Chapter 139: Chapter 139

Do you have an appointment?


What’s your name?

“The meeting is reserved under the name, Min Sung Kang.”

I see. But the prince is currently a fair distance away from here. There’s a memo here asking you to meet him there.


Ho Sung Lee thought he heard it wrong.

“Go where? He should’ve told us earlier.”

You should tell that to him…

“Sigh… So where is it?”

The housekeeper told him the address.

When he checked on his phone, it was a few hours away from where they were.

Ho Sung Lee sighed and knocked on the car window.

The window was lowered half-way revealing Min Sung’s face.

“Sir, apparently, the Arabian prince is somewhere else, and he wants us to meet him there. What should we do?”

“Break through.”

“… Pardon?”

“Break the door.”

Ho Sung Lee gulped and walked over to the big door made of iron.

Ho Sung Lee breathed in and out to gather his strength and then kicked the door open.


However, the door didn’t budge.

“Um… Sir. I think the door is possessed with magic.”


Min Sung got out of the car.

He walked over.

When Ho Sung Lee looked back, he saw Min Sung approaching.

And then.


Min Sung’s fist knocked down the magically enchanted door, causing it to roll on the ground.

Min Sung then got back into the car.

Ho Sung Lee nervously got back in the driver’s seat and took off.

A moment later, as they were passing the garden, they saw hunters running over from afar.

The hunters blocked the way.

When Ho Sung Lee stopped the car.

“Tell them to move and tell them to tell the Arabian prince to meet us here in 1 hour.”

In response to Min Sung’s order, Ho Sung Lee got out of the car.

“How dare you break the door!?”

The team leader of the security hunters yelled.

Ho Sung Lee looked back at the car Min Sung was in and then walked toward the team leader.

“My master said to open the door and to tell the Arabian prince to meet us here in1 hour.”

The hunter team leader laughed.

“Report to him immediately. If you don’t, you’ll be in trouble.”

He looked at Ho Sung Lee and the car Min Sung was in and then called the security.

A moment later, the call connected and the security hunter team leader reported the current situation.

He then waited for the response.

Ho Sung Lee waited for the response as he took out a cigarette.

He heard a voice from the phone.

After hearing the answer, the team leader opened up the path with a displeased look on his face.


Ho Sung Lee glared at him. He threw out his cigarette and got back into the car to proceed inside.


The Arabian prince’s house was grand.

The inside sparkled with gold, and the chandelier was blinding.

Beyond just being luxurious, the design was something else.

There were 3 baby tigers and 2 white tigers roaming about at the entrance.

Since they were trained not to attack, they simply kept their guards up as Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, and Bowl walked through.

Ho Sung Lee looked at them in fascination.

“I didn’t know you could raise them here.”

In response, the Arabian prince’s secretary appeared.

They were then escorted to a luxurious waiting room.

Min Sung sat on the sofa and checked the time with his language watch.

“I said 1 hour.”

In response, the secretary bowed and left the room.

Bowl looked all around the room in fascination and so did Ho Sung Lee.

The waiting room was much more vibrant and luxurious than any fancy hotel.

In contrast to Ho Sung Lee and Bowl’s fascination, Min Sung used his magic to pick up a book from the table.

Min Sung sat on the sofa and read “Dubai Cooking” using his language watch.

While Min Sung read the cooking book, time continued to pass.


The Arabian prince got off of his helicopter with a displeased look on his face.

This was the first time someone else told him where to go in his entire 14 years of life.

“I was having fun at the pool with Helena. This is so annoying.”

Mansud headed over to the waiting room where Min Sung Kang was with an annoyed face.

On the way to the waiting room, Mansud’s secretary explained how to treat Min Sung Kang.

“Okay. You’re saying he’s a dangerous man, so I have to be respectful as if he’s Mom or Dad.”

“That’s correct. You mustn’t forget that.”

“Okay. I get it.”

Mansud’s father was away on business, so he was unable to stay with Mansud.

Mansud must’ve been annoyed by the secretary because he covered his ears and went, “Ahhhhhh.”

