Chapter 138: Chapter 138

You want to buy my Gold Goblin? How much are you paying?

Ho Sung Lee felt the veins on his forehead pop out. For a young kid, he was rude.

Ho Sung Lee cussed out the Arabian prince inside his head, but on the outside, he did his best to keep a smile on his face.

“If there’s a price you have in mind, I’ll do my best to accommodate.”

I don’t care about money.

The Arabian prince teased him and laughed.

‘This bastard is teasing me.’

‘It seems like he wants to flaunt his power using the Gold Goblin. What can I do?’

‘I’ll just have to go along with it.’

‘… Damn it!’

“Please. The Gold Goblin is very important to us.”

So how much?

“We’ll give you 10 billion,” Ho Sung Lee suggested.


“Then 12 billion…”


Ho Sung Lee felt the urge to smoke.

“Okay. Then 20 billion…!”


“Then how much do you want…?”

I’m not selling.

“… Pardon?”

I’m not selling it. I don’t care if you have 100 or 200 billion. From what I’ve heard, this is the only Gold Goblin in the world. Why would I sell it, you idiot?

Ho Sung Lee felt his patience being tested, but he did his best to control his emotions.

“So… you never intended on selling it in the first place.”

Of course not, you dumb ass. Hahahahahaha!

The Arabian prince pointed at him and laughed.

‘That son of a b*tch…’

Ho Sung Lee wanted to say a thing or two to the Arabian prince, but he held back.

“Please. We really need the Gold Goblin…”


“Pardon?! Oh, well…”

Should I sell it to you?

“Yes! Please. We’ll pay you what you want…”

But why do you need the Gold Goblin?


How much can you pay for it? What’s the most you can pay?

‘This son of a b*tch.’

Ho Sung Lee felt his patience being tested again, but he held back once more.

“We can offer 30 billion…”

I’ll sell it for 100 trillion.

“… Pardon? 100 trillion…? That’s ridiculous-”

Forget it then.


Beep, beep, beep…

He hung up.

Ho Sung Lee couldn’t take his angry eyes off of the phone.

“Haha… That little assholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-!”

Ho Sung Lee screamed at his phone.

“Ugh, this is pissing me off. What do I do? Ugh, seriously. If he wasn’t going to sell it, why did he waste my time? He should’ve just said he wasn’t selling? How dare he tease me!? Arghhhhhh!!”

Ho Sung Lee almost threw his phone before putting it in his pocket and dropping his head.

“Ugh… I’m so stressed…”

He sat on the bench and took out a cigarette.

“It’s empty.”

Ho Sung Lee looked down at his empty cigarette box. He crinkled it and then sighed deeply.

“That bastard. Maybe he doesn’t even have the Gold Goblin.”

While Ho Sung Lee doubted the Arabian prince, the phone rang.

“Who is it this time?”

He checked the phone and saw that it was Min Sung Kang.

Ho Sung Lee answered it.

“Yes, Sir. Hello.”

Where are you?

Ho Sung Lee looked around him.

“I’m near the assembly.”

We’re eating. Come to the hotel.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be right there.”

He got up from the bench with an aged look on his face.


Inside the hotel room, Min Sung looked down at the towel in his hands.

The towel was very soft.

He knew hotel towels were good, but he liked these very much.

He decided he would tell Ho Sung Lee to switch out his towels as he dried his hair.

He was in a good mood after a good night’s sleep.

As soon as he was done drying his hair, Bowl walked out of the tub while dripping in water.

Min Sung handed him a towel.

The large towel completely covered Bowl.

Bowl wriggled around and struggled to dry his body.

When he was almost done getting dressed, he got a message from Ho Sung Lee saying he was in the lobby.

He looked beside him and saw Bowl putting on his pants.

Min Sung waited until Bowl finished getting dressed.

Dressing in casual clothes made him look like a real doll.

Once Bowl was finished getting dressed, he jumped into Min Sung’s pocket.

Min Sung left his room in order to enjoy a meal.

He intended on eating at the hotel restaurant.

As soon as Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee entered the restaurant, they saw a luxurious place lit by gold light.

