Chapter 165: Chapter 165

While Min Sung Kang drew everybody’s attention, the American hunter master, Ethan, made the world hunters gather around him.

They sighed in front of Ethan.

And then a moment later, the world hunters began to talk.

“He’ll definitely try to make a deal for the sedative and recipe, but I have no idea what he’ll ask for in return.”

“If he tries to make a deal with our lives, how about we try to taint Min Sung Kang’s image through the media?”

“That’s not a bad idea. If we shake up Min Sung Kang’s image, who’s perceived as a hero right now…”

Ethan scanned the world hunters with a frustrated look on his face.

In response, the world hunters backed down.

“Does it look like he would get taken down by the media? Don’t you know his personality?”

The world hunters grew silent.

“He’d go down on us as soon as he realized we were after him. You can’t handle that.”


The world hunters avoided Ethan’s gaze.

Ethan sighed deeply and knitted his brows at Min Sung, who was surrounded by all sorts of celebrities.

“I don’t know how much he’s going to ask for in exchange for the sedative, but we’ll have to go along with it.”

In response to Ethan, the hunters grimaced in disgust.

The world hunters then chugged their glasses of alcohol.


“I’ve heard some rumors that you’re limited in function as a man… Is that true?”

One of the top Victoria underwear models scanned Min Sung up and down as she asked.

Her words ridiculed him, but her eyes were seductive.

She sent him an enchanting look, and she tilted her body to show off her sexy breasts and hips.

Min Sung drank his single malt contained in a straight glass as he stared at the model.

As soon as their eyes met, her face turned red, and she smiled to show her white teeth.

She had a perfect smile that could win any man over, but Min Sung slowly leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Your stocking is ripped. I see you’re excited, but if you were going to rip them, you should have done it in bed. Go and drink some water to calm yourself down.”

Min Sung tapped the Victoria model on the shoulder and walked off to call over an employee.

“Where’s the world hunter meeting being held?”

Min Sung asked.

“The 12th floor. Let me show you to the elevator,” the employee said as he led the way.

Min Sung walked off with the employee while the celebrities kept their eyes on his back.

Meanwhile, the Victor model watched him with a brightly flushed face.


The world hunters all sat down.

But the head seat in the VVIP meeting room was empty.

That was Min Sung’s seat.

The world hunters watched for Min Sung to appear in silence

Tick tock-

They had agreed to meet at 7 o’clock.

But 5 minutes, 10, minutes, 15 minutes…

30 minutes had passed, but Min Sung still wasn’t there.

The world hunters showed stiffened looks on their faces.

They were already pressed as it was, so Min Sung not showing up made them feel tortured inside.

Since their lives were on the line, every single minute felt painful.

“Why don’t we get someone to check up on him…?”

When one of the world hunters from the Middle East spoke up, Ethan shook his head.

“He might be testing us. Let’s just wait. We have to be patient.”

In response to the American master, Ethan, the world hunters all looked at their watches and let out groans.


Min Sung was standing next to where the food was set up.

He scanned the food with sparkling eyes.

As for the employee who was showing him to the world hunter meeting room, he was just standing and idling by, breaking out in cold sweat.

But Min Sung didn’t care as his eyes remained fixed on the table of food.

There were roasted mushrooms as well as roasted bell peppers and asparagus.

Since he had cold noodles that weren’t very filling, Min Sung gained his appetite again, making the lobster cheese under his eyes look delicious.

The cheese was melted on top of the lobster, and a sauce was spilled all over it.

Min Sung gulped at the sliced up lobster.

When he grabbed a fork and stabbed it into the body of the lobster, a piece came out easily.

The sauce was right next to it, so Min Sung dipped it and put it straight into his mouth.

The meat of the lobster was chewy, and the cheesy flavors spread throughout his entire mouth, among the scent of butter that took over his nose.

‘It’s delicious.’

The combination of cheese, butter, and sauce were unbelievable.

He didn’t taste any oiliness. It was sweet, and the sauce tickled his nose with its pleasant flavors.

‘This is so good’

Min Sung was entranced as he took his second bite.

