Chapter 183: Chapter 183


He had to save his magic power.

He decided that he had to preserve his condition if he wanted to proceed to the next region right away.

For that reason, Min Sung controlled the use of his magic power and used his saved Aura as instructed in the books obtained from the leader of Samchunkyo.

By utilizing that Aura as well, he was able to apply great attack force.

It was much easier this way.

Since he had only used his own Aura until now, using the Aura in standby felt new to him.

By doing this, he was able to recover his magic power while continuing to fight.

If it hadn’t been for that man in his dream, he wouldn’t have changed his mindest.

But if that world that he mentioned was true, he had to think about how to utilize his Aura in a more effective manner.

The books provided by the Samchunkyo leader talked about how to use the Aura saved in standby, but it wasn’t perfect.

If it was perfect, the Samchunkyo leader wouldn’t have died so easily.

That meant that using the Aura saved in standby came with limitations, but Min Sung wanted to get past that.

If possible, he wanted to use the Aura saved in standby along with his own magic power to attack at a much higher magnitude.

But that was just his hope.

But then again, the fact that he survived the Demonic Realm before coming back to the human world and killing devils was also made possible by starting out with just hope alone.



Min Sung’s magic power slashed off a devil’s leg causing him to let out a shriek.

Min Sung continued to slay devils in the midst of many other bodies of the devils he had already killed.

The devils used all of their power to attack Min Sung, but Min Sung’s Durandal prevented them from being able to approach him.

Although his line of vision was distorted due to the rain, the devils’ claws were unable to cut through Min Sung’s clothes, let alone his body.

‘Now that I’ve taken care of them…’

Min Sung’s eyes flashed.

The power that he held back exploded through the seal.

Min Sung’s inner magic power began to wriggle out.

His great force entered his Durandal, and the magic force exploded in order to make his identity known.


The light and explosion caused by the last magic force caused the remaining devils to disappear into thin air.


Around Min Sung’s feet was a puddle of devils’ blood and rain.

It was still raining heavily.

Min Sung swiped his hair back with his left hand. He put his Durandal in his item window with his right and then walked through the bloody water as he looked up at the sky.

This was region A, where Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol was set to arrive by private jet.

And just in time, he began to see the private jet in the sky.


As soon as they confirmed that the devils were gone, the Mongolian hunters opened a portion of the magic wall.

Min Sung passed through the crack.

The head hunter in charge approached him and paid his respects.

Min Sung was escorted to the inside of the 2nd defense line where the Warp Gate building was located.

“We are forever grateful that you came here after Korea. Thank you so much!”

The hunter in charge expressed his gratitude with sincerity and respect.

Min Sung waved his hand in response.

As soon as they arrived at the warp Gate building, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol were seen waiting for him at the entrance.

“Hunter Leader.”

In response to Min Sung’s calling, the hunter leader immediately stood up straight and saluted.

“Yes, Sir.”

“As soon as I leave, make sure you build additional magic walls here. Do you have enough men?”

“Of course, Sir.”

The car stopped in front of the Warp Gate building.

As soon as Min Sung got out of the car, Ho Sung Lee approached.

“Sir, my judgment was wrong. I apologize,” Ho Sung Lee said as he approached Min Sung with a stiffened face.

“I know,” Min Sung replied as he passed Ho Sung Lee and entered the Warp Gate building.

Bowl skipped toward Min Sung and jumped into his pocket.

As for Ssol, he picked up all of the items that Min Sung tossed at him.

After that, Ho Sung Lee stood right next to Min Sung.

“Sir, here are the documents pertaining to the current situation in nearby areas sent to us by General Kim of Central Institute.”

Min Sung checked the documents Ho Sung Lee handed over.

As soon as he saw it, Min Sung knitted his brows.

The material that Ji Yoo Kim sent him contained the cruel reality.

After breaking through the 1st defense line, those who couldn’t escape to the 2nd defense line died as a result of the devils.

A part of the world was destroyed because of the devils.

