Chapter 169: Chapter 169


Ho Sung Lee let out a monstrous sound and stared down at Min Sung, Bowl, and his special devil, Shaman, while dripping in drool.

Ho Sung Lee, who was now Berserker, secured the special devil, Shaman, as his main target.

The Death Knight Sword in Ho Sung Lee’s hands gave off a red Aura.

This had never happened before.

That meant that Ho Sung Lee’s Berserker ability surpassed a whole new level.

Ho Sung Lee acquired experience points for the damage he would acquire as Berserker as well, and as a result, it helped him grew stronger.

In just one week at that.

Since that growth was even faster in the Berserker state, Ho Sung Lee was able to reach a high-level thanks to Min Sung.

That was also how he was able to utilize Samchunkyo’s martial arts skills that he learned in his normal state and in his Berserker state as well.


Ho Sung Lee glared at the special devil, Shaman, and lowered his posture.

And then…

Ho Sung Lee charged at him at an incredibly high speed.

Since it was his first secured target, Ho Sung Lee targeted the Shaman devil, which Bowl had summoned.

Ho Sung Lee’s large Death Knight Sword was swung at a very fast speed toward the Shaman devil.

Bowl used his dark magic to slow down Ho Sung Lee’s speed.

As a result, Ho Sung Lee slowed down, and in the meantime, the Shaman devil’s ability targeted Ho Sung Lee.

Five dark ghosts latched onto Ho Sung Lee’s Berserker body.

The dark ghosts’ sticky powers prevented Ho Sung Lee from being able to take another step, causing him to wriggle about like an ant stuck on a gum.

“Grrrr… Roarrrr!”

Ho Sung Lee screamed and unleashed an Aura from his entire body.

The dark ghosts exploded in all four directions.

Bowl stared at Ho Sung Lee in shock.

Just a day earlier, Ho Sung Lee was unable to use his attacks because of the dark ghosts.

So the fact that he was able to combust the dark ghosts’ Aura meant that he had grown significantly.

Once Ho Sung Lee got rid of the dark ghosts with his ability, he charged at the devil once more.

But at a much faster speed this time.

As soon as he was near, Ho Sung Lee swung his Death Knight Sword.

The Death Knight Sword collided against the devil’s arm.

The Death Knight Sword activated its special ability, ‘Hell Fire’.


The Shaman devil’s arm was sliced in half, while his skin was burnt from the explosion.

While the Shaman devil flinched and wobbled backward, Ho Sung Lee continued his series of attacks.

The Hell Fire explosion went off in all four directions as Berserker’s attacks continued.

The Shaman Devil used both his arms to block Ho Sung Lee’s attacks as he was forced to take steps backward.

Meanwhile, Bowl was worried that his Shaman devil would be annihilated, so he took out his cane. He rode his shadow board and charged toward Ho Sung Lee.

Bowl used his dark magic to equip a shield that would block magic damage and stepped in between the Hell Fire exploding from Ho Sung Lee’s sword.

Bowl flickered his black eyes and hit Ho Sung Lee’s leg with his enchanted cane.

Ho Sung Lee didn’t see Bowl’s involvement coming and wobbled in response to the sudden damage.

During the short break, the Shaman’s sharp and strong nails scratched Ho Sung Lee in the chest.

Ho Sung Lee had left his guard down, giving him a chance to attack.

He bled as he rolled on the ground.


Ho Sung Lee let out a scream that sounded painful or enraged, and his entire body trembled.

He then got back up like a zombie and swung his Death Knight Sword.

The thick sword launched its Hell Fire in all four directions, causing it to fly toward the devil and Bowl.

Ho Sung Lee’s sword broke through Bowl’s shield and the devil’s body.

Although the hunter training center was protected with magical equipment, the ground still shook.

As a result of the explosion, a blaze overtook the area.

In the midst of the fire and explosions, Ho Sung Lee cut through the air above the fire and made a sudden appearance.

Right before Ho Sung Lee lowered his Death Knight Sword upon the Shaman devil from above.

The Shaman devil pointed his nails while Bowl got ready to cast his spell.

As soon as the cross counter began…

“Stop,” Min Sung ordered.

Bowl hurriedly cleared the Shaman devil’s summon, and Bowl also halted his spell.

As soon as the Shaman devil disappeared, Ho Sung Lee dropped his Death Knight Sword.


A Hell Fire explosion.

As the sparks and fire blew out, Ho Sung Lee’s state as the Berserker timed out.