They saw a fancy wine cellar as well as bowls and frypans which were displayed as if they were works of art.

Min Sung passed the central hall and settled down near the window.

Not a single person could be seen passing by outside the window.

It appeared as if he and Ho Sung Lee were the only humans that existed in this world.

If all humans really happened to die due to the devils…

Min Sung’s eyes fell.

‘There would be no one to cook for me.’

Just thinking about it was dreadful.


Ho Sung Lee’s voice woke him back up.

They could hear subtle music in the background as well as the manager standing tall.

Min Sung opened the menu.

He picked one and ordered two portions for him and Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee smiled out of happiness after noticing that he ordered for him as well.

After they ordered, Min Sung looked at Ho Sung Lee with an intense look in his eyes.

Ho Sung Lee, who was excited to eat, suddenly turned gloomy as a result.

“I did find someone who could be the best for the job of carrying our items…”

Min Sung’s eyes lit up.


“But… it won’t be easy.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s something called the Gold Goblin. It’s entirely gold with a gold pocket which can hold an infinite number of items.”

“A monster?”

“It is, but it can be used as storage. There were only rumors about it, but when I looked into it, an Arabian prince had one, and the general got me connected to him. So the Gold Goblin does exist.”


“That Arabian prince is stubborn. He asked how much we can pay, so I made an offer…”

Ho Sung Lee shook his head.

“… But he had no intention of selling it in the first place.”

Following Ho Sung Lee’s report, the appetizer came out.

“Look into where that Arabian prince lives.”

Ho Sung Lee jolted his eyes open.

“… You’re going to find him?”


The food then came out.

Min Sung lifted his fork.

The dish that the waitress brought was tilefish.

Min Sung looked at it and smacked his lips.

It was perfect.

It was fried on the outside while the inside was perfectly cooked.

Just looking at it made him salivate.

Since the bone was already taken out, he could eat it comfortably.

Min Sung stuck his fork into it.

The outside made a crackling sound as the fork dug into the inside.

Min Sung tasted the tilefish with great anticipation.

As soon as he took a bite, his face looked in awe.


‘It’s delicious.’

He saw it coming, but the real thing satisfied his craving more than he ever expected.

The fried flavors were unbelievable, and the inside was as soft as it could be.

He wondered if there was anything as delicious as this grilled tilefish.

‘It’s so soft.’

‘I can’t believe food like this exists.’

Min Sung couldn’t help but express his awe.


After finishing his meal, Min Sung drank some water and looked at Ho Sung Lee.

He was looking at his phone.

Ho Sung Lee noticed Min Sung’s gaze and lifted his head.

“Sir, I found his address. Ji Yoo Kim said she asked some world hunters and got us a meeting with the Arabian prince.”

“What about my car?”

“Oh, I checked that on our way here. Samchunkyo got you the same car. And the Warp Gate is making a landing pad for you, but that will probably take some time.”

Min Sung nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Min Sung left the restaurant.


Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, and Bowl headed to the Warp Gate in the new car Samchunkyo prepared.

Ho Sung Lee was surprised while driving.

He killed a Samchunkyo hunter, but they took responsibility.

That meant Samchunkyo was afraid of Min Sung Kang.

On top of that, they even got a new Ferrari to replace the old one.

His influence gave him the chills the more he thought about it.

While he marveled over Min Sung Kang’s power, they approached the Warp Gate.


They arrived in Arab via the Warp Gate.

“Thank you, Sir. For letting me take the Warp Gate.”

Min Sung didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, the country was so hot that Bowl changed into a robe that covered his entire body.

Ho Sung Lee looked around him and showed that he was hot.

But Min Sung didn’t care about the heat.

A moment later, a car arrived and Ho Sung Lee sat in the driver’s seat.

They drove for a long time toward the house that the Arabian prince lived at.

The size of the house was enormous.

Of course, that big house wasn’t the only residence that he possessed.

As soon as they arrived, Ho Sung Lee parked the car and rang the doorbell.

He could hear a woman’s voice.

Who is it?

He assumed it was a housekeeper.

“I’m here to meet the Arabian prince.”