Chapter 140: Chapter 140

Mansud showed a sad look on his face and cautiously asked Min Sung.

“Tell me what you want.”

In response, Mansud pointed at Bowl.

Minsung sternly shook his head.

“Not that.”

Bowl stood beside him with his hands on his waist and snickered.

“My master would never leave me with a kid like you. I’m a dark magician Lich…”

“Wow, he even talks! So cute. Then let me just play with him for a day. Please!”

Mansud put his hands together and pleaded.

Min Sung laughed.

“Sure, why not.”

In response, Bowl flinched and trembled as he looked up at Min Sung.

He felt betrayed.


Mansud put his hands in the air and jumped up and down.

He was sad that he couldn’t have Bowl, but just the fact that he could play with such an interesting doll made him feel like it was Christmas.

“Then is that a deal?”

Min Sung offered a handshake.

A handshake meant there was a promise.

Mansud took Min Sung’s bigger hand and shook it.

As such, the Gold Goblin was obtained.


Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee followed Mansud and his secretary in order to meet the Gold Goblin.

Mansud hugged Bowl in his arms and pat his bald skull head.

Bowl felt miserable, but he had to follow Min Sung’s orders, so he didn’t act up.

On the other hand, Ho Sung Lee laughed at Bowl, who was on the verge of tears.

He felt like his indigestion of 10 years was finally cured.

This was payback for all the ridicule he faced from Bowl.

‘That’s our Min Sung Kang.’

‘He knows how to control kids.’

He was worried that he would be heartless toward the kid, but he was relieved to see that he had some sort of human emotions.

“This is impressive. It looks like a historical site,” Ho Sung Lee remarked as he looked around the large underground cave.

It almost looked like a place from the film, “Indiana Jones”.

There were some large murals on the walls, and the ground was dirt, but there were also luxurious objects lined up against the walls.

After walking through the unique pathway, they arrived at a large iron door.

Seeing how there was a blue light around it, there must have been a magical enchantment.

Mansud completed an iris and fingerprint scan which caused the door to open in a noisy manner.

And then the sight behind it revealed itself.

It almost looked like a secret treasure.

There were expensive items piled on top of each other, and the most valuable items were even locked away in glass boxes.

Ho Sung Lee dropped his jaw and looked around, but only Min Sung had his eyes fixed on one thing only.

What Min Sung was looking at was an iron cage.

Inside was an object that gave off a gold light.

No, it wasn’t an object but a monster.

A gold monster called the Gold Goblin.

As soon as Min Sung walked toward the cage of the Gold Goblin, Ho Sung Lee also noticed it and followed behind him.

Even Mansud, who was holding Bowl, stood next to Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee.

“Oh my god. It’s real…”

Ho Sung looked at the Gold Goblin and expressed his surprise.

Just as he said, the Gold Goblin was completely made of gold.

Seeing it in real life made him feel shocked and fascinated.

“Is it in bad condition?”

At that moment, Min Sung asked as he looked at the Gold Goblin.

The Gold Goblin was kneeling inside the cage.

“It was hard to control it after building it. It had a habit of collecting anything it saw, so it was a pain… That’s why I locked it up.”

He looked at Min Sung and shrugged.

“Am I signing a contract with that Goblin myself?”

Min Sung asked.

“That’s right. But you mustn’t scare it.”

“Why not?”

“The Gold Goblin has a sensitive personality, so if you pressure him or get angry, he won’t want to sign a contract.”

Min Sung crossed his arms with an annoyed look on his face as he looked at the Gold Goblin.

“So I have to convince him?”

“People normally make deals.”

“What kind of deals?”

“Hm… something the Gold Goblin might want? If he makes a proposal himself, that would be even better.”

Min Sung approached the cage and punched the cage with his fist.

However, the Gold Goblin didn’t show a response.

He didn’t even look at him.

“Why does he look so down?”

Min Sung kept his eye on the Gold Goblin and sighed.

