Chapter 142: Chapter 142

The entrance of the residence.

Mansud used a towel to wipe up his dripping tears.

He was sad to part with Bowl, and he wasn’t happy about the Gold Goblin leaving either.

Ho Sung Lee patted Mansud on the head and laughed.

“Don’t be too sad. Both Bowl and Ssol will work hard to protect this world.”

Mansud held back his tears and nodded.

“I’ll cheer you on. Keep this world safe, okay? Bye, Bowl! I had fun!”

Mansud yelled while waving his towel.

Min Sung took Bowl and Ssol into the car without looking back.

“You’ll hear good news soon enough.”

Ho Sung Lee patted Mansud on the back and shook hands with the secretary before heading back to the car.

“Phew, that’s done. I thought it would be hard. But now, the Gold Goblin’s a part of our family,” he said while getting in the car.

But Min Sung was staring at Ssol with a bitter face.


After seeing Min Sung’s face, Ho Sung Lee looked back to see Ssol crying again.

Ho Sung Lee looked flustered.

“Huh? Hey, Ssol. Why are you crying this time?”

He asked, but Ssol didn’t answer.

He was simply shedding more gold tears.

Ho Sung Lee blankly stared at Bowl, who was picking up Ssol’s gold tears.

“Let’s go,” Min Sung instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Ho Sung Lee stepped on the gas.

A moment later.


He exclaimed.

Ho Sung Lee looked back while driving.

Ssol was the one exclaiming in awe while looking out the window.

“Is he bipolar or something?”

Ho Sung Lee asked while dripping in cold sweat.


In response to Min Sung’s calling, Ssol looked over at Min Sung with a smile.

“Why were you crying earlier?”

“Because I’m happy to have a family,” Ssol answered before enjoying the scenery again.

Min Sung quietly looked out the window as well, and once Bowl was finished picking up the gold tears, he went back into Min Sung’s pocket.

In the clear sky was a peaceful afternoon sun shining down on them.


They took the Warp Gate to Manhattan.

Min Sung rested in the car while Ho Sung Lee took Ssol to the market.

But they couldn’t avoid all the attention.

Since the Gold Goblin was walking around, it was no wonder the citizens and employees were surprised and fascinated.

However, Ho Sung Lee had no interest in their reactions.

He was too busy.

He talked to Woong Jang on the phone while gathering ingredients, but the problem was that Ssol’s instinct to gather items came back.

Ssol was putting ingredients in his pocket with a bright smile on his face.

“Just a minute, Chef.”

Ho Sung Lee ran over to Ssol and pulled on his arm.

“Hey! You can’t put those in there until we pay for them!”

In response to his yelling, Ssol started crying.

Since this wasn’t the first time, Ho Sung Lee didn’t let him off easy.

“Hey, take those out.”

Ssol took out a flower from his pocket with a sobbing look on his face.

“Are you kidding me? Not the flower. The things you just put in,” Ho Sung Lee said in absurdity.

He then began taking out the rest of the items with a sad look on his face.

“Hello, Chef. Yes, pumpkin and… Oh, j-just a second.”

Ho Sung Lee stared at Ssol in shock.

Ssol was taking out an astounding amount of ingredients from his pocket.

“When did you put all these in there…? Ugh, my head hurts.”

After Ho Sung Lee grabbed his head in frustration and Ssol finished taking out all the items, Ho Sung Lee warned him not to do that again and continued to shop.

Ho Sung Lee felt as though he came grocery shopping with a child.


“Sir, there’s not enough space because of Ssol. So I got us an SUV. Is that okay?”

Min Sung got out of the Ferrari.

“Where’s the car?”

“It’s that SUV over there. All the ingredients are in Ssol’s pocket, and I also packed the potions.”

“Then let’s go,” Min Sung said while walking over the SUV.

Ho Sung Lee dragged Ssol, who was smiling at weeds, to the car they were to use.


They arrived at the assembly.

It appeared that the world hunters got used to being controlled by the Samchunkyo hunters.

Rather than looking down, they were either training or enjoying their own individual activities.