Min Sung wanted to break the tablet in his hands, but he wasn’t in a situation where he could use up his energy just for his feelings.


The fact that only Min Sung Kang could kill the devils brought upon two responses.

One was the hope that Min Sung Kang could protect the world.

But the other one was the anxiousness that their world would come to an end since Min Sung Kang was the only one who stood a chance.

But an unexpected situation occurred.

A dark force that was hiding behind Samchunkyo in China appeared.

They showed off great power against the devils.

Rather than using a 2nd defense line as support, the hunters of China were fighting the devils head-on.

A declaration of war that the hunters didn’t expect was made, and as Min Sung proceeded to his next destination through the Warp Gate, he heard this news.

But his face still looked dark.


Ho Sung Lee asked.

But Min Sung didn’t react as he continued to clench down on his teeth with a stiff look on his face

It wasn’t because he didn’t see it coming, but he didn’t know the magic walls would be torn down so quickly.

They were faster than he expected.

There was a total of 72 towers all around the world, and the devils were flooding out from there.

Even if he were to take care of the devils in each country, it was likely that half of the world would be in ruins in the meantime.

At this rate, the world was going to suffer an irreversible damage.

He didn’t think it through because he was so used to fighting alone.

Min Sung closed his eyes and thought for a while.

He had to think of a way to protect this world in the quickest and most effective way possible.

A moment later, Min Sung opened his eyes. He took out his phone from the item window and called Ji Yoo Kim of Central Institute.

The phone rang followed by a response.

Yes, Sir!

“Did you secure any information about the Devil Gods?”

Devil Gods…?

“They look different from devils. Their bodies are covered in snake scales. Have you seen them before?”

Not yet, but I’ll call you as soon as I know something. We’re continuing to keep watch, so we’ll let you know as soon as we see something.


Min Sung hung up and thought once more.

He then opened his mouth.

“I have to find the Devil God.”

In response to Min Sung’s sudden remark, everyone showed confused looks on their faces.

“I need to bring down the head. If the Devil God dies, the other devils will lose their power. It’s a waste of time to keep going after the small fires. We’ll lose too much.”

In response to Min Sung’s explanation, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol nodded in understanding.

“Did the Devil God appear in the fields as well?”

Ho Sung Lee asked.

“We don’t know yet.”

Ho Sung Lee showed a sad look on his face.

“But what if we don’t find the Devil God, or we kill him but that doesn’t do anything to the devils…?”

Ho Sung Lee grimaced as he trailed off.

“You’re right. That’s possible, but even if we were to keep going…”

Min Sung’s face grew dark.

“It’s all meaningless.”

Ever since the 1st defense line was destroyed, an unimaginable number of casualties took place, and the number was only growing.

At this rate, even if China declared war on the devils, Min Sung was unable to catch up to how quickly the devils were killing humans.

Ho Sung Lee nodded.

“Okay. Then have you decided on our next destination?”

“I’m going to go without you.”

“… Pardon?”

Ho Sung Lee tilted his head in confusion.

“I’m only taking the golden goblin. Ho Sung, you help the Chinese hunters with Bowl.”

Ho Sung Lee gulped with a pale face.

“You want me to join the Chinese hunters…?”


“It’s true that I’m a miscellaneous type, but I’m still not that capable. I won’t be of much help, and I’ll probably get killed by a devil in no time.”


Ho Sung Lee looked hurt.

He showed his hurt feelings on his face, but Min Sung didn’t care.

“How long are you going to hide behind me for?”

Min Sung asked.

Ho Sung Lee avoided Min Sung’s gaze and dropped his head.


“Ho Sung. Lift your head and straighten out your shoulders. You have to survive.”

Ho Sung Lee sighed in response.

“I’ve always thought of everything as a crisis, but compared to the past crises, this one is much worse. Haha, I’m sorry. I wanted to fight alongside you, but in reality…”

Ho Sung Lee laughed.

His face showed that he was already preparing for his end.

“It’s not that there’s no way.”

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung with curiosity.

“Eat devils,” Min Sung said with a calm look in his eyes.