Chapter 243: Chapter 243

While Min Sung stared at his transforming weapon, Chopin’s hair was turning white due to his despair.

The magic square, which he thought could swallow the world whole, was now nothing but a shadow with no use whatsoever.

Once Chopin lost everything, he just blinked and stared into space with no life remaining in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Min Sung’s shadow drew close.

As soon as Chopin saw the gold Gungnir in Min Sung’s hand, he laughed.

After all, his efforts to get rid of both Min Sung and this land ended up with him making his weapon more powerful than before.

Min Sung watched Chopin snicker as he raised his ‘Gungnir S’.

The Gungnir S then stabbed into Chopin at lightning speed while he continued to shake from laughter like a crazy person.


The flash of thunder and lightning stabbed into Chopin, killing him before he could even close his eyes.

Min Sung stared at Chopin on the ground and then turned around.

[Quest Cleared]

[You’ve obtained experience points as a reward.]

[The Dionysus Gods are in awe of your abilities.]

[Experience points are flooding your way.]

[You currently have +130,000 points.]

[Additional inner continent special order]

[The inner continent special order is now active.]

Min Sung stopped in his tracks.

He had never heard of that term before.

‘… Inner continent special order?’

While Min Sung stood in confusion, the fairy, Arin, popped out of nowhere.


Arin flashed a smile and greeted him cheerfully.

“What’s an inner continent special order?” Min Sung asked while looking down at Arin.

“Hmph! You never say hi and just get straight to the point.”

“Get to the point.”

“… Okay.”

The fairy, Arin, complied and cowered its shoulders.

Arin then began to explain what the inner continent special order was with its lips sticking out.

According to Arin, the inner continent special order was like a quest, but it was more difficult and gave him a chance to increase his reputation even more.

But in the case that he failed, he would put his honor at risk.

This quest could only be taken by players who proved their worth and received experience investment from the Dionysus Gods.

Since Min Sung wanted to rank up as quickly as possible, there was no reason for him to decline the offer.


A message popped up asking him if he would like to accept or reject the offer.

He had no reason to reject it.

Min Sung touched accept without hesitation.

[You’ve accepted the special order.]

Right as the system message disappeared, Arin’s body flashed with a bright light.

The fairy, Arin, then flew around Min Sung while launching flower petals in all directions.

Min Sung quietly watched the mysterious behavior.

After flying around Min Sung 2 times, Arin smiled and greeted Min Sung again.

“That’s how fairies greet each other, hehe.”

“So a special order is a quest, right?”

In response to Min Sung’s question, Arin scratched its head.

“Yes. It’s a very difficult quest… But if you complete it, you get a bigger compensation.”

“When can I get that quest?”

“It’s never certain. If an accident occurs, the Dionysus Gods will have a meeting, and if it’s a mission that needs to be resolved, they will give it to a player.”

“Okay,” answered Min Sung before walking through the hallway again.

It was still humid, dark, and smelly inside.

The fairy, Arin, looked around the long hallway filled with cages with curious eyes.

In the midst of the silence, only Min Sung’s footsteps rang loudly.

Just before exiting the basement, the fairy, Arin, said its goodbye and disappeared.


As soon as he got above land, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl and Ssol were waiting outside, and beside them was Lownie, who was covered in blood.

“… What happened? Did you find Chopin?”

“I killed him,” answered Min Sung, and Ho Sung Lee nodded in response.

“Good work, Sir.”

Min Sung glanced over at Lownie.

Lownie bowed quietly, but he still had a question that he was curious about.

He was probably itching to ask about the magic square.

“I destroyed the magic square, and I killed Chopin.”

Lownie appeared to be satisfied with the answer, and he paid his respects to Min Sung once more with a troubled look on his face.

When he looked around, he saw the bodies and blood of Chopin’s men scattered everywhere.

Min sung smiled bitterly.

It was sad that they sacrificed their lives to protect a leader who planned to obliterate the entire kingdom.

“I need a horse. Can you help me?” Min Sung asked.

In order to absorb the Aura from the magic square, he had to use a significant amount of magic power, and as a result, Min Sung was almost as tired as when he first arrived on earth.