“They’re looking good today. I can smell sweat as if they’re finally real hunters…”

Ho Sung Lee said while looking at the world hunters.

“They’re just Samchunkyo’s puppets,” Min Sung replied.

Ho Sung Lee minded Min Sung and closed his mouth.

The world hunters, who were training individually, stopped as soon as they saw Min Sung and his group.

They stared for so long that Ho Sung Lee scratched his head, but Min Sung ignored it and continued walking.

Sounds of mumbling could be heard.

“What’s that? Is that a new item?”

“It looks like a goblin, but it’s all gold.”


“… They’re so mysterious.”

They mumbled all sorts of things.

To the world hunters, Min Sung’s group was ironic and mysterious.

They were always curious.

It was just that they were unable to adjust to the control of the Black Tower and Samchunkyo until recently.

The world hunters continued to watch as Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol got on the boat.

All sorts of emotions could be seen on their faces.

Min Sung noticed their gazes, but he ignored them.

They weren’t important.

All Min Sung cared about was the devils in the Black Tower.

That was it.


Floor 1 of the Black Tower.

They walked in slowly.

Min Sung was in no rush.

As a result, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol also walked slowly.

Ssol glanced around and scanned the floor with curiosity.

But once he realized there were no plants, he grew glum.

Meanwhile, they went up the floors all the way up to the 15th floor.

No monster showed up until then.

As soon as they arrived on the 15th floor, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl were tense while Ssol was sad that he couldn’t see any items to pick up.

Min Sung was the only one focused on killing the next devil.

“Ho Sung. Bowl.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Yes, Master!”

In response, both Ho Sung Lee and Bowl froze and responded.

“If a special devil appears, you could die in an instant. Even if you can turn into Berserker, you could die. You’ll be asleep forever. Same with you, Bowl.”

“… Yes, Sir.”

“… Yes, Sir.”

“Ho Sung, when you became the Berserker last time, you would’ve died if the devil was just a little bit smarter,” Min Sung coldly remarked.

The horror of his near-death experience came to haunt him again.

“Survive,” Min Sung calmly said as he walked forward.

However, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl couldn’t hear that command as anything similar to being calm.

The 15th floor was nothing like they experienced before.

It felt as though death was approaching.


The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, entered the meeting room where the Samchunkyo hunters were gathered and sat at the head of the table.

He scanned the Samchunkyo hunters with blank eyes.

“You’ll see hunters trying to leave the assembly soon. If anyone tries, they’ll be killed.”

In response to Jae Hyuk Han’s command, the Samchunkyo hunters looked troubled.

However, that was all.

No Samchunkyo hunter refuted.

“What about Min Sung Kang?”

Jae Hyuk Han asked.

“He went into the Black Tower. It’s been an hour,” a Samchunkyo hunter responded.

Jae Hyuk Han nodded and took out a roll of paper from his robe and put it on the table.

All the Samchunkyo hunters focused on it.

The roll of paper contained a notice for the Samchunkyo hunters.

The leader had made his decision.

The Samchunkyo hunters kept their eyes on Jae Hyuk Han with nervousness and focus.

“This is from the leader. Check the notice and prepare as the leader instructed. And if any of you…”

Jae Hyuk Han’s only eye sparkled.

“… Fail to carry out the orders, you’ll be killed on the spot. There will be no second chances.”

As soon as Jae Hyuk Han pointed at the roll of paper with his chin, the Samchunkyo hunters got up and spread it open.

At the same time, the notice was read aloud.

It stated that if Min Sung Kang happened to clear the Black Tower, the world hunters would have to kill Min Sung Kang.

The Samchunkyo hunters weren’t shocked by the contents of the scroll.

They simply felt pressured about having to face off against Min Sung Kang.

They saw it with their own eyes.

Just how miserably Wang Wei died in his hands.

However, that was because Wang Wei was alone.

Things could be different if there were more of them.

The eyes of the Samchunkyo hunters grew serious.

The Samchunkyo hunters were starting to realize that a big storm was coming their way.