And then…


Min Sung crushed the cage to pieces with his fist.

The cage broke into little pieces and scattered everywhere.

At that point, the Gold Goblin expressed his surprise and looked up at Min Sung.

Min Sung walked toward the Gold Goblin and kneeled in order to make eye contact.

After seeing Min Sung’s eyes, the Gold Goblin was so scared that it dropped its jaw and started crying.

What was fascinating was that the Gold Goblin cried without making a sound, but it did shed tears made of god.

In any case, Min Sung clicked his tongue and tapped on the floor with his fist.

“I need you. I want to make a deal with you. What do you want?”

In response, the Gold Goblin stopped crying and looked back at Min Sung with his guard up.

“Can’t he talk?”

Min Sung asked the secretary.

“He can. We’ve been teaching him for a while, so he’s able to communicate.”

In response, Min Sung turned back to the Gold Goblin.

It almost seemed like the Gold Goblin suffered from severe depression.

Mansud rubbed Bowl’s hand and just looked at Bowl without any interest in anything else while the secretary looked at the Gold Goblin in pity.

Min Sung left the cage and called Ho Sung Lee over.

Ho Sung Lee quickly walked toward Min Sung.

“Yes, Sir. What is it?”

“You have 5 minutes. Convince him in 5 minutes.”

“Me? That Gold Goblin?”

“Yeah. 5 minutes. If you don’t succeed, both you and that Gold Goblin will die today.”

Min Sung set a stopwatch on his language watch.

1, 2, 3.

Tick-tock- Tick-tock-

Time began to pass.

The secretary dripped in cold sweat while Mansud showed some interest with Bowl in his arms.

Ho Sung Lee made a face that looked like he was saying, “Fuck!” and ran over to the Gold Goblin.

“Make a deal with my hunter.”

In response, the Gold Goblin frowned and shed tears.

Ho Sung Lee looked at the Gold Goblin and smiled.

“It’s okay. Don’t cry, you baby. Why are you crying? Why don’t you want to make a deal? Huh? Tell me.”

The Gold Goblin looked down to the ground and spoke.

“… I’m just happier here.”

“Haha. What’s so happy about being trapped in a cage?”

“I’m a useless goblin. No, I’m not even a goblin. I’m just a dreadful hybrid…”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because everyone treats me that way. I’ve never met a partner in my life. If I leave, I’ll just be even more lonely.”

The Gold Goblin began crying again.

“I look weird, so females don’t like me. They say I’m not like the other goblins…”

The Gold Goblin spoke while sniffling.

“I’ve never had a nice conversation with a female before. They ran away before I could say anything. I’m a useless and weird goblin.”

He then cried harder, and Ho Sung Lee laughed.

“That’s it? I thought it was something more serious. Hey, why are you crying about something like that? You’re such a cool guy. You’re impressive. You’re not weird. You’re special. Don’t you know “Ugly Duckling”?”


“She thought she was an ugly duckling when she was actually a swan. That’s you. You’re special and cool!”

The Gold Goblin’s eyes shook. However, his eyes soon turned sad again.

“Don’t you like to collect things? If you make a deal with my hunter, you can collect all sorts of amazing items.”

“What’s the point when I don’t have a partner? There’s no point in continuing to live.”

The Gold Goblin put his big gold face on his knees.

At that moment, Min Sung tapped on his language watch.

“2 minutes left.”

Ho Sung Lee felt pressured.

“Then how about this? I’ll introduce you to someone.”

The Gold Goblin lifted his head.

Ho Sung Lee saw this as his last chance and continued,

“Once you come with us to collect items and clear the Black Tower, I’ll introduce you to as many female goblins as you want. How about that? Deal?”

He continued,

“You don’t know “101 Produce”, do you?”

“… What’s that?”

“It’s like a music program. What I mean to say is I’ll introduce you to 101 female goblins. And then I’ll make it so that you can settle down with one of them. You deserve that much.”