bowl.

Bowl used his dark magic to form a defensive barrier, and Ho Sung Lee got his Death Knight Sword ready.

Clashhhhhh! Bang!

Wang Wei destroyed Bowl’s defensive shield and even Ho Sung Lee’s body suffered a wound.

Ho Sung Lee used his shield to protect his head and upper body, but he ended up getting injured on his arms and legs.


Ho Sung Lee groaned. He wobbled from side to side before plopping down his bottom.

He was cut so badly all at once that it was hard for him to stay standing up.

Bowl also suffered damage that caused him to land on the ground.

And the fact that they weren’t dead might have been intentional, which made it even scarier since he was able to control his power.

Just from the way he wiped out three devils, it was impossible to keep him under control.

“Damn it…”

He was bleeding out of his mouth.

Not only were his limbs injured, but the Aura damage caused the inside of his body to be strained as well.

“This is pathetic. They were nothing but trash that followed Min Sung Kang around. What was I expecting?”

Wang Wei made it clear on his face that he was very disappointed.

“But… I’m still curious about Min Sung Kang. After all, there’s no doubt that you guys got up to the 9th floor. I want to meet him.”

He laughed with anticipation as he propped up his feet on Bowl’s head.

“Look here,” Wang Wei called Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee looked over at Wang Wei while dripping in blood.

“About this skeleton. Does that Min Sung Kang cherish it?”

“Get your foot off, you son of a b*tch…”

Wang Wei covered his eyes and laughed.

“How touching.”


Wang Wei then kicked Bowl with his foot.

Bowl was so light that he flew into the air. He hit a pole and then landed on the ground.

Bowl’s eyes grew dark as he wriggled with fragments of his bone scattered around him.

“Hows’ this? If I bother him like this, will Min Sung Kang get angry? Huh? Ugh!”

Wang Wei stomped all over Bowl’s body.

And Bowl had no choice but to be crushed under Wang Wei’s foot.

“Stop it!”

Ho Sung Lee shouted while spitting out blood.

“Jeez… This is boring. I’ll just have to kill him.”

Wang Wei took his foot off Bowl’s head and took out his sword.

“Wait, I should bring his skull up to the 9th floor. I can’t wait to see the look on his face.”

He then looked over at Ho Sung Lee and continued,

“You’ll just die here, okay?”

As soon as Wang Wei lifted his sword to crush Bowl’s skull.

“It’s not over yet, you *sshole…!”

He looked back at Ho Sung Lee in interest.

Ho Sung Lee stabbed himself in the stomach with the Death Knight Sword.


The Death Knight Sword went through Ho Sung Lee’s stomach.

And then.


Blood sprayed from Ho Sung Lee’s mouth like a fountain.

Wang Wei looked at Ho Sung Lee in surprise.

“Huh? What are you doing? Did something happen to your head? Why did you suicide?”