Chapter 163: Chapter 163

‘Phew, this is delicious.’

There were so many different courses, that he was able to enjoy every single one of them.

The taste of roasted garlic.

The crispy and savory blowfish peel.

The well-roasted blowfish meat.

When he ate the eggplant dish and the corn croquette, it felt like he was getting blows to his head.

That was the end of the appetizers.

And at the perfect time, the traditional blowfish main dish appeared.

Blowfish Shabu Shabu

Min Sung looked at the Shabu Shabu materials with widened eyes.

His eyes then turned to the side.

An employee poured hot water into a beautifully shaped pot.

As Min Sung watched, he felt his blood boil.

That was how impactful the main course was.

The main dish had a magical power of making him as excited as he would have been if he stood in battle.

Before tasting the main dish, Min Sung added vegetables, mushrooms, and Tiger Puffer to his boiling water.

Since the pot was hot, the Shabu Shabu materials cooked in no time.

The pot was full of ingredients as the broth filled in a delicious manner.

When Min Sung judged that the time was right, he immediately hunted down the materials from within the broth.

He first grabbed on to a piece of Tiger Puffer.

When he dipped it in sauce and tasted it, he sensed that the softness was something that could only exist on fresh blowfish.

And the special sauce was the key.

The taste of the blowfish was delicious, but the special sauce made the experience 2 times better.

It was worth the wait.

His mouth was pleased.

‘This is delicious.’

Min Sung enjoyed the soft yet rigid blowfish meat while also trying some of the vegetables.

The combination of the soft cabbage along with the other ingredients made him realize why Shabu Shabu was so loved.

He lifted his spoon and tried the broth.


The white broth also had oil in it, and the depth of it reminded him of the sea.

Hot broth usually cooked down quickly inside the mouth, but the Shabu Shabu broth maintained its hot temperature and spread throughout his entire body.

It was intense yet comfortable, just like getting a Thai massage underneath a hot towel.

Min Sung smiled as he picked up another piece of Tiger Puffer.

The natural Tiger Puffer was so plump and smooth, making the flavors that much better.

He acknowledged the blowfish restaurant as the very best.


The next morning.

Min Sung enjoyed the egg toast Woong Jang made him and went out into the yard.

From in between the trees in the garden, Ho Sung Lee appeared.

“Sir, I’ve prepared it so that you can get your driver’s license and helicopter license.”

Min Sung nodded.

“Let’s get going.”

Min Sung put down the hose in his hands and led the way, and Ho Sung Lee followed behind him.

“General Ji Yoo Kim helped this time as well. The Central Institute prepared a practice site and an exam hall so that you can complete the tests in peace.”

“Good job.”

Ho Sung Lee smiled at Min Sung’s satisfaction.

“Haha! It was all Central Insitute’s doing. I didn’t do anything.”

“Get ready to leave.”

“Yes, Sir!”

While Ho Sung Lee headed out, Min Sung put on his clothes and got ready to leave.

He was going to get his driver’s and helicopter’s licenses.

Min Sung studied all night long for the exams.

All he needed was one night of studying.

Since he had great memorization abilities, he had no problems writing examples.

Min Sung got into Ho Sung Lee’s car and took off to the exam hall.


He arrived at the private license exam hall that the Central Institute prepared.

When Ho Sung Lee saw Min Sung Kang pass both the driving and helicopter licenses in one go, he was astonished.

But the fact that he was so good at fighting meant that he was smart.

The ironic and mysterious question was, why was he so bad at cooking?

But then again, the fact that he was bad at something made him seem more human.

At times like this, he realized once again that he was a beast.

“It’s now time for the technical practice. Should we take a break?”

In response to the examiner’s question, Min Sung just asked to get it over with quickly.

So they proceeded without taking a break.

Since the practice time was already set, he had to fill that entire time slot.

But when he did everything he was asked perfectly and there was no more to teach, the examiner decided to cut down on the designated time.

It almost seemed like an AlphaGo, which was perfectly programmed to complete the exam was doing the practice.

As a result, Min Sung passed both his driving and helicopter exams by the afternoon.

‘Now that he’s a world hero and the general of Central Institute—Ji Yoo Kim—is ready to support Min Sung no matter what, he’s ready to take on the world.’

‘I can’t believe he had a private license exam.’

If he was a regular person, the media would have taken him apart.

