Chapter 233: Chapter 233

“Hm… Is that right?”

Ho Sung Lee stroked his chin as he looked back at the girl as she was eating.

“And there was no one else that was as evil as that man?” Ho Sung Lee asked.

The reason why he asked this question was simple.

He felt for her.

She was young and was put through so much torture, but not a single person was there to help her.

If Min Sung Kang hadn’t stepped up, this girl would have been dead by now.

After all, that player was merciless.

The fact that she was eating right now was no different from a miracle.

‘Phew… No matter how much time passes, I don’t have the power to protect someone.’

Regardless of the fact that this world was unrealistic.

“I’m fine,” the girl responded.

Ho Sung Lee smirked.

He was impressed by how strong the girl was for her size.

She might have been better than him.

Ho Sung Lee sighed as he turned his eyes toward the ocean.

Something caught his eye.

A large ship was approaching their way.

Ho Sung Lee was a hunter as well, and since he hung around Min Sung Kang for a while, he had become stronger despite how it might’ve looked.

As a result, his eyesight improved as well, and the ship that caught his eye seemed suspicious.

It seemed different from a typical ship.

“… A pirate ship?”

Ho Sung Lee grumbled without realizing it.

That was because the ship he saw looked all too similar to the pirate ships he was used to seeing.

There was a scary drawing of a skull at the front, and he saw cannons, as well as a large sculpture of a skull at the top of the ship.

There was no doubt that it was a pirate ship.

As soon as Ho Sung Lee stared at the pirate ship, the girl stopped eating and turned around.

“That’s okay. It always just passes by. They’ve never messed with us.”

Ho Sung Lee felt relieved by what the girl said, but something crossed his mind.

The leader of the port city, Pheus had died.

That meant the pirates on that ship no longer had anything to fear.

He had a feeling the pirate ship was heading this way so that they could plunder this ship.

Ho Sung Lee frowned.

It could just pass by as the girl said, but he couldn’t be that optimistic.

“Stop eating.”

Ho Sung Lee held the girl under one of his arms and ran over to Min Sung in the VVIP room.


The captain of the pirate ship, Praus, stroked his beard as he waited to be closer to the ship.

He had starved for a very long time.

He was craving blood, flesh, and plunder.

Praus’ heart pounded at the thought of finally relieving his cravings today.

He was full of lust and desire to kill.

More than plundering, he felt more stimulated by harassing human beings.

‘Go on.’

‘Be afraid.’

‘The pirate king, Praus, has arrived!’

As a result of Praus’ magic power, the waves around the ships grew more violent.

“S-Sir, the steering house said the waves are too rough…”

In response to the subordinate’s report, Praus snickered and tried to calm himself down from all the excitement.

Pheus had lived in a dark shadow like a stray cat for way too long!

Now that Pheus was dead and the player that killed him didn’t show much interest in the region, he had the world all to himself.

As soon as the ship got close enough, Preus hopped on to the other ship that came from Haikman.

Once Preus landed, he opened his item window.

He grabbed the hammer that would destroy all of his opponents.

As soon as Preus grabbed onto the hammer, a zapping noise rang as a current wrapped around his hand.

He recently turned into a player that used current-related magic, allowing him to grow at a rapid pace.

As long as it wasn’t Pheus, he wasn’t afraid of any player.

He was confident he could slam down anybody flat with his hammer.

“Bow your heads!”

Preus jolted his eyes open. He opened his arms wide and shouted loudly.

In response to Preus’ appearance, the people on top of the ship trembled in fear.


While he tried to fall asleep, he heard someone running down the halls.

Min Sung opened his eyes, and the door to the VVIP room opened.

“Sir, pirates are here,” said Ho Sung Lee in an urgent voice while holding the girl on one side.

“… Pirates?”

“I saw a pirate ship. They’ll be here…”

Before HO Sung Lee could finish, they heard a commotion upstairs.

Min Sung squinted his eyes.

“Why is it always so noisy on this ship?”

“Haha, I know, right?”

Ho Sung Lee smiled awkwardly and looked upward.

