Chapter 161: Chapter 161

Ho Sung Lee was certain.

Min Sung Kang was not only the god of devils, but he was a top devil that turned into a human being.

Ho Sung Lee was impressed by the Samchunkyo leader’s mental strength.

He endured that horrific state for so long that the Samchunkyo leader’s body looked like it was dying away.

If it was him, he would have lost his mind already.

“Sir, there’s the sedative recipe I brought from the library.”

Ho Sung Lee wiped out his thoughts and handed over the item.

Right in front of the Samchunkyo leader on the ground, Min Sung accepted the recipe from Ho Sung Lee.

There were no lies.

The recipe contained how to make the sedative that would suppress the item’s side effects in great detail.

“Sir, that’s not all. I also found some sedatives that have already been made.”

Min Sung nodded and put the recipe inside his item window.

“Tell the world hunters that we took care of Samchunkyo and to prepare to meet with us.”

Min Sung wrapped up the situation and swung his Orichalcum Sword.


Along with a loud thunderous noise, the Samchunkyo leader’s body was sliced in half.

After confirming the Samchunkyo leader’s death, he walked over to Taehwajeon without any lingering feelings.


The American hunter master, Ethan, heard the news from Ho Sung that Samchunkyo had lost the fight.

Ethan stared into space while smoking a cigarette and grimaced without much energy.

“This is now Min Sung Kang’s world.”

Ethan laughed. He put out his cigarette and then proceeded to wash his face with both of his bulky hands.


When he sighed, the interphone rang.

Ethan pressed the speaker button, allowing him to hear the secretary’s voice.

“Master, a meeting with Min Sung Kang has been arranged. You can check for it in your mail.”

Ethan hung up and put his hand on his mouse with a nervous face.

When he went into his inbox, he saw the appointment just as his secretary had said.

6 PM

Korea Grand Party Hall

‘World Hunter’ Gathering

Ethan stared at the small words on the screen as he scratched his head.

Ethan could already feel the pain of the media’s criticisms, so he showed a pained face as he sighed and clenched back on his teeth.

All he could do now was wait for the storm to pass.


“Where did Ssol go?”

Ho Sung Lee went everywhere looking for the gold goblin, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.

He was scratching his head while looking around, and when he put a cigarette in his mouth, he heard a rustling noise.


The gold goblin popped out from between the trees like a ghost.


Ho Sung Lee flinched backward.

In response, the gold goblin, Ssol, grabbed his belly, which resembled that of E.T. and laughed without a sound.

“You startled me!”

Ho Sung Lee screamed at him, but he was just laughing at a flower blooming on a tree branch.


Ho Sung Lee headlocked Ssol as if he was a mother of 3 and proceeded to drag him along.

Ho Sung Lee then saw something and stopped.

Min Sung was sitting in the library with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

Even Ssol, who was still in Ho Sung Lee’s headlock, expressed his awe.

‘What is he doing?’

Beside Min Sung was a pile of books that the Samchunkyo leader left behind.

‘Is he meditating?’

Ho Sung Lee tilted his head in wonder.


The cardinal law outlined by the books.

Simply put, meditation was quite an interesting thing.

Despite having to focus intensively, it made one feel at peace.

Min Sung’s body was covered by a magic spell, and he absorbed that energy from around him.

But Samchunkyo’s books explained a different method.

They stored magic power within their lower abdomens and circulated it through the alveolar veins.

That made one’s head feel clear, the body refreshed and light and the consumed magic power immediately recharged itself.

That meant that Min Sung was now able to regenerate all of his magic powers including his vital force and his recovery power.

Min Sung didn’t know the time was passing due to this surprising magic and fell into a trance.


While Min Sung stayed at Samchunkyo for a while, the media put the spotlight on Min Sung Kang.

The assembly, which was formed to raid the Black Tower, was now closed off from the media due to confidential military matters.

But when the Black Tower disappeared and peace returned, the media released all of the materials they had gathered.

And of course, the subject of those materials was Min Sung Kang.

Since Min Sung’s identity hadn’t been announced to the world yet, the media started to attack the world with their reports.

And because Min Sung Kang appeared in the world in such a sudden away, the citizens couldn’t help but feel unfamiliar.