Ho Sung Lee lost consciousness and dropped to the ground in the midst of the sparks.

As for Min Sung, he used one of his most basic skills to pull a chair toward him.

The chair got pulled across the ground and arrived in front of Min Sung.

Min Sung put out all of the sparks in the air with the flick of his wrist and then sat down on the chair.

Bowl put his wand back on his back and stood next to Min Sung’s feet and looked up at his master.

He was waiting for a command.

But Min Sung ignored him and took out his Samchunkyo Book from his item window.

He read over it, but he didn’t see anything more to check off.

Ho Sung Lee trained according to all of the contents listed in the Samchunkyo Book.

Despite that fact, Ho Sung Lee wasn’t developing at a speed that Min Sung was satisfied with.

It wasn’t slow, but it wasn’t fast either.

He sensed that this could be dangerous.

Min Sung looked at Ho Sung Lee on the ground and knitted his brows.


“Yes, Master.”

“Stay here and help Ho Sung Lee finish his training.”

“Yes, Master!”

Bowl shouted.


“Pardon? For what?”

“For a lot of things.”

Bowl snickered and rubbed his smooth head on Min Sung’s leg.


Min Sung’s shocking remarks spread all across the globe, but the world still didn’t realize that the end was coming.

Those who lived according to their routines didn’t particularly change their lifestyles.

For that reason, there were many people running near the Han River in Korea.

They were living their lives as if nothing was wrong.

That might have been their way of avoiding the truth, but it also had to do with the fact that crises never had much influence on the living patterns of mankind.

The people who were running in their exercise gear thought strangely of the fog, but they continued to exercise anyway.

But when the fog became even more intense, the people stopped in their tracks in shock.

Those who were taking a walk slowed down to look around, and people who were exercising on the Han River park machines thought strangely of the intense fog.

The fog became more and more dense.

The fog almost looked like dry ice.

As soon as the people were unable to see each other, they sensed fear.

And this phenomenon could be seen from all over the world.

Some of the people saw through the fog.

They saw a vague outline of the Black Tower.


Sia Jang pointed at the TV with a shocked look on her face.

And once Woong Jang saw what was on the TV behind her, his face stiffened up.

Woong Jang immediately went to the yard and called Min Sung, who was looking at the trees.

“Sir,” Woong Jang quietly called.

Min Sung slowly turned around.

“I think you need to see this,” Woong Jang said in a nervous voice.

Min Sung went into the living room and watched TV with Woong Jang and Sia Jang.

The TV was showing a drone footage of the Black Tower.

Min Sung tilted his head and continued to watch TV.

The Black Tower was situated above Mapo Bridge in Seoul.

An order to quickly avoid the area was given, which explained why all of the cars that were lined up were getting out.

The news was reporting the update of the area now being a secret military zone, and that all of the people would be escorted to safety immediately.

But the screen suddenly changed to multiple screens being showed at once.

It showed that a total of 72 towers had shown up all over the world.

The defense line is only 20% complete, but the tower that Min Sung Kang talked about had shown up all over the world.

It’s a lot earlier than predicted by experts.

Regarding the issue, the country is…

Woong Jang gulped and looked back at Min Sung.

“Sir, shall I call Ho Sung Lee?”

Woong Jang asked.

Min Sung shook his head with his eyes still on the TV.

“Leave it.”

“… Yes, Sir.”

“I’m going out for a bit. Don’t go anywhere, and just stay here.”

Min Sung headed toward the front door.

“Please stay safe.”

Woong Jang bowed at a 90-degree angle at Min Sung.

Min Sung walked out of the front doors.

It was raining.

But Min Sung let the rain hit him on his way out of his yard.

The rain began to fall more and more.

He looked up at the sky to see dense clouds.

The thickening raindrops began dropping at a very high speed.

As soon as Min Sung stepped on a paper.


The ground shook, and Min Sung jumped so quickly that it looked like he had disappeared.

Once Min Sung left, Woong Jang stepped out of the house with Sia Jang under an umbrella.

Woong Jang and Sia Jang saw the ground that Min Sung had stepped on.

There was a crack around it.

The area where Min Sung stepped on to take a leap caused a dent in the ground.

Sia Jang looked at the ground with shocked eyes while Woong Jang stared in the direction in which Min Sung left.

Despite the fact that Min Sung had warned them of this, they felt afraid as intense as the raindrops were during the heavy shower.