Chapter 91: Chapter 91

Translated by: ShawnSuh

Edited by: SootyOwl

When the secretary pressed a button on a remote, a hologram screen appeared to Ji Yoo’s right. Shortly after, the screen showed Ethan, the Great Lord of the American Hunters’ Institute, fuming with anger.

“I heard the news. It’s a shame, ” Ji Yoo said with a brief nod. At that point, Ethan, glaring piercingly at her, replied in a hostile tone, “At the scene, we found an ID that belonged to a Korean male, whose face matches the individual caught on our surveillance camera. Any thoughts?”

Staying calm and composed, Ji Yoo said, “I can assure you that the Central Institute was not involved in the recent attack in any capacity. We suspect that the attack was…”

“It was you people who disrespected us when we were there to help, wasn’t it?”

Hearing that, a shadow cast over Ji Yoo’s face.

“My apologies, from the bottom of my heart,” Ji Yoo replied.

Scoffing condescendingly, Ethan said, “I was told that the leader of our support team, Callis, was assaulted by one of your local hunters. I demand every piece of information pertaining to this individual.”

“It seems like you’re letting your emotions cloud your judgment, Ethan,” Ji Yoo said, looking straight into Ethan’s eyes.

“What did you say?” Ethan asked, chuckling as if dumbfounded.

“I’ll do you one better. It’s classified information,” Ji Yoo said.

“Classified, you say?”

“I’ll send it your way. We’ll talk again later after you’ve reviewed the file.”

“If it proves to be a waste of my time, this won’t end well for you.”

“That won’t happen,” Ji Yoo said, ordering her secretary to send the data contained in the flash drive to the American Hunters’ Institute. Sure enough, a look of shock washed over Ethan’s face after looking through the file, which contained information on demons and the Tower of Demons.

“Is-is this real…?”

“I wish it wasn’t. I would like to request a summit meeting as soon as possible.”

“I’ll let you know after discussing it with the board,” Ethan replied, closing the laptop with a hardened look on his face.

When Min Sung returned to Korea through the Warp Gate, he was greeted by Ho Sung, who was clean cut.

“How was your trip, sir?” Ho Sung asked, smiling.

“It was a hassle to communicate. That guy we ran into in the labyrinth, I remember him wearing a watch that had an interpreting feature. Is that something I could get my hands on?”

“It sure is.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Min Sung asked, furrowing his brow.

“It wasn’t commercialized until recently,” Ho Sung replied nervously.

“Well, let’s pick one up on the way home. Let Jang know that I’ll be home soon,” Min Sung said, stretching and walking out of the building.


Although watches that came with interpreting features were exorbitantly priced, Min Sung, having no sense of financial awareness, purchased the most expensive one on the market, which was priced at a whopping two hundred million won.

With the watch on his wrist, Min Sung had Ho Sung speak into it in a foreign language. Almost immediately, the watch interpreted what Ho Sung had said. As long as Min Sung was wearing the watch, the language barrier when traveling overseas would no longer be an issue.


After buying the watch, the champion returned to the car with Ho Sung. While getting in the driver’s seat, Ho Sung asked, “Oh, sir? About the loot from your last labyrinth raid? It’s all been taken care of now. I didn’t see the need to get rid of the items sooner, so I took my time selling them at the highest possible prices. I’ve transferred every cent of it into your account since.”

“What was the total?”

“Just over a billion won. I was lucky to come across a lot of wealthy folks who were willing to pay big money.”

While Min Sung was nodding in affirmation, Ho Sung handed him a piece of paper and said, “Oh, and here’s the receipt.”

“Don’t need it. I’m sure you got it right,” Min Sung said, waving it away. Nodding, Ho Sung put the receipt in his chest pocket and started the car.

‘Holy hell… If I took off with that kind of money, I would be living in a giant mansion with all the ladies and driving all sorts of supercars until the day I died,’ Ho Sung thought while driving. ‘… Assuming that the demons weren’t actually a thing, that is. Wait, if we didn’t have to worry about the demons, would I have taken off with Min Sung’s money?’

Despite being well over level 800, which was high enough to make him an elite member of the Central Institute, Ho Sung simply couldn’t reach an answer to his question.

‘They say investment is the way to go to bring in more capital. What am I investing in here by following this guy around? Man, if it wasn’t for those demons and their stupid tower, I could’ve just run off with that fat stack of cash,’ he thought, sniffling. However, contrary to Ho Sung, Min Sung paid no attention to the exorbitant amount of money in his account.

‘Man, is this guy even human?’ Ho Sung asked himself. However, it wasn’t long before the answer occurred to him, ‘Of course not. He’s a devil. A devil that eats other devils. Sigh, screw it. Just keep driving Ho Sung.’

When Min Sung opened the front door upon arriving at his house, a mouth-watering aroma came rushing at him like a wave. Having skipped breakfast to try the chef’s cooking, Min Sung’s hunger was well beyond his limit.