But once they came to know just how impressive Min Sung Kang was through the articles, the citizens began showing more and more interest.

And the explosive interest in Min Sung Kang led to a change.

If he was a superstar by day, he was a superhero by night.

And after a little more time, Min Sung Kang had become a God among the public.

The time it took for the entire world to change their views on Min Sung Kang was less than 5 hours.


Min Sung woke up from his meditation and opened his eyes.

Ho Sung Lee put out his cigarette and ran over to Min Sung immediately.

Ho Sung Lee was going to say something when he looked at him with surprised eyes.

Min Sung’s gaze looked different from before.

He had dark eyes like a basement, but his eyes now were shining with a bright light.

“Ho Sung.”



“… Pardon?”

Min Sung got out of his lotus position and jumped down from the guardrail.

“Look for a good restaurant when we get back to Korea,” Min Sung told Ho Sung Lee.

“Were you thinking about food during your meditation?”

“It helped me focus. Get ready to leave. I’m getting hungry.”

In response, Ho Sung Lee broke out in sweat that dripped from his forehead.

“Yes, Sir. But what about the youngest brother, Min Ho Kim? What are you going to do with him?”

“I’ll hand him over to the Central Institute. Put him in the car. We’ll take the Warp Gate together.”

Ho Sung Lee flashed a bright smile.

“Yes, Sir!”

Min Sung thought strangely of Ho Sung Lee’s sudden tension and got up.

Ho Sung Lee smiled and then started looking around in shock.

“Ugh, where’s Ssol?”

Ho Sung Lee trembled as he set out to look for Ssol once more.


The big palaces of Samchunkyo were lit on fire.

There was dark smoke coming from it as Samchunkyo turned into ashes.

Firefighters and specialized hunters rushed over to Samchunkyo in order to put out the fire while Min Sung and his party drove over to the Warp Gate.

Ho Sung Lee, who was in the driver’s seat, glanced over at Bowl and the man who was playing together.

He was smiling nicely and fooling around with Bowl as if nothing bad had happened to him in the past.

Since he lost all of his memory, he didn’t seem to feel any pain or sadness.

He was impressed by Bowl.

He was able to erase one’s memory.

Ho Sung Lee considered that an amazing ability.

However, the youngest brother, Min Ho Kim, was probably curious.

About the memories and his past that he forgot.

Ho Sung Lee sighed deeply.

‘That’s something he has to overcome on his own.’

“How much longer?”

Min Sung asked as he looked out the window.

“20 more minutes. But Sir. I feel like you’ll get tired when you get back to Korea.”


Min Sung looked over at Ho Sung Lee.

“The media have been putting you in their headlines ever since the dungeons and the Black Tower disappeared. So you’re a world star now.”

Ho Sung Lee glanced over and laughed without much confidence.

Min Sung didn’t like things that were bothersome, so Ho Sung Lee was worried he would get angry, but Min Sung was surprisingly calm.

He looked at his face in more detail through the back mirror and saw that he was thinking about something deeply as he looked out the window.

Ho Sung Lee watched him before putting his eyes back on the road.


They took the Warp Gate back to Korea.

As soon as they entered the lobby, a lot of mumbling could be heard from outside.

It seemed as though reporters were gathered around.

Ho Sung Lee’s heart sank when he noticed Min Sung looking at the entrance.

He wondered if he was going to kill them all for shoving cameras up his face.

“Sir, I’ll look for a better way to get out of…”

“That’s okay.”


“No need.”

Min Sung opened the fridge and drank a can of beer.

He enjoyed the refreshing carbonated drink and threw the can away.

Min Sung wiped his mouth and then proceeded out the door.

Ho Sung Lee took Ssol and Min Ho Kim and followed after him.

As soon as he stepped outside, there was a barricade at a 50-meter radius stopping the reporters from getting any closer. They were flashing their cameras as they took their photos.

Ho Sung Lee looked around with a shocked look on his face.

There were over 100 reporters.

There were both Korean and foreign reporters at the scene.

The gold goblin, Ssol, clapped his hands as he looked around in awe.

And the youngest brother, Min Ho Kim, who followed Min Sung here, stared blankly at the reporters.