“There are a lot of people up there.”

He felt stressed.


Min Sung closed his eyes. He sighed and slowly got off his bed.

The girl underneath Ho Sung Lee’s arm stared at him.

Min Sung sighed once more and stepped outside.


As soon as he got to the top of the ship, he heard one man screaming at his subordinates.

Min Sung stared at him as he walked closer.

When he got too stressed, he usually didn’t have any emotions or thoughts.

But at that moment…

[Warning: System Skills are automatically activated.]

[Current force figures in preparation for the sitatuion. You are somewhat emotional. If you don’t control it, the ship could sink in the worst-case scenario.]

[That will not put the players in danger.]

[However, the Beatrice natives will 100% be killed.]

Min Sung knitted his brows.

‘Why are there so many system messages I’ve never seen before?’

He was able to find out the answer to that just a moment later.

[The ‘angels’ that invested their experience points in you bought the ‘hidden card’ and put it to use.]

A white flash passed by in front of his eyes.

And the system messages continued to pop up.

But the content was very different.

[Here’s why the use of the hidden card caused for these system messages.]

[The angels that invested their experience points to kind players feel threatened by how fast you’re growing.]

[For that reason, they’ve begun to involve themselves in the system.]

[Since they can’t involve themselves physically, the Dionysus Gods that invested their experience points in you are urging you to ignore the system messages.]

Min Sung sighed loudly.

‘I can’t believe this.’

Min Sung looked up at the sky in pity. He put his hands on his hips and walked toward the pirate captain, Praus.

While everyone was watching, the pirate captain, Praus, was ripping the clothes of a pretty woman with a hammer in his hand.

As soon as Min Sung approached him, his subordinates jolted their eyes wide open.

“Who’s this bastard?”

“Piss off!”

“How dare you stand in front of our captain?”

Some of them tried to intimidate him.

He sensed it.

They weren’t even worth the use of a weapon.

Min Sung had no thoughts or emotions and simply stared at the players that were charging toward him with a straight face.

‘How is it possible that such losers are the best of their own stars?’

‘And why are there so many of these useless bastards?’

‘But then again, the universe is very large.’

Min Sung had such thoughts as he swung his fist.

Min Sung’s fist was so fast that neither the pirate captain, Praus, or his subordinates could see it with their naked eyes.

And as for shielding?

It was impossible.

They were beaten to a pulp.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

It was the sound of pain.

One man got punched in the face, another got his intestines punched in, and another even lost his entire upper body.

Once he started using his fist, he realized that he might have been overexcited just as the system messages told him.

The build up of stress made him use more force than usual.

But since he had so much power that he couldn’t even use it all, he just used it on them.

If he hadn’t’ minded the system messages, he might have destroyed the entire ship by now.

Once Praus’ subordinates became too gruesome to even look at, the top of the ship froze still like ice.

But as expected, Min Sung’s facial expression didn’t change one bit.

He was simply annoyed that such useless bastards were getting in the way of his break and his going back home.

And the fact that he kept getting held up in Beatrice just because he was powerful was the main cause behind his stress.

‘Haven’t I suffered enough in the Demonic Realm?’

‘Why do I have to go through all this trouble in Beatrice, too?’

As soon as Min Sung’s eyes turned cold, the pirates froze still and were unable to say anything.

Min Sung looked at the pirate captain, Praus, who was staring at him blankly.

“W-w-who are you…?!” Praus asked while stuttering.

Min Sung didn’t feel like talking.

He didn’t feel like fighting either.

It almost felt like when he felt too lazy to catch a fly.

“Just go,” said Min Sung in a low voice.

And then something fascinating happened.

He instinctively knew he had to avoid this fight, but it was human nature to suddenly find the bravery to fight when they didn’t have all the information.

The pirate captain, Praus, became the tiger moth that couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

He blew magic power into the hammer in his right hand.

As soon as he did, the hammer made a large zapping noise as a result of the current.

‘Huh? Would you look at that?’

Min Sung laughed.

He was fascinated that he had a similar ability.