“Hello, lunch is ready,” Woong, the private chef said to Min Sung and Ho Sung, still in his white chef coat. Responding with a brief nod, Min Sung went to the bathroom, washed his hands, and sat at the table, which was occupied only by a bowl of rice and some raw crabs marinated in soy sauce.

“Don’t you need to age the crabs? Where’d you find the time to do that?” Min Sung asked, and the chef, with a warm smile on his face, replied, “It’s from a batch that I’ve made previously. I thought I should give you a taste.”

“I see,” Min Sung said, looking down at the marinated crab curiously. Smiling subtly, Min Sung picked up his chopsticks. It was a dish that he had no recollection of ever having eaten.

‘So, it’s clearly a soy sauce base… Wouldn’t that be too salty?’ Min Sung wondered. Scooping a spoonful of the white rice up, he brought it up to his mouth and bit into a piece of marinated crab.

The shell broke with a crunch, and the deep, rich flavors rushed into the champion’s mouth. Although quite salty, it was almost as sweet as honey, and there was no trace of fishiness whatsoever. It was clear that the dish was made using fresh crab. Then, while Min Sung was marveling over the dish, the chef took some rice from Min Sung’s bowl, mixed it with the innards in the carapace of the crab, and served it to the champion. Scooping a spoonful of the concoction, Min Sung brought it up to his mouth.

“Oh!” Min Sung let out. The mixture of rice and the rich, buttery, and intensely salty innards of the marinated crab was exploding with flavors. With a look of shock on his face, Min Sung looked down at the crab’s carapace, thinking, ‘They say that a bowl of rice is never enough with these things.’

Sitting up straight, Min Sung started to eat at a faster pace, mixing more rice into yet another innards-filled carapace, biting into pieces of crab, constantly filling his mouth with rice. In a matter of minutes, his meal was over. Yet, the flavors still lingered in Min Sung’s mouth.

‘I didn’t know marinated crab could be such an amazing dish. Is it always this good? … No, it has to be Jang’s skill. He aged them properly and perfectly.’

“Jang,” Min Sung called to the chef, who bowed politely. “That was an excellent lunch. It was an experience that’ll linger in my mind for a long time.”

At the champion’s satisfied assessment, the chef smiled warmly. Letting out a small, satisfied sigh, Min Sung rose from his seat and said, “I’m looking forward to more of that caliber.”

“Of course,” the chef replied. Then, with a serious look on his face, he hesitated before saying, “Sir, I…” While the puzzled champion looked intently at him, the chef finished, “… have a request.”

“Go on,” Min Sung said, nodding affirmatively.

“I have a granddaughter and I was hoping that she could live with you.”

“Doesn’t she have parents?”

“They died when she was young.”

“But why here?”

“I was told that there’s going to be a calamity in the near future, which is one of the primary reasons why I decided to take this job as your private chef.”

After brief contemplation, Min Sung looked intently at the chef and said, “So be it.” Immediately, the chef looked up at the champion, who added, “But don’t expect me to take care of her.”

Hearing that, the chef smiled and bowed politely, saying, “That’s more than I can ask for.”

Then, Min Sung picked up a cup in order to make himself an iced Americano.

“Sir, allow me,” the chef said, asking for the cup in Min Sung’s hand. Since he had no reason to turn the chef’s offer down, the champion handed the cup over to him and made his way to the living room. The enchanting experience of the marinated crab still lingered in his mind. After contemplating going back for seconds briefly, Min Sung practiced self-control by reminding himself that the lingering after-effect of a satisfying meal was part of the experience. Going out to the front yard instead, Min Sung closed his eyes to enjoy the warm sunlight, which was nonexistent in the Demonic Realm. Like a plant engaging in photosynthesis, the champion stood completely still and savored the warmth of the Sun and the aroma of nature in the yard. Shortly after, the chef brought the iced Americano to him. Sensing the chef’s approach, Min Sung opened his eyes, took the coffee from the chef’s hands, and drank it, enjoying the sensation of the iced coffee spreading through his body.

Sia Jang was the granddaughter of Woong Jang, Min Sung Kang’s private chef. At the sweet age of twenty-four years old, she was a hundred-and-seventy centimeters tall and had the body proportions that women dreamed of having. Sporting long, straight hair that came down to her lower back, there was something distinctly Korean about her beauty. Her face was almost doll-like. Despite being rather small, her features were well defined to the point of being comparable to those of an elf. However, contrary to her striking beauty, her big, clear eyes were filled with a rebellious nature.

“Why do I have to live with a stranger?” she muttered, her cheeks puffed up, while dragging her luggage irritably. Arriving at the gate, she dropped her head, sighed heavily and said while shaking her head, “Grandpa, you are killing me!”

Then, with a determined look on her face, she rang the doorbell. Shortly after, the gate opened. Still looking disgruntled, she dragged the luggage the size of her body through the front yard.