Chapter 195: Chapter 195

There were many different types of side dishes.

There were stir-fried anchovies, kimchi, fried fish cakes, and many more on the table.

And not long afterward, the main course of the lunch special came out.

The unique aspect about it was the fact that they continued to bring out dishes that were normally eaten for lunch.

At first, soybean stew and Bibimbap came out.

However, when they thought that that was it, they brought out egg rolls, lettuce and garlic, and Bulgogi with hot peppers.

And that still wasn’t it.

Curry came out afterward, and inside the curry was a lot of Korean beef.

Min Sung looked at the dishes with surprised eyes and tilted his head.

“Why are they giving us so much? No way…”

“No, it’s not because they know you. They normally give you this much.”

“For 6,000 won?”

“Yes. They’re famous for being surprisingly cost-effective.”

When Ho Sung Lee said that, a crowd of company employees came in for lunch.

And every single one of them froze up as soon as they saw Min Sung and even screamed.

Ho Sung Lee immediately brought them under control so that Min Sung would not be harmed.

Meanwhile, hot rice came out.

Ho Sung Lee came back to his seat. He handed Min Sung a spoon, and Min Sung began eating.

He put a spoonful of rice in his mouth followed by some Kimchi.

It was good.

The sweet yet salty scent of the Kimchi made his tastebuds very happy.

It almost felt like his stomach was setting off fireworks.

He then put Bulgogi, garlic, and pepper into a leaf of lettuce and put it into his mouth.

Om nom-!

He enjoyed the flavors of the wrap in his mouth as he spooned up some of the soybean stew.

The soybean stew tasted very strong.

The famous flavor of the soybean stew was a work of art.

After that was the curry.

He placed some curry on top of his rice. He mixed it around and then put it into his mouth.

Since the curry contained beef, it tasted different from other curries.

The Korean beef made the curry taste so luxurious that it was hard to believe that the lunch special was only 6,000 won.

On top of that, the steaming egg rolls were so yellow that they looked adorable.

Min Sung picked up a piece of the cute egg rolls and put it into his mouth.

Min Sung, who chewed on the egg roll and then swallowed down another spoonful of the soybean stew, thought about just how much he respected Korean food.

No other country could copy the traditional flavors of Korean food.

It had a special trustworthy quality that couldn’t be replaced by anything else.

That was what Korean food was.

Min Sung smiled as he ate more of the soybean stew.


Once they finished their meal, they went to a café nearby.

The price of an iced Americano was 2,000 won.

Since it wasn’t a franchise, the coffee was cheap.

But the inside of the shop was large. The interior was modern, and it was decorated in a simple manner.

The only downside to the shop was that its coffee lacked in quality due to its cheap cost.

Min Sung tasted the coffee that Ho Sung Lee delivered and expressed his surprise.

Despite its cheap price of 2,000 won, the Americano was strong.

It was so strong that even after the ice melted, the flavors were still very much alive.

The owner of the coffee shop must have been a generous person.

While he experienced the surprisingly deep flavors of the Americano.

“Sir,” Ho Sung Lee called.

“About what we talked about before our meal.”

Min Sung looked at Ho Sung Lee, and Ho Sung Lee continued, “About my change.”

“I’m not interested.”

“Please hear me out.”

Min Sung put down his coffee cup and looked at Ho Sung Lee.

That was his way of saying keep going.

“I thought about what you said about how I’m not even worth 1 person.”


“I couldn’t come up with a solution.”

Min Sung knitted his brows, but Ho Sung Lee continued without pausing,

“I decided I don’t have enough potential right now to satisfy your expectations, so I thought I had to change myself first. I was a really bad human being. I was just trash in a dark alley. How can a person like that shine brightly? On top of that, my light wouldn’t even shine beside a person as bright as you.”

“So you’re just going to despise yourself?”

“No, I’m saying I won’t be swayed anymore. No matter what you say, I won’t let myself get caught up in the past and just move toward the future.”


“I decided to change my ways. Trying to get stronger to assist you would just be like hitting a rock with an egg, so I decided to change paths. I’m just going to give it my all at being your best supporter.”

Min Sung smiled and picked up his coffee again.

