Chapter 192: Chapter 192


Min Sung, who was resting well at home, entered the living room in order to have some juice when a system message popped up.

[You’re too far away from Ssol, with whom you have a contract with.]

[The golden goblin Ssol is anxious.]

[The golden goblin Ssol is becoming more and more anxious.]

[The owner needs to be by his side in order to stabilize the golden goblin Ssol.]

Min Sung knitted his brows at the constant system pop-ups as he poured himself a cup of orange juice

After taking a nice sip, he clicked his tongue and left the house.


As soon as he left the house in his car, the reporters swarmed in like wild animals.

Min Sung ignored their requests for interviews.

He had no interest in acting like a monkey in front of the media.

Min Sung drove through the reporters and headed to where ‘Propose 101’ was taking place.

As soon as he arrived, there were 100 goblins on top of a vibrant stage, and the organization employees were working hard to keep them under control.

While the sounds of goblins crying rang from all directions, the celebrity host showed a puzzled look on his face.

Despite the chaos, ‘Propose 101’ was proceeding as planned.

[The golden goblin Ssol is beginning to stabilize.]

Ssol’s face began to loosen up, and then he looked around. He spotted Min Sung and then waved his hand like a little kid.

When Min Sung saw Ssol waving his hand while sitting on top of the pyramid stairs, he greeted him back by showing him the palm of his hand.

Ho Sung Lee also bowed and greeted him with surprise.




Goblins cried from all directions.

‘So noisy.’

Min Sung began to show his violent and temperamental self again.

In order to control the goblins, Min Sung let out a vibe that monsters were afraid of.

As soon as he did, the goblins grew silent as if they had cold water poured on top of them.

When the goblins became tame, the celebrity host was surprised and took that chance to proceed with the show.

The first thing to do was seating the female goblins according to their appearances.

For Min Sung, it was difficult for him to see the difference between any of them, but Ssol surprisingly had a clear preference.

Ssol sat the female goblins according to their rank without any hesitation.

The real blind date began once all of the goblins were seated.


Ssol thought to himself.

Since there were 100 female goblins here, there had got to be one that he could take home.

He proceeded with the blind date with that anticipation in mind.

The blind date was planned so that he could have one-on-one interactions with each of them on stage, but since there were many of them, he didn’t have much time.

As soon as the blind dates began…


As soon as a female goblin sat across from the golden goblin Ssol, she screamed as if she wanted to kill him.

Although Ssol was taken aback, he tried to be friendly with the female goblin in 1st place, but the female goblin wriggled around in resistance.

She looked at him as if she was going to kill him.

In response, Ssol showed a hurt expression on his face.

It wasn’t that he didn’t see it coming, but having it happen in real life made him feel hurt and sad.

The start was so depressing that Ho Sung Lee became impatient.

Ssol was so naïve that he had a weak mentality, and just as Ho Sung Lee felt anxious about, the second and third female goblins reacted in the same way, making Ssol more and more discouraged.

Every single one of the female goblins turned Ssol down.

They were going to fail at this rate.

Ho Sung Lee squeezed his temple as he thought of a way to make him succeed.

If he failed, he was going to be beaten to death by Min Sung.

Mission failed.

Expectations not met.


These three things were what Ho Sung Lee hated and was the most afraid of.

‘I need to find a way.’

Ho Sung Lee thought hard before he jolted his eyes open.

Since he couldn’t turn this around with a normal method, he had to approach it in a different way.

That was when he thought of an idea that was similar to the answer of a nonsense problem.

‘I have no other choice.’

Ho Sung Lee began moving.


When the host called for a break, Ho Sung Lee borrowed tranquilizers from the organization employees.

After acquiring enough, the blind dates began again.

Ho Sung Lee shot the tranquilizer at the female goblins that had the blind date with Ssol but turned him down.

When the other female goblins saw that, they immediately grew agitated.

They were scared.

Once they fainted from the tranquilizer, the organization employee dragged them away.

This was an effective method.

As soon as a few goblins got shot down and dragged away, the other goblins began to act differently.

He made it clear that they would be tranquilized if they rejected Ssol as if he was training a pet, and it was effective.

It was immoral, but he had no other choice if he wanted to turn things around.


“Hey, Ssol. Get a hold of yourself.”

Ho Sung Lee patted Ssol on the back to cheer him up like a boxer’s coach and shook him by the shoulder.

Ssol’s eyes were hazy.

“Hey, don’t be discouraged. You think they hate you, don’t you? Haha, it’s not like that.”

In response, Ssol looked up at Ho Sung Lee.

“They’re just a little shocked because you look different, but didn’t I tell you? You’re special. You’re so special that you’re superior. No wonder the female goblins feel uncomfortable with the blind dates.”

“But they all hate me…”

“They’re just not used to it yet, and Ssol, since you’re different from other goblins, you don’t have to have partners like they do.”

Ssol looked at Ho Sung Lee with a dazed face.

Ho Sung Lee continued, “Ssol, look how special you are. You’re completely gold. You’re worth so much. Do you know what that means?”

Ssol shook his head in response.

“That means you’re the king of goblins.”

Ssol’s eyes grew wide.

“I’m the king…?”

“Yeah. The king. You’re the king and legend of goblins, so you don’t have to explain yourself. After all, in the animal kingdom, only the strongest males get females. You know that, right?”

Ssol rolled his eyes and then nodded to what Ho Sung Lee had to say.

“Ssol, who are you?”

“A-a king. I’m the king of goblins.”

“Yeah. You are. A strong one at that, so don’t look for validation and dominate over the females with your power.”


Ho Sung Lee laughed.

“Hey. You have me. I’ll help you.”

Ho Sung Lee’s words of encouragement turned Ssol’s sadness into a smile.


Ho Sung Lee just said it as last words of encouragement, but it actually had a large effect on Ssol.

They sent up a few male goblins up to the stage, and in order to win over females, they began to fight Ssol in order to determine the rank.

But it was impossible for ordinary male goblins to stand a chance against Ssol, who was unimaginably fast.

Ssol defeated the other male goblins at the speed of light.

That was how he proved that he was a powerful male, and when the female goblins saw that, their attitudes changed.

A goblin who was able to defeat any male goblin that got in his way.

A goblin who could interact with humans.

The thought of him being a special goblin began to win the female goblins over.

That was the part Ho Sung Lee was targeting.

He set up a show with Ssol to do just that.

They made it so that the female goblins would have no choice but to rely on Ssol, and in order to do that, they had to increase Ssol’s ‘worth’, and it wasn’t long before an unbelievable phenomenon unfolded before their eyes.

The female goblins began to fight in order to appeal themselves to Ssol.

They glared at each other, and Ssol regained his confidence and smiled.

The place turned into a festival.

Ho Sung Lee put a floral necklace around Ssol’s neck and put a floral crown on his head.

Ssol danced with the female goblins and had a blast.

‘Propose 101’ was a success.


“Sir, it’s been resolved.”

Ho Sung Lee briefed Min Sung about Ssol’s blind date.

Min Sung, who was sitting in a chair, nodded as he got up.

After telling Ho Sung Lee that he did a good job and to wrap it up nicely, he left Ho Sung Lee to finish things off and went outside.

Since Ssol was more stable than ever, he didn’t have to stay here anymore.

More importantly, he felt like he had to leave so that Ssol could have an even more fun time.


On his way home, he received a call.

The person who was calling was General Ji Yoo Kim from Central Institute.

Min Sung answered it while driving.

“What is it?”

Do you have some time? I need to tell you something.

“Is it important?”

It is.

“Come over to my house.”

Min Sung hung up.