Chapter 141: Chapter 141

“Who cares about meeting all 101 of them? They’ll all hate me anyway.”

“You have 1 minute left,” Min Sung remarked.

“Haha! You’re so stupid. If you become a part of his family and clear the tower, you’ll be famous all over the world. Then even the other goblins will love you. You can become the king, you idiot!”

The Gold Goblin’s eyes shook.

“… Really? The king of goblins?”

“Yeah! Who else is more suitable for this? There’s no other goblin as special and cool as you! They just haven’t realized your true worth yet.”

The Gold Goblin gulped.

“Let’s make a deal. I’ll make you desirable among the female goblins. Trust me.”

Ho Sung Lee looked at the Gold Goblin with earnest eyes and nodded.

“10 seconds left.”


Ho Sung Lee kept his eye on the Gold Goblin with a nervous look on his face

After thinking, the Gold Goblin opened his mouth in front of Ho Sung Lee and laughed out loud.


Ho Sung Lee sprung up and looked back at Min Sung.

At the same time, Min Sung stopped the stopwatch.

“1.4 seconds.”

Ho Sung Lee plopped down on the floor as if he was about to faint.

“How do we sign?”

Min Sung looked over at the secretary and asked.

The secretary paused for a moment before speaking.

“You just have to stamp your index fingers.”

“Index fingers?”

“Yes, have you seen E.T.? The one where the alien matches his finger with that of the human.”

Min Sung approached the Gold Goblin and stuck out his index finger.

The Gold Goblin looked at Min Sung and shyly stuck out his finger.

And as soon as Min Sung and the Gold Goblin’s fingers touched.


Gold light shined in all four directions causing words to appear in the air.

[An owner already exists.]

[You can start a new contract once the old contract is terminated.]

[Would the owner like to terminate the contract?]

A moment later, Mansud saw words in front of him asking if he wanted to terminate the contract.

As soon as Mansud accepted, they were able to start a new one.

On top of Min Sung and the Gold Goblin’s touching fingers was information regarding the contract.

Min Sung tried reading the contract, but it was too long, so he gave up.


In response, Bowl escaped Mansud’s arms and ran over to Min Sung.

“Read this. See if there are any problems.”

Bowl was a Dark Magician, so he was knowledgable about magical contracts.

“Wow! The Gold Goblin is impressive,” Bowl remarked while reading the contract in the air.

“Are the conditions all right?”

“Yes, they’re great, Master! Nothing bad about it.”

Bowl nodded at the contents that stated that once the Gold Goblin helped clear the Black Tower, he would be helped with settling down with a female goblin.

The secretary approached Min Sung and spoke,

“If you accept the contract, you can shake hands with the Gold Goblin to finalize it.”

In response, the Gold Goblin withdrew his finger and offered a handshake.

Min Sung felt like this was bothersome, but he accepted it anyway.

Because the Gold Goblin’s hands were gold, it was smooth just like real gold.

Once they shook hands, the gold light disappeared.

And then a very thin string could be seen connecting Min Sung’s body with that of the Gold Goblin.

It signified their signed contract.

[Please name your Gold Goblin.]

A window popped up in front of Min Sung’s face.

“A name…”

Min Sung stared at the Gold Goblin and then wrote down a name.

[You’ve saved the Gold Goblin’s name.]

[Would you like to confirm the Gold Goblin’s name as Ssol?]


Min Sung accepted.

The name “Ssol” then popped up on top of the Gold Goblin’s head.

“Ssol? Sir, why did you name him Ssol?”

Ho Sung Lee looked over the Gold Goblin and asked with a confused look on his face.

“Because he’s single. Solo for life. So I just thought Ssol was suitable.”

Ho Sung Lee laughed but then flinched after seeing the Gold Goblin.

The Gold Goblin was crying with his mouth open once again.

When he dripped gold tears, Bowl was busy picking them up.

Ho Sung Lee quietly went to Ssol and hugged him.


While Mansud played with Bowl at the pool, Min Sung was served a meal.

How would food at the Arabian palace taste like?

Min Sung was excited.

After all, it wasn’t just a normal restaurant, but a royal restaurant.

The atmosphere was impressive as well.

The place, which looked like a grand party hall, made it feel like they were eating in nature due to the plants that they decorated the place with.

The Gold Goblin smiled at the first trees he had seen in a very long time.

“Interesting. Normally, the Gold Goblin is busy trying to collect items whenever he comes out.”

In response to Mansud, Min Sung smirked.


“Yes. It looks like he’s trying very hard to be obedient.”

The secretary continued,

“I felt bad until now. Even when we taught him to talk and fed him, It was sad that he was trapped in a cage until now.”

He looked back on his memories and then laughed.

“Although he’s a monster, he was quite special… But even the way he signs a contract with humans, he’s no ordinary monster. He’s very special. I’m glad he met a good owner. Was it Bowl?”


“I’m glad he’s having fun as well.”

The secretary watched Mansud playing with Bowl for quite some time.

Min Sung let him watch in silence.

After a while, the secretary snapped back to reality and laughed.

“Haha, the food will be out soon. Please enjoy.”

Min Sung responded with a wave.

The secretary left, and Min Sung also watched Mansud playing with Bowl in the pool.

Mansud was playing the way normal young kids played.

And Bowl was just busy running away from Mansud.

However, due to Min Sung’s order, he intentionally went slower so that Mansud could have a fun time.

While watching that sight, Ho Sung Lee sat at the table.

“Thank you for letting me join you, Sir.”

“Good job convincing the Gold Goblin, Ho Sung,” Min Sung said while watching Mansud and Bowl.

“Haha, I’m Ho Sung Lee. I can do anything you ask, Sir.”

“I like your attitude.”

“This is the attitude I should have as the one who is serving you.”

“Try not to die from now on.”

Ho Sung Lee dripped in cold sweat and laughed.

“When we go back to the assembly, drop by the market and put ingredients in storage. That Ssol is capable of carrying a great capacity.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll do my best.”

“And fill your item window with potions.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And don’t step up until I say so. Even with your Berserker ability, you’re done if you lose your head. Special devils are smarter than average devils.”

“… I’ll remember that, Sir.”

When Ho Sung Lee’s forehead was nearly on the table, food was carried out by the palace’s employees.

Min Sung picked up his fork with great anticipation.


The meal served at the Arabian palace was a feast.

There was lobster as well as other seafood dishes on the table, and there were steak and other meat dishes as well.

Min Sung enjoyed his meal at a slow pace.

The meat of the lobster was delicious.

The scent of the lobster was nice.

It was definitely delicious.

It was but Min Sung felt uncomfortable.

Maybe he had high hopes for the Arabian palace…

The meal was delicious, but it wasn’t impressive.

He even wondered if this was the best the Arabian palace could do.

But the reason was probably because Koreans could only enjoy foreign food so much.

He didn’t sense the kind of depth that he tasted in Korean food.

‘There’s nothing better than food from the motherland,’ Min Sung thought.

He ate the Gambas containing big shrimps while thinking of what to eat once he returned to Korea, but nothing came to mind.

‘I can just ask Ho Sung.’

Min Sung nodded and chewed on the shrimp drenched in olive oil.