Ho Sung Lee continued, “I received compensation from Central Institute. They gave me money for losing my weapon and fighting with my life. I don’t know if I deserve that money, but she said I had no reason to refuse it, so I accepted it, and I used that money to change my special skill.”

“To supporter?”

“That’s right.”

“So you’ve given up. You gave up because you decided you can’t overcome a limit.”

“No, I thought about this carefully and made the right decision. I acknowledged my limits, accepted it, and devised a new strategy for my next step.”

“Okay, but there won’t be much of a difference even if you changed your special kill to supporter.”

“But there’s the weapon of a changed mindset.”

“Changed mindset?”

“Yes. The power of a changed mindset will help you more than you think.”


“I didn’t know this, but General Kim of Central Institute told me that I’m pretty smart, and that’s what made me realize that if I used my brains, it could actually become a fairly sharp weapon.”

“You think you can make better decisions than me in terms of combat?”

“Even for you, it’s impossible to always make perfect decisions. In the skill change that I’ve made are also those kinds of abilities. Let me become your shortcuts and your new direction.”

“Where is this confidence coming from?”

Ho Sung Lee laughed.

“At first, I thought you only brought me around for meals, but I later realized why you actually picked me. I don’t think you would’ve picked me just for food recommendations. I know you’re not that kind of person.”

Ho Sung Lee continued, “And something else I realized was that no matter how lacking I am, I have to have confidence in order to reap the results that you want.”

“Baseless confidence will only bring upon harm.”

“I know, so I’m going to prove to you that I’ve grown. You’ll see it soon enough.”

Min Sung slowly got up and looked down at Ho Sung Lee with cold eyes.

Ho Sung Lee confidently accepted the gaze unlike before.

Min Sung grabbed his coffee and smirked.

“I guess you won’t have to sleep in the yard anymore. Congratulations on becoming a human being.”

Right as Ho Sung Lee smiled…


Min Sung cut off Ho Sung Lee ‘s smile.


“If you choose to use that sharp weapon of yours, don’t make a mistake. If you do, that’ll only prove that what you just said is all a lie.”

Ho Sung Lee sprung up. He breathed in and out and then smiled.

“Yes, Sir.”


While Woong Jang and Sia Jang unpacked their clothes and groceries from their enjoyable shopping run, Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee arrived at the penthouse of Grand World Tower.

Woong Jang and Sia Jang greeted them, and after Min Sung gave them a short nod, he immediately went to his room.

“Where did you go?”

In response to Ho Sung Lee’s question, Woong Jang and Sia Jang didn’t answer. They checked out Ho Sung Lee’s outfit and exclaimed in awe.

Ho Sung Lee put his hand on his chin. He stuck out his hip and struck a nice pose.

“Don’t I look good?”

Woong Jang smiled and patted Ho Sung Lee on the shoulder.

“Nice suit, but it looks expensive,” Woong Jang said.

“I decided to go for it. This is my way of implementing my new mindset.”

“What’s more important than your outfit is your actual heart inside. You know that, right?”

“Haha, of course.”

Sia Jang bit down on her lower lip and kneed Ho Sung Lee on the butt.

“You only bought nice things for yourself? What about us? Do you have a gift for Grandpa and me?”

Ho Sung Lee looked at Sia Jang in shock and laughed.

“Why would I do that for a stranger? If you want a gift, maybe you should start dating me,” Ho Sung Lee said casually.

Woong Jang quietly approached Ho Sung Lee and grabbed him by the throat.

“How dare you say such a thing?”

Woong Jang showed a threatening face that he had never seen before, making Ho Sung Lee avoid his gaze immediately.

Woong Jang then let go of Ho Sung Lee’s throat. He laughed and hit Ho Sung Lee on the back.

“I’m just kidding. Hahahahaha!”

But when he saw Woong Jang walking off, he knew he wasn’t joking.

“Do you really think I’d date you? I’d rather not get a present then.”

When Sia Jang elbowed him on his side, he got a text message.

Ho Sung Lee took out his phone and checked the message while still getting hit by Sia Jang.

At that moment, Ho Sung Lee’s face was overcome with shock.