Chapter 235: Chapter 235

The commander, ‘Lownie’, who had his right arm completely covered with tattoos, took off his hood.

He then guessed where the bastard was located and took out his large sword from his item window.

It had a wide and long blade.

A sword the size of 5 long swords combined.

But despite its large size, he held it up effortlessly as if he wasn’t bothered by its weight at all.

While he focused on the sounds and figured out their location, the commander, Lownie, began moving with his sword before the monster, local, showed himself.

He figured out its location through sound alone.

Lownie stabbed his sword into the sand.


The sand exploded, causing for the sand to fly in all four directions, and at the same time, Lownie was able to see the large local with his eyes.

The local charged toward Lownie at an incredible speed with his body and tail wriggling from side to side.

Lownie clenched his teeth and used his sword to slash the tail.


The intense sound of the sword.

The tail clashed off, and as soon as Lownie tried to approach, the local used its magic,


The local flashed with a green light, drawing its magic on the ground below him.

A grey light flashed in all 4 directions.

As soon as he was exposed to that light, the poison spread throughout his body, causing paralysis.

But Lownie calmly took out an item from his item window.

It was an item called ‘reflective mirror’.

It was a shield resembling a piece of glass, but it was the strongest shield item to block out any kind of magic.

As soon as he used that shield, the scorpion monster, local, was unable to use any of his magic.

Monsters also needed magic power to use their skills, and once they used it once, there was a cool time before they could use it again.

It needed time to recover its magic power before using the skill again, and that duration was an opportunity to suffer great damage.

And there was no way Lownie was going to miss that opportunity.

Lowie blew his magic power into his sword.

As soon as he did, the same pattern that was tattooed on his right arm showed up on the sword, causing for an intense blue light to shine.

And he used that sword to stab into the local’s body.


Along with a blinding blue light, the local exploded into a million pieces on the spot.

Since the local contained poison, as soon as the blood spilled onto the sand, it caused for an intense smoke to form.

After collecting the items from the local’s body, Lownie looked back at his subordinates.

The subordinates were all smiling at him in admiration.

But that was when their expressions changed.


It wasn’t just one local.

The locals that popped out behind the subordinates used their magic while swinging their poisonous tails.

Lownie jolted his eyes wide open and watched his subordinates die before he could do anything about it.

Lownie glared at the locals that killed his subordinates and charged toward them with a deafening scream.

But the locals dug back into the sand.

Lownie tried to chase them down while biting down on his lip, but the locals had already hidden away after completing their objective.

After losing the locals, Lownie looked back at his subordinates in frustration.

His subordinates had died without even closing their eyes.

Lownie breathed heavily and dropped his shoulder.

He didn’t expect the scorpion locals to show up while they crossed the desert.

Since they were normally outside of the desert to secure food around this time, he thought it was going to be safe, but they were out of luck.

Lownie collected his subordinate’s bodies with a dejected look on his face


They began to see the desert.

It was Pierra Desert.

Once they crossed this desert, they were going to arrive at the first city in the inner continent.

The desert was vast, but at the pace they were going, they were going to arrive in a short span of time.

But before they entered Pierra Desert, Ho Sung Lee reached his limit.

Sir, can we take a break?

He used the trill to send him a message.

When he slowed down and looked behind him, he saw Ho Sung Lee, who was about to collapse with his tongue sticking out due to his thirst.

Min Sung stopped and checked the time.

“We’ll take a 10 minute break.”


Ho Sung Lee plopped down on the sand.

Some sand entered his clothes, but Ho Sung Lee didn’t care as he did his best to catch his breath.

Min Sung took out a bottle of water from his item window. He drank it and put it back into his item window before scanning around him.

The heat of the desert flowed through his body, and the sun was setting in the sky.

It was going to be dark soon.

While Min Sung took a look around, he sensed a small vibration.

‘… What was that?’

And that strange sensation made him put his guard up, and that response was immediate.

A scorpion local sprung up from the sand beside Ho Sung Lee and tried to stab Ho Sung Lee in the body with its sharp tail.

