Chapter 187: Chapter 187

Pouring rain

Dirt mixed with blood.

The traces of human and devil bodies.

In a place resembling Hell, the devils all over the world looked toward the same direction and began running that way.

The devils, who were so determined to take over the world, disappeared through cracks in space in the blink of an eye.

People who were prepared to be killed by devils were confused, but once they realized they were alive, they were either relieved or fainted.


The Demon King, Veld, was furious.

That was because the dumb devils were spreading ashes over finished rice.

The Rank 1 Devil God, Zeke, had the power to make commands to the rest of the devils.

But Veld never imagined he would summon all of the devils to their Black Towers.

Veld communicated with the Devil Gods through his trill.

What do you think you’re doing? Why are you summoning the devils back to the Black Towers?


He demanded an answer through the trill, but the Devil Gods didn’t respond.

Veld was angered by this.

Tell the devils to attack the humans!

The Demon King was able to control the Devil Gods, but the ones who could control the devils below them were the Devil Gods.

And since Devil Gods were different devils, they didn’t simply react instinctively to commands without thinking.

“We’ve been preparing for decades. How could you…!”

Veld was conflicted as he looked into his glass ball.

He wondered if he should go to where the Devil Gods and Black Slaughterer were and convince them, or if he should just plan for the future.

He made his decision quickly.

The reason why he didn’t move with the Devil Gods was for his own safety.

After all, if the Demon King died, the Demonic Realm would come to an end.

Veld looked into his glass ball and then smashed it into pieces with his fist.


“As you can see, the Devil Gods are returning to the Black Towers. We will stop this war, so please send us back,” the Rank 1 Devil God, Zeke, pleaded.

Min Sung allowed the rain to hit him as he looked around.

As a result of their short battle, their surroundings were in ruins.

He didn’t have to look at the rest of the world to know what happened everywhere else.

“You sure are shameless for someone who came here and caused this commotion,” Min Sung said in a low and sharp voice.

Just the sound of his voice made the Devil Gods shiver, and what he said made them feel burdened.

“But if you try to kill us, we’ll have no choice but to summon the devils again. I doubt you want that.”

Min Sung, who was taking a look around, glared at the Devil God, Zeke and laughed.

“That’s true, but it’s usually just one of you who have the military authority.”

Their system in the Demonic Realm was as detailed and precise as their greed, and that worked to his advantage this time.

“… Gasp?!”

When Zeke jolted his eyes wide open, the Durandal had already left Min Sung’s hands.

Min Sung’s Durandal went through Zeke’s neck at a lightning-fast speed.

Since he had his guard down during the negotiation, he failed to block Min Sung’s sudden attack.

Zeke disappeared into thin air without even the chance to transform back into his real form.

The remaining Devil Gods looked at Min Sung in fear, and they were unable to move their bodies.

“If you had eliminated me, you would’ve been able to take over the human world with your devils again, but you’re still just as greedy as I remember.”

Despite the fact that Min Sung had just used his sword skill to kill Rank 1 Zeke, he still had enough energy to face off against the other Devil Gods.

And since their most powerful Devil God had died, they were already much weaker than before.

The Devil Gods surrendered to their anxiousness.

“We’ve given up on the war! We surrender!”

“Put down your sword.”

“We promise. We won’t…”

“We won’t…!”

The Devil Gods surrendered from all four directions.

Seeing them being so noisy on their own made Min Sung see them as cute, and that tempted him to tease them further, but whatever the case, they had come from the dreadful Demonic Realm, and that reality got in the way of Min Sung’s attachment.

He had to kill them as soon as possible.

Min Sung’s Durandal refused to accept their pleads for a negotiation.


The sound of thunder and lightning reverberated throughout the place.

The Devil Gods began to shed blood as they transformed into their original form.

“This coward…”

“We surrendered…!”

Despite the fact that they were from the Demonic Realm, the Devil Gods reacted in a way that reminded him of human emotions.

This amused Min Sung, while also being unpleasant and worrying.

Min Sung’s Durandal trembled with magic power while making noises resembling that of a savage beast.

“Let’s get going, so I can eat.”