“Of course. I’ll escort you to the stable.”

Min Sung nodded, and Lownie, who was exhausted as well, led the way.

Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol followed from behind.

At that moment…


A system message appeared along with an alarm sound.

He was surprised by how soon it came.

[Special Quest: Dark Elf’s Forest]

[Obtain the ancient document possessed by the dark elf Ellen.]


He wasn’t notified of what his reward would be, nor did it explain what kind of risks the quest would come with.

Although the quest was not so friendly, Min Sung was happy that a quest appeared on soon.

Min Sung hated dragging things on.

“How many horses do you need?” Lownie asked in front of the stable.


Ho Sung Lee smiled with delight behind Min Sung, but Min Sung couldn’t see it.

Meanwhile, Lownie picked out 2 horses for Min Sung.

It was a black horse and a white horse.

Ho Sung Lee waited for Min Sung to pick first.

Min Sung picked the black horse and immediately got on.

It looked like it had very good stamina, and it had impressive muscles to it as well.

“Thank you,” said Min Sung from on top of the horse.

Lownie smiled.

“Don’t mention it. Thank you. You protected Chopin’s land from destruction.”

His smile grew even wider.

Min Sung nodded and glanced over at Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee quickly got on the white horse.

“Where are you headed?” Lownie asked.

Ho Sung Lee also looked at Min Sung with curiosity.

“Dark Elf’s Forest.”

Lownie looked surprised at the answer, but before Min Sung could even see his reaction…


He had already taken off on the fast horse.

“We’ll be going then. Take care.”

With that greeting, Ho Sung Lee also took off so that he could catch up to Min Sung.

Ssol chased them from behind.

Lownie watched Min Sung’s party take off and knitted his brows.

“Dark Elf’s Forest…”

Lownie gulped, sighed, and then smiled.

He then continued to watch in the direction that they left.


They normally would have headed to the center of the next territory, but in order to find the Dark Elf Forest to complete the quest, they had to go northwest.

Fall ended and they could sense winter coming.

The wind was cold, but Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol weren’t strongly affected by the weather.

Even in the middle of winter, their magic power or Aura kept their bodies warm.

Since Bowl was a lich, he couldn’t sense temperature at all, but what was surprising was the fact that Ssol could control his own temperature.

It was clear that he was no ordinary goblin.

But what didn’t change was the fact that they had to expend their stamina to race through the dry land.

Since they had to ride horses in order to recover their stamina, their speed was much slower than usual.

At this rate, it would take days to reach their destination, but since recovering their stamina and magic power came first, Min Sung didn’t rush.

Their plan was to ride on the horses and recover their stamina and magic power by the time they reached their destination, but thanks to the monsters that appeared, Min Sung was able to recover quicker than expected.

A 2-meter-tall monster that looked like a gorilla appeared, and as soon as Min Sung spotted it, his eyes flashed like that of an eagle.

Min Sung jumped off his horse and charged toward the monster.

And as soon as he reached out his hand, the gorilla-like monster immediately flew toward Min Sung’s hand, which startled the monster.

Once the monster was in Min Sung’s hand, Ho Sung Lee covered his eyes with his hands.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

He heard bones breaking.

That was the sound of the monster’s skin shrinking, and his bones breaking as a result of Min Sung sucking out his life.

Min Sung threw the lifeless monster on the ground and got back up on his horse.

“Use your supporter ability to find any monsters nearby and report to me immediately.”

Ho Sung Lee gulped while staring down at the dead monster.

“What are you a vampire? You sucked the life out of him…”

“I can hear you.”

When Min Sung glared, Ho Sung Lee smiled awkwardly and scratched his head.

“I’m just impressed by your abilities, Sir. Haha, but aren’t you hungry? It’s way past our mealtime, but you haven’t said anything.”

“That monster helped me recover, so my appetite’s better, too.”

“Does that really work?” Ho Sung Lee asked in shock.

“Let’s eat and rest as soon as we get near our destination. You can eat snacks here and there on the way if you need.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Min Sung sped up again.

Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee raced on their horses toward their destination, which was the Dark Elf Forest.