But since Min Sung Kang even defeated Samchunkyo, the citizens were rather pleased that Min Sung could complete his exams in such a short time.

That was how helpless the media was to Min Sung Kang.

It seemed like what they said about killing one making one a murderer and killing 1000 making one a hero was true, and that made Ho Sung Lee laugh and shiver at the same time.

And what was even more surprising to Ho Sung Lee was that he was serving a human like that.


“Congratulations on your high-speed license acquisition,” Ho Sung Lee said with a bow.

“Where’s the car?”

“I didn’t know you would be done this soon. Good thing I brought the car ahead of time. Right, this way.”

Ho Sung Lee led the way for Min Sung.

When they got out of the exam hall, a fancy car was waiting for them in the parking lot.

It was the Audi R12, which was a special limited-time edition, with only 5 existing in the whole world.

It was the top car in the current generation, and the manufacturer willingly sold one to Min Sung.

“Here are the keys.”

Ho Sung Lee handed him the sparkling keys with respect.

“Are you going straight to the party? If you are, I’ll call the Central Institute ahead of time. Since I drove my own car here, I’ll follow you from behind.”

“There’s still some time left. I’m hungry. Where should we eat?”

Min Sung asked as he opened the car door.

Ho Sung Lee knew Min Sung would ask for restaurants, so he had a few prepared.

“It’s near the party hall. You should try some cold noodles before winter rolls around. It’s easy to find if you use the navigator. It’s mainly old people who visit the store, and at this hour, it probably won’t be very busy. Since there will be food at the Gangnam party hall as well, I’m recommending a simple snack. Is that okay?”

“Sure. I’ll eat there and meet you at the party. No need to follow me.”

Ho Sung Lee smiled and nodded.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’m off.”

Min Sung started the engine.


The Audi R12 spit out a large noise.

And as soon as Min Sung stepped on the gas pedal.

The wheels of Min Sung’s car spun at high speed and created smoke.

The car then took off at an explosive speed.

As Ho Sung Lee watched Min Sung’s car go in the distance, he smoked his cigarette and knitted his brows.

He destroyed the Black Tower, defeated Samchunkyo, and came back to Korea as a hero.

He then got his car and helicopter license in half a day and took off in his new sports car, which made him look like a beast.

Ho Sung Lee shook his head.

“I have to live life like Min Sung Kang.”

Ho Sung Lee smoked his cigarette and smacked his lips.

He then tilted his head.

‘Wait… But I feel like 2% is still missing.’


Ho Sung Lee realized what was causing that feeling.

“A woman! He doesn’t have a woman!”

Ho Sung Lee nodded.

“If he found a woman, he’d live the best life. Haha. Yeah. What’s the point in being strong if he can’t even date a beautiful woman? So being single was the key to becoming stronger? That’s crazy. What makes men stronger are women.”

Ho Sung Lee snickered and then grew anxious that Min Sung would soon meet a woman.

“Nah. Min Sung with a woman? I can’t even imagine it.”

Ho Sung Lee smirked. He shook his head and threw out his cigarette.


He arrived at the cold noodle restaurant that Ho Sung Lee recommended.

Once Min Sung arrived, he parked his car in the small parking space.

It was a medium-sized restaurant.

It was in a small alley, and the building was so old that it looked very traditional.

The owner, who seemed to be a woman in her 70s, was startled by the noise and stepped out with a surprised look on her face.

But when she saw Min Sung, her eyes grew wide.

“Oh my gosh! Who’s this? Sir! I mean, God. What brings you to a place like this?”

She grabbed Min Sung’s hands with her wrinkly hands.

But Min Sung felt burdened and took his hand away.

“I’d like a bowl of cold noodles,” Min Sung said as he walked inside.

The owner couldn’t keep her eyes off of Min Sung as she followed him inside.

Min Sung sat by the window and waited for his food to arrive.

While the cook prepared the food, the owner stared at Min Sung while covering her mouth.

Min Sung felt uncomfortable by the gaze.

After spending 100 years in the Demonic Realm, having a conversation with people in this generation was uncomfortable.

He had been alone for so long that he was the most comfortable just like that.

Others thought that there was a problem with him, but Min Sung liked living according to his own style.

It was hard for Min Sung to mind others and do things for other people.

He thought he was adjusting well to this world, but that wasn’t always the case.

Once the owner realized that Min Sung didn’t like her staring at him, she quietly delivered his food and left so that he could eat in peace.