Min Sung glared at the Devil Gods with no forgiveness.

It was impossible for the Devil Gods to run away from Min Sung.

The Devil Gods had never faced off against Min Sung when he was fully hydrated and fed.

Before this, they had always fought Min Sung when he was deprived of sleep and nutrients.

So now that Min Sung was in his best condition, the Devil Gods fully realized that Black Slaughterer was their biggest natural enemy.

Min Sung began a full round of annihilation as if he was a wasp killing little bees.

The Devil Gods, who transformed back into their original form, did their best to attack, but Min Sung easily dodged every attack and disabled all of their magic.

He then went on to apply fatal damage upon the Devil Gods.

Min Sung was unshaken as he maintained his leisure and stability.

The Devil Gods’ attacks weren’t a threat while Min Sung was full of energy.

Every time Min Sung’s Durandal struck the Devil Gods, they trembled and screamed in pain.

Most importantly, Min Sung knew the Devil Gods’ habits, which meant he knew exactly what move they would dish out next.

Since he was in his optimal condition and even had information on them, it was a fight he wouldn’t lose.

In addition, Min Sung also used all sorts of techniques from the Samchunkyo books, making it easier for him to freely utilize his magic.

Min Sung effortlessly teased the Devil Gods, who almost turned the human world into Hell after putting everyone in fear.

The Devil Gods were so weak against Min Sung that it almost looked pathetic.

If someone from the skies saw this, they would pity them wondering how they could be called Devil Gods.


He sensed another signal from his belly.

Min Sung glared down at the Devil Gods and clenched tightly onto his Durandal.

“Get out of my world.”

Min Sung’s Durandal gave off magic power that radiated brightly.

Min Sung’s magic power was targeted toward the Devil Gods that were still left.

That magic power swallowed the Devil Gods whole.

The Devil Gods, who had enough power to destroy the human world, got ripped up and disappeared due to Min Sung’s sword.


When the top-ranking Devil Gods were annihilated by the Black Slaughterer, the remaining Devil Gods became uneasy.

They stopped in their tracks and became conflicted in the chaos.

The Demon King, Veld, tried to give military authority to one of the Devil Gods, but none of them wanted to accept it.

The human world was currently too dangerous because the Black Slaughterer was there, and the Devil Gods sensed it.

They might have been able to use the devils to take over half of this world, but if they were to do that, the proabblity that they would be killed by Black Slaughterer was too high.

Take the military authority and take over the human world!

Veld screamed at the Devil Gods, but…

“What’s the good in that? We’ll end up getting killed by the Black Slaughterer in the meantime.”

“We weren’t ready. We must go back to the Demonic Realm.”

“The Black Slaughterer is too powerful…”

“If we’re too greedy, we could lose everything.”

“We must step back.”

“We should prepare again…”

The greedy Devil Gods advised to Veld that they should go back to the Demonic Realm.

The Demon King, Veld, was so furious that he shouted in rage with a flushed face.


The towers began disappearing all over the world.

That meant that Veld and the Devil Gods were returning to the Demonic Realm.

As soon as the Black Towers began to disappear, the scared humans began to poke their heads out again.

Thanks to Min Sung Kang, the dark world found the light again.

The first ones to act were the reporters who were still alive.

They were the first ones to spread the word that Min Sung kicked the devils out.

Shortly afterward, people began to return to their original places.

They were still anxious, but a part of them also held strong feelings regarding Min Sung.

Min Sung was the only one who saved the world from the Demonic Realm, and everybody knew that.

To everybody in the world, Min Sung was now a myth and a guardian.

The media continuously published articles about Min Sung’s power, and as a result, the people learned just how important he was.

Min Sung, who kicked out the devils, Devil Gods, and the Black Towers, was now labeled as a God in everybody’s minds.


As soon as all of the Black Towers disappeared, people found stability once more, but it wasn’t over just yet.

When they were happy that the dungeons were gone, the Black Tower appeared.

They couldn’t be certain that the world was safe for good just because the Black Towers were gone.

As a result, they were even more anxious than before.

Although the citizens still trembled in anxiousness, they still had hope thanks to Min Sung’s existence

He was the reason they could smile again.