Ho Sung Lee, who was resting on the sand, jolted his eyes wide open in response, unable to speak.

As soon as Min Sung took out his Gungnir from his item window, he threw it at the scorpion local.


The sound of thunder rang while the Gungnir stabbed through the local’s body.

The local’s tail stopped right in front of Ho Sung Lee’s forehead.

The local wriggled and collapsed.

Min Sung summoned Gungnir back to his hand.

Ho Sung Lee stared at the dead local beside him with shocked eyes.

“W-what was that…? F*ck! Sigh!”

Ho Sung Lee grabbed onto his chest and stared down at the local’s body with a pale-blue face.

Min Sung put his Gungnir back into his item window and looked down at his hand.

Depending on his instinct, his level or force differed.

And the attack he just used contained a significant amount of power.

So much that his hands were tingling.

While Ssol collected the items left by the large scorpion’s body, Min Sung scanned the desert.

He knew that the real game began inside the inner continent.

And as a result, the level of the monsters here could be clearly sensed.

“Wow… I can’t even rest properly here.”

Ho Sung Lee minded Min Sung and turned his head.

“Sir, can I use my shadow skill and lead the way?”

Min Sung looked at him with a look of disgust.

“You kept talking about your abilities as a supporter. Is this the best you’ve got?”

“… I apologize, but you’re too fast,” replied Ho Sung Lee while scratching his head.

Min Sung sighed and gestured with his chin.

“Then let’s get moving. No break.”

“Yes, Sir! But I’ll go as fast as possible.”

Ho Sung Lee’s body turned into a shadow and absorbed into the sand of the desert.

They began moving.

Compared to their previous speed, they were moving very slowly, but Min Sung was accepting of it out of consideration of Ho Sung Lee’s current condition.

At that moment, a fairy that they met when they first arrived in Beatrice popped out of nowhere.


The fairy, Arin, beamed a smile and flew around Min Sung’s face.

Min Sung stared at Arin, unimpressed.

“Get to the point,” said Min Sung while walking.

“You’re so coldhearted!”

“I said, get to the point,” replied Min Sung with eyes of a predator.

“Hehe, you’re showing off some impressive results.”

Arin looked at its own system window and continued, “I didn’t know you would thrive this much. You’re more powerful than your stats. I’ve never seen this before. Maybe you’ll become the top ranker one day.”

Min Sung waved his hand.

He wasn’t trying to hit Arin. He just tried to scare it off.

“Agh! Okay, fine. I’ll get to the point. Sob!”

The fairy, Arin, faked a crying noise and showed a sad look on its face.

“What are you doing here?”

Min Sung pressed it to explain.

“I came to give you an explanation about the inner continent! Should I just leave without giving you the information? Hmph!”

When Min Sung started ignoring Arin, it quickly proceeded to explain.

“Only ranker players live in the inner continent. Normal continents can’t come here, so it’s impressive that you arrived here after a short time of coming to Beatrice!”

The fairy continued with excitement.

“The inner continent is very different from the outer continent that you’ve seen. The cities are vibrant, and the rankers are very powerful!”

That’s when Min Sung paid attention to Arin.

Arin laughed and continued, “You faced off against easy opponents until now, but this is when the real battle begins. The inner continent is home to many powerful players!”

He knew all of this.

But the fact that Arin was warning him of it made him worry about it a little more.

But that was it.

He had to get rid of anyone that got in his way of proceeding forward. End of story.

He wasn’t the type to be scared or afraid.

He simply thought he had to be wise about his decisions.

“Are you listening?”

Arin buzzed around his face like a mosquito.

When Min Sung clicked his tongue and glared at it, Arin acted cutely and flashed a smile.

“Is that it?” Min Sung asked.

“No! Not yet. Ahem! Let me continue. The inner continent’s rankers have their own ranks, and the biggest indicator of the ranker’s rank is their reputation, but within the inner continent, there isn’t a direct connection between a ranker’s reputation and their power.”

Min Sung looked at Arin with suspicious eyes.