This portion included internal organs, so it was sweet and bitter in the most perfect way.

The scent of the internal organs was a work of art.

Min Sung smacked his lips even while eating the lobster.

It was similar to shrimp but still different.

While shrimp exploded in a light flavor, this one felt like the flavors were exploding at a much higher intensity.

Min Sung enjoyed the flavors and then draw some red wine to get rid of some of the oiliness.

The heavy red wine absorbed into his tongue from all surfaces.

Some of the scent remained in his nose and left in a long enjoyable fashion.

‘… This is crazy.’

Min Sung knitted his brows and looked at the wine bottle.

French wine.

He didn’t know much about wine, but Min Sung thought that this one was an impressive wine.

Min Sung memorized the name of the wine. He wiped his mouth and hands with a wet wipe and turned around.

Countless celebrities were watching him blankly.

Min Sung threw away his wet wipe and lifted his chin at the employee who was standing next to him.

The employee then began leading the way.

At that point, Min Sung got on the elevator and headed over to the meeting with the world hunters.


Min Sung walked through the automatic doors and entered the meeting room.

As soon as Min Sung appeared, the world hunters all stood up.

The world hunters greeted him, but Min Sung didn’t look at them and just passed by.

Min Sung sat down at the head of the long table and slumped down.

When Min Sung sat down and stared at the world hunters, the world hunters minded him with nervous eyes.

“Are you going to keep standing there?”

Min Sung asked.

The language watch was activated and began translating his language, and in response, the hunters coughed and sat down with troubled faces.


The room was filled with awkward silence.

Everyone looked like they were sitting on thrones, and Min Sung was the only one who looked comfortable.

And Min Sung’s level of comfort made the world hunters feel even more uncomfortable.

Min Sung leaned his back into his chair. He tapped on the table with his index finger and scanned the hunters before laughing.

“You know what this feels like?”

In response to Min Sung’s question, all of the world hunters looked at Min Sung.

Min Sung continued,

“You look like a bunch of homeless mutts here to mooch off a good meal.”

In response, some of the world hunters laughed bitterly while some looked insulted.

The American master, Ethan, just stared at the table without a word.

Min Sung slowly got up. He put his hands in his pockets and then sat close to American master, Ethan.

Min Sung looked down at Ethan.

Ethan continued to look at the table, but his facial expression changed.

Min Sung’s gaze grew colder and colder.

Ethan’s face started to sweat and then he scratched his neck and coughed. He loosened his necktie and then looked up to glance at Min Sung.


Ethan coughed and grimaced as if Min Sung’s gaze was uncomfortable.

Min Sung lifted his gaze and scanned the world hunters.

“You probably want to take the sedative. You don’t have much time. And I’m sure you don’t want to keep coming to me to get your snack,” Min Sung said.

“What we want is the recipe to the sedative. Please tell me what you want,” Ethan said with a stiffened face.

The facial expressions of all of the world hunters were identical.

They all looked like they were ready for a huge accident.

Min Sung slowly got up from the table and sat back in his head seat.

The room grew silent.

The world hunters were quiet in a dark, heavy, and uncomfortable way.

They had no choice but to accept any condition Min Sung presented.

That was their reality.

“No need to be so anxious,” Min Sung continued.

“Even though you worked with Samchunkyo to kill me…”

Min Sung’s words chilled the air.

The world hunters held their breaths. They widened their eyes, and their hearts began pounding faster.

Their anxiousness grew worse and worse.

Min Sung leaned over to put his elbows on the table and looked at the world hunters with a softer gaze.

“It’s too tiring to kill all of you. Who would do all of the dirty work for me?”

In response, the world hunters gulped.

“Listen up,” Min Sung continued.

“I’m going to give you an order, and if anything gets in the way of the process, I’ll exclude that entire country.”

In response, the world hunters all focused their eyes on Min Sung.

They were curious and anxious to find out what process he was talking about.

Just as they always were.

“What are you going to ask us to do?”

Ethan asked Min Sung as a representative of the world hunters.

The uneasy atmosphere of the meeting room reached its peak since Min Sung first arrived.