Chapter 182: Chapter 182


Devils were capable of teleporting without using the Warp Gate.

That meant that once they got through the 1st defense line, as long as they knew the location of the 2nd defense line, they could get there right away.

Devils had a way of sending each other signals.

No matter how far they were from each other, they were able to exchange signals of their own.

As a result, as soon as one of them discovered a target, all the devils gathered in a short amount of time.

Currently, the devils were all looking for the 2nd defense line, where another magic wall was situated.

But the magic walls were built so that the devils couldn’t pass them with teleportation alone.

On top of that, the magic walls were immune to magic force, so the devils had to use physical force in order to break it down.

For that reason, the devils moved quickly, and when Min Sung spotted any on his way, he took them down immediately.

Min Sung’s Durandal ripped the devils to shreds.

The devils, which thought of humans as cockroaches, were ripped to shreds by Min Sung as if they were pieces of paper.

Since the devils weren’t targeting Min Sung, Min Sung had an advantage when bringing them down.

But that caused Min Sung stress.

He would have rather had them go after him instead.

But the devils’ objective was to kill humans, obtain territory, and then increase the quantity of the devils.

He felt tired just thinking of trying to clear all of those devils alone.

“… Damn it.”

As he slashed devil after devil, he couldn’t contain his annoyance.

The more devils he killed, the more he realized of their true numbers.

One devil was capable of taking down countless humans in a matter of seconds.

In that sense, it was clear just how quickly average humans were going to die as a result.

So he had to kill the devils spreading all over the world as quickly as possible.

That meant he had to go back to his basic mission.

There weren’t many devils out in the fields.

They were programmed to gather in one place, so it was not effective to do field checks when the devils had already spread.

Min Sung’s eyes flashed with a white light as he began running at an even faster speed.


The devils found the 2nd defense line in Mongolia.

They used their signaling system in order to notify the others.

As a result, the devils began gathering in the area around the 2nd magic wall.

The expected number had already arrived, but the devils waited until more showed up.

Their plan was to wait for as many to arrive before they could attack the wall and destroy it altogether.

The hunter in charge, who was watching this unfold from inside the magic wall, bit down on his lip with uneasiness.

If they happened to break down the 2nd defense line, the hunters who were protecting it were all going to die.

The hunter in charge as well as all of the other hunters on site prepared for their deaths.

Although Min Sung came to the country to help, they had only been notified of it recently.

They predicted that the 2nd defense line would go down before Min Sung Kang even arrived.

The hunters, who were in charge of the 2nd defense line, looked at the increasing number of devils while preparing for the afterlife.

They weren’t afraid of death.

But they were afraid of the defense line going down, and the devils dominating the future of their world.

After all, they had families.

And the hunters were protecting the defense line in order to protect them.

Clouds gathered in the sky followed by rain.

The hunters were watching the devils through the rain with much despair.

The devils decided that they had enough numbers and began to act on their mission.

The vibe changed completely.

The devils began attempting to bring down the defense line.

After seeing that, the hunters couldn’t hide their nervousness.

They took out their weapons. They prepared their items and scrolls and the magicians prepared to cast their spells.

They had to buy time.

That was their duty as hunters in charge of this place.

No matter how meaningless the efforts were going to be…

The hunters’ eyes were filled with combative spirit and fear.

Once the devils got through the magic wall, they were going to be annihilated.

The hunters all knew this, but they didn’t run.

They were going to die anyway.

It was best to die with honor by fighting until the end.

The hunters clenched down on their teeth with determined faces as they watched the devils charging toward the magic wall.

The devils all slammed against the magic wall.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The sound of the impact between the devils and the magic wall spread loudly.

In response to the loud noises, the hunters couldn’t help but flinch.

They were prepared to die, but they instinctively trembled anyway.

The devils with dark skin and long nails began swinging their claws in order to break through the magic wall.

Just watching that sight made their hearts ache due to their worries and fear for their family.

They knew very well what would happen once the wall came down.

They would die.

All the people would die.

As well as their families…

All they could think of as they saw the devils charge toward the magic wall was the death of humans and the safety of their families.

Since they knew they couldn’t win, fighting them was only going to buy them a little bit of time.

But they knew that would still be meaningful.

The devils were in their world, but they also had Min Sung Kang.

Just knowing that gave them strength.


The magic wall began to shake.

The magic wall was on the brink of destruction.

The speed of this magic wall coming down was much faster than when the devils first flooded out of the Black Tower.

This was the result of all of the devils gathering at the wall and attacking all at once.

At this rate, the 2nd defense line was going to be destroyed in no time.

Cracks began to form in the magic wall, and right before a hole formed in a part of the magic wall.

The sound of a fighter plane could be heard from a distance.

But it was actually the sound of air being ripped through.

The hunters inside the magic wall glanced around with puzzled looks on their faces.

A combat plane wasn’t going to make a dent in the devils.

They had confirmed this fact ever since the dungeons appeared, and they tested it out on the monsters.

Then who was the one causing this sound?

It didn’t make sense for the air force to make such an attempt in vain against the devils.

The hunter in charge as well as the other hunters glanced around looking for the source of the sound.

And a moment later…

They were able to confirm where it was coming from.

It was Min Sung Kang!

Min Sung Kang was slowing down his speed as he swung his Durandal.


Along with the sound of thunder, his sword activated a great magic force toward the devils against the wall.

A strong blinding light exploded in all four directions, causing the devils to disappear into thin air.

Just one attack caused more than half of the devils to disappear.

When the hunters inside the magic wall saw this, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The hunters inside the wall stared at Min Sung and the remaining devils had blank looks on their faces.

It was the famous hunter that they had only heard of.

The fake God was here.


He consumed quite a bit of his magic power.

Until now, he had never experienced fatigue as a result of using his magic power, but as soon as the devils flooded into the world, his body started to take a toll.

It had been a long time since he felt tired as a result of battle.

Rather than remembering the good old days, he was annoyed at the thought of the horrendous Demonic Realm.

His transparent Aura would have normally blocked the rain from hitting him, but since he had to save his Aura as much as possible, he let them fall upon him.

The rain felt refreshing.

It drenched his entire body.

Min Sung looked at the devils staring back at him as he said, “Sigh. I want some spicy seafood stew.”

Now that it was raining, he felt like having a nice glass of soju.

Min Sung sighed and began walking with the Durandal in his hand.

He sensed the devils tensing up at his every step.

Devils were surely annoying and bothersome, but just like in the Demonic Realm, they were so dumb that they often let go of their true nature.

Just like in the Demonic Realm, they had to dedicate their entire force to try to kill him first.

So that meant they were too dumb.


He used his sword skill.

The Durandal left Min Sung’s hand.

“Just die already so I can eat.”

At the same time, the Durandal flew toward the hoard of devils and caused an explosion.


The Durandal applied so much damage that the devils were annihilated.

As Min Sung charged toward the devils at high speed, he summoned his Durandal as he got closer and closer.

The Durandal quickly returned to Min Sung’s hands, and Min Sung displayed another blinding sight.

As a result of the fake God, the devils, who were trying to get past the magic wall, were dying away.