The secretary looked at Mannsud and sighed in worry.

Mansud didn’t care for the secretary’s feelings and opened the door to the waiting room.

‘Who in the world has enough power to call over a prince?’

Mansud looked around the room.

He saw Min Sung reading with crossed legs.

And a man beside him who was idling by.

As well as a skeleton looking around the room in fascination…

‘A skeleton?’

Mansud was startled after seeing Bowl.

“W-what’s that?”

Mansud pointed at Bowl and asked.

Bowl, who was looking around the room, looked back at Mansud with fascination.

Mansud was unable to take his eyes off of Bowl.

‘I can’t believe such a small skeleton is alive.’

He was shocked.

“I want that,” Mansud remarked while staring at Bowl.

At that moment, the secretary looked around in worry.

At that moment, Min Sung put down his book and Ho Sung Lee walked toward Mansud.

“Hello, Your Highness.”

Ho Sung Lee got over the humiliation from before and tried to be respectful.

However, Mansud ignored Ho Sung Lee’s greeting and continued to stare at Bowl.

“I want that. I said I want that,” Mansud pleaded to his secretary.

“You can’t have that, Your Highness.”

In response to Ho Sung Lee, he knitted his brows.

“Why not? Isn’t that skeleton yours?”

“No, he’s not mine. He belongs to the man I serve. That man.”

Ho Sung Lee pointed at Min Sung.

“Sell that to me. I’ll give you as much money as you want!”

Mansud ran over to Min Sung and yelled.

Min Sung looked back at Mansud and pointed at the chair.

It meant to sit down.

Mansud willingly sat down as Min Sung instructed because he wanted Bowl.

“I heard you have the Gold Goblin. Do you really have it?”

Min Sung asked.

In response, the Arabian prince, Mansud, smirked and flared his nostrils.


In response, Min Sung nodded.

“Give that to me. That Gold Goblin.”

Mansud’s face turned serious.

And then…

“Can’t you just sell that skeleton to me?”

Ho Sung Lee felt restless.

A kid with an arrogant nature.

He was worried Min Sung would kill the little prince.

“No. Just give me the Gold Goblin.”

The Arabian prince dropped his jaw in shock.

Min Sung’s shamelessness made his jaw drop, and his head felt empty.

“Why? I don’t want to. Are you stupid!? You sell that skeleton to me!”

Mansud yelled in anger.

In response, Min Sung tilted his head 45 degrees. He pressed on his head with his finger and stared at him dead-on.

The air around them grew heavy.

When Mansud looked at his secretary in shock, the secretary stepped up to arbitrate.

“I apologize. His Highness lacks understanding regarding the current situation…”

“Shut up. Hey, kid.”

Min Sung called Mansud with his chin.

Mansud knitted his brows and glared back at Min Sung.

“Why do you think there are no hunters around right now?”

After hearing what Min Sung said, he realized that something felt off.

The hunters always protected him when outsiders came in, but they were nowhere in sight.

Mansud showed a confused look on his face and then smirked.

“S-so what?”

“Whether you’re a prince or not, if I set my mind on it, I can kill you.”


That word made Mansud freeze up.

The young boy trembled in fear.

He had never been threatened before in his life.

Despite the threat, his hunters didn’t arrive.

For that reason, Min Sung didn’t act further, but Mansud sweated all over his body.

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung and shook his head with an annoyed look on his face.

“Give me the Gold Goblin. This is an order, Your Highness.”

Mansud instinctively realized just how powerful this man was in the hunter world.

However, the emotions within him got in the way of his instinct.

He looked at his secretary not wanting to lose his Gold Goblin, but the secretary simply avoided his gaze.

He was no longer the boss in this situation.

“… Can you sell that skeleton to me?’

“He’s not an object.”

In response to Min Sung’s firm response, he sighed with a sad face.

The fact that his secretary wasn’t saying anything meant that telling his father wouldn’t change anything either.

Mansud knew that much.

“If I give you the Gold Goblin